Inspiration as a Packed Bag for Summer Camp

twinkling silver moon earrings, my planet fitness membership, three advil tablets, a pink and orange velvet dress (to twirl in), a purple ribbon from Philly, an expired target gift card, my octopus blanket, a book about womxn, old spice deodorant, six-month-old mint-flavored gum, twelve claritin tablets, a fish necklace, and (snuggled in between it all) hope


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Annette M Velasquez

Great list poem! Your images and descriptions are very vivid. You've brought the reader right into the poem with you - able to visualize all these things. I don't know about the practicality of some of them for summer camp... but that's okay, because the poem is to the point, clear and nicely written. Look at some of my posts and comment- I need feedback!

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