Why Do You Let Me Down? (A Letter To Poetry )

To my lover and only hope,

You have given unconditional love, and you have given me life.

You have given me hope, and you have given me strife.

Let us digress in the fact that no one has ever treated me as well as you have. 

I know you are sleepy, I know you have days where you can't think about anything but death.

But my love, these negative thoughts will surely digress, even when pen on paper screams " Yes"

Your blood on my fingertips paint my words red with passion and disgust.

Why my love, my lovely poetry,

Why do you let me down?

You tell me there is beauty in my words that will survive beyond the grave,

but why do I hold onto your agony and self-hate?

Beautiful, bloody poetry, you trick my conscience to believe in love and light,

but most of all, you have taught me to breth in the most amorous, captivating way.


With Love, 




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