There I Find Me

Thu, 02/06/2020 - 20:51 -- kemisha

Darkness has fallen

All the hues of the earth have dripped off into the universe

And the last ray of light has hid itself long ago from dependent eyes.

As I sit upon my window seal, the distorted images I make of creation,

Of a forest only separated by glass and inches,

Enchant me.

Holding my unwavering attention.


The silence carries a soft hum.

Rustles of leaves, scurrying of squirrels, and flaps of wings

Make the darkness dance.

I look on.

Fixated on nothing, yet on all.

It is in this moment

Always in this moment

That my ego and all leave me:

Half past sunset.


The night awakens me

My intrinsic being is brought to life

My most untainted and original thoughts free flutter around my head

Making themselves known.

It is here, in this space

That I can truly be free.

Free to absorb all that I've experienced,

To interpret it all.

To make of it, what I will and wish.


My inspiration is just this:

The quiet and the calm

And my reflective thoughts.

No harm can stem from these, no absolutes to be made

Neither judgment nor fear.


I learned within my short years,

When my eyes are too focused and ears hear all too much,

When all things can hold me capitive in the day, in then light

When my ego is pronounced and strong,

Half past sunset is where I find can me.

When my soul will in bliss be with the hum of night.












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