She inspires me

in the way she walks

how gracious her voice is as she talks

the magic she carries and shares wherever she goes

her ability to light up a room

how she has found her own happiness


She inspires me

by the pain she's endured

the heartbreak and abuse

the shackles that held her down

her constant betrayal by the one person that promised to love her

till death do them part..


She inspires me

in her ability to show her weakness

her vulnerability to her own children

the embarrassment from her family

when she tried convincing them he would change

but did not..


She inspires me

despite the constant checking of messages, emails and phone calls

her desperate acts to keep the pain

the cries of misery and disbelief that its her life

her wanting to prove her loyalty 

thinking shes not good enough


She is enough

more than he ever deserves


she inspires me

by the courage shes gained to go to group meetings

to find security in others who share her experience

her choice to grow 

her choice to finally live

to finally be free


She inspires me

with her cries of joy

with her uncontrollable laughter

the smile she carries

that infectious smile..

pure happiness


My mother





This poem is about: 
My family


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