Tue, 05/20/2014 - 23:08 -- bobob

Ill are your rhymes?

I don't have the time

To listen to this nonsense.

Got any cents?

Cause I need to make some change.

Perhaps my brain, rearrange

This head full of ideas 

It might help to free us

And that is how I will pay my debt.

Free you from the system with no regret.

Solve this rubix cube

You'll reveal the system's truths.

Look in the mirror and see

The storm inside me

Inside you

And so begin the world anew.

Rip it apart with words 

Yeah I know it hurts.

Be Hitler minus the genocide

Make Satan himself petrified

Use these words to make this world your bitch

Even after they hang  you and you cease to twitch

For that is the point of martyrdom

You'll never see your kingdom come

But you founded 

This world. Your heart pounded 

For this moment.

And through your torment 

You'll look up from Hell, knowing

That surely the distance must be growing.

That Earth is getting closer to Heaven

And so progresses Armageddon

As you look around you and notice the icy chill

Now whose rhymes are truly ill?


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