Cute Moose 2 - Bright Eyes

This man is my light, my rock, my shinning star and setting sun,

he is the cool breeze that gently caresses the night time dwellers with his cool fingers of hope tomorrow and peace tonight.

He is the one who puts a smile on my face and, yes, today even put this pen in my hand and the memory of him the ink on this paper.

He is my safe haven, the musky smell of the room and the clean scent which sticks to him - freshly laundered cotton and stiff shirts.

He makes me see the crystals in the sand,

the soft, simmering flames of the stars as they twinkle and shimmer so many lightyears away,

just like his eyes, and when they come back down to Earth, when they streak across the pale sky that is his face until I am blessed to have them shine upon me, 

my unimportant tiny flower self,

I am overcome with emotion,

for I am but a petal or piece of pollen in the entire cosmos and he chooses to look at me, with care and even sometimes, yes I do dare to say, affection!!

That stare of the male patriarch looking upon his tiny white flower of a girl who needs to stand safe in his shade but grow big under the brightness of his wisdom which he sheds upon her.

Because she loves him, and that is all she needs, just to see his careful, concerned eyes focus on her and ask her what is wrong and when she says "nothing" he tells her she is full of shit and laughs that laugh that sounds like he thinks he is the funniest man in the world!

I love him I love him I love him I love him! With my whole heart and all my love! I would jump over the moon for him! Ah I love my sassy Georgia sweet peach! I have used most of the words that I can to describe him, but I will never stop using these words because I love him!


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