The Final Page

They have almost finished their journey,

Over 300 pages already written and now so many options.

Will he take his life for her?

Like such a classic tale of Romeo and Juliet?

Or will they go on with their lives,

Happily ever after like Cinderella and her prince?

Time is now a ticking bomb.

The end is coming near, but you have no clue the outcome.

It seems like the words are hiding inside you,

Rather than when you could barely contain their energy.

A barrier seems to fall between you and the finish.

What can help you break through this solid wall?

What will give you the strength?

Fear consumes you as you ponder the conclusion.

You need the idea to be original, so you add a twist,

Like a small squeeze of a lemon wedge.

Finally, you have found your answer,

The solution to the puzzle.


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