The Beautiful


I sometimes pride myself in the way I speak

The way I walk

With strength and perseverance,



People tell me,

“You're a fighter,’



Attributes that you would give to a super hero

Not someone who has dealt with a mental illness,

But someone who has seen pain and fought back


Sometimes I feel the darkness overwhelm me again

The demons start to taunt me

I hear their words

I feel their presence


But they have no affect on me


If I had the power to change one thing in this world

It would be to change ugly


I would change the way we saw ourselves every time we looked in the mirror

With self-hate and through tear filled eyes

We see the bad

The awful

Sometimes we forget that we are only human

And it is okay to mess up

The pain sometimes serves as a lesson


But that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the good

The amazing

And the beautiful

Because the lesson is we aren’t deprived of any of it


The Strong sometimes fall

But they get back up again

The Amazing are sometimes sad

But that doesn’t stop them from moving on


Some nights I cry,

But most nights I don’t

I don’t have to fix everything,

And that’s perfectly okay.


I can pride myself that I have helped,

That I have loved,

And that it was enough.


If I had the power to change one thing in this world,

It would be to change the ugly

And turn it into something beautiful


And I did.


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