Food for the Flames


Clouds begin to creep

I can’t stop the seep.

The sludge and muck

Seizes me, I’m stuck.

My arms go first

Seized by shadow’s thirst.

Insatiable, unstoppable

Misery’s quite probable.

Now down to my legs,

Every inch it pegs.

Furious fire burns with a singe.

Invisibly impactful, I cringe.

Up my thighs, through my torso

Chewing, climbing, I’m now a morsel.

Now it strikes my heart.

Prying, prying, to tear it apart,

This black fire is not yet done.

It laughs, playing tricks in the hot sun.

It strikes my eyes and takes their joy

Just like a toddler stealing a toy,

It’s not really gone, but just beyond reach

 I can’t catch it, no matter what they teach.

Black fire

burns higher.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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