Under the Surface


In a world of darkness,

Subtle waves pulse agaisnt my skin.

My lungs feel tight and cramped,

My heart slamming against my ribs with brutal force

Working against the lack of oxygen.

My legs are restless and twitchy.

My nails scrape against rough tile.

My hands find the rung of the ladder,

Yanking myself upward until my eyes are seared by light.

My head crashes through the surface,

A ragged choked breath claws its way from my lips.

My eyes burn with chlorine,

The chemical taste in my throat making me cough.

I throw an arm across the lip of the pool,

Dragging myself onto the rough tile surface of the pool deck.

The room echoes the harsh sounds of my struggles.

I look back at the crystal blue waves lapping at my ankles,

It didn't want me to leave,

It wanted it's prey.




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