Melodious Chains


United States
32° 35' 25.0116" N, 96° 56' 6.09" W

Strum of a guitar
Beat of a drum
Note of a piano

Bar by bar
Melodies flood my mind
My head sways with the rhythm

Chains of harmony bring me to tears
Causing my heart to palpitate
My eyes to close
And my body to breathe

Inhaling peace
Exhaling the things that aggravate me

Bursting into song
Placing my notes upon pages
And enveloping them in melodies

Breaking emotional barriers
Purging me

Crying from the pain piercing my bosom
Releasing melodious letters through ink
Forming words that reveal me to you

Melodious chains

Bound by the shackles of a whole note
Refusing to be trapped in dichotomy

Slavery tangles me
If music is a ball and chain
Then I love being a slave

Soothing my anger
Drying all my tears
Erasing depression
Obligating me to paint a smile on my face

Crowding my emptiness
Chaperoning my soul
I will never be alone

Draining hatred
Instilling love
Discovering the good, the bad, and the ugly I feel inside
I simply follow your stride

Melodious chains
I wish to learn the tricks of your trade!


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