Life of a Dreamer


Je suis une rêveuse.

An idealist,
a visionary,
a wishful thinker.

A fantasist,
a romantic,
a stargazer.

In my dreams,
I escape the world
and go to a place
where I am free,
where I am gold.

Dreams give me hope
and take my fear
and make me wonder,
Why am I here?

Why am I here,
where no one understands?
Why am I here,
when I have so many plans?

Plans to soar
and leap
and bound.
Plans to rise
above the ground.
Far from the ones who watched
me fall,
far from the ones who have
no dreams at all.

So why am I here
when I could be there?
You are not ready yet,
they said.
We will prepare you
beyond a doubt
for what comes next
above the clouds.

And then they take me
to that place,
that place that’s between
sleep and awake.
To the cities of dreams,
of lights,
of sounds.
To the cities of angels,
of successes
and crowns.

They take me there
then bring me back,
just to remind me
where I am at.

Do not worry,
they always say.
You will get there

And as I drift awake again,
I think of the night and
where I have been.
Lost in a world with
a future and a promise,
I tell myself that
my dreams were
true and honest.

And as I shuffle through the day,
I remind myself that
things are okay.
I am not there yet
but I will be soon.
Which is why
I must
live by the sun
love by the moon.

I am a dreamer.


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