My Sanity

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 19:54 -- Shalezz


Little and unknowing, as a girl I would pick up what I didn't yet understand

The meaning so lost to new eyes

I want it

Time flies, the pen is now in my control, the paper my clay to mold

Lost and alone, my notebook my only friend

Under the worlds light, smiles all around

The world I created traps me and takes me home

These tears became the oceans I dreamed of

My first time sharing and no one understanding or caring

I lost it

The days go by, I tried to forget it,

Dark clouds forming, reality is destroying my essence

Society corrupts your judgement

I missed it

That paper,

that pen

The thing I poured my heart, body, mind and soul in!

This empty shell I call my body 

I grabbed it

My world the same as before I was home again

I could breath again

I realized this is my calling, the dream from within a dream

call me crazy

call me a fool

call me whatever you want I know the truth

I breathe it

I eat it

I sing it

I drink it

I dance it

I scream it

I cry it

I can't live without it


I made a promise, the key well kept in my heart

the locks within pages and pages of gold

My world

My lover

My everything

My sanity


-Authors note.. I hope this doesnt disqualify me, but I have been through a lot in 

my life and I am only sixteen. When I was 3 I knocked down my first book and tried

to read it. I have been writing my whole life. I have been bullied my whole life. 

Sometimes it feels like thats all I have left. If I am even remembered it will be 

from the pages I painted my world on, the world I wanted to always live

It has saved me from killing and harming myself as well as running away. 

I only hope to write to inspire others, hoping they will take up the practice 

that may save your life. I always felt like I was alone, the pen and paper are 

my best friends and have been there through everything. That is true loyalty. -



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