I Can Be Above Myself

The lightning storm

The storm of frustration that comes and goes on my mind

Confusion, Isolation

This is something I long not to find

I loathe this part

Stranded, Stuck

Without any hope in sight


Inception, fear


I fight, I fight with all my might

To overcome this ailment


It forever is a part of me

Wait (3x)...No!

I Can Be

Strong like the perilous ocean

On a stormy night trying invade the island rocks superior

Bit i feel inferior

To those around me who might see me as a threat

Conscious, Open in mind

Close, but so far

Vast, rambling with hateful words

Enemies of me

That’s what you are

Pushing, Pulling

Fighting, Surviving

Inside is where I stand

Afraid of what might consume me

Scared to be open

Afraid of what I might be

fraud, forgery

This something I long not to see

Not in me...No!

I Can Be

Like the jaws of life trying save someone

Strong, Vigorous

Sturdy, compelling

A beacon of hope

For things unseen

I Can Be


I Can Be..Above Myself


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