His Words


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She cried.

In that room, with all of them together, it was as if they were all empty bodies.

They began to fill themselves with the words that wept from his tongue.

They lashed out at the crowd, shaming each heart.

As the words cut away at her defenses, she felt powerless.

Suddenly her eyes gave way, surrendering her tears and they fled down her face.

The pains he was addressing, she could relate.

Yet still, the determined words somehow comforted her.

Unlike the way other ears perceived the speech,

she knew its message was speaking for her, not at her.

In that dim room she felt understood, placed.

Her silence was being heard.

As the lights returned, the room fell silent; its contents still satisfied with bodies, however no longer were they empty.

For the man’s speech had struck deep, and they all shared the same grief.


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