The Passionate Shepherd's Final Remark


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Are not we young with time to live,
With many years of love to give.
Although warm pleasures might grow old
Enjoy them now to soothe the cold.

My dear try not to be so cruel,
True love, my sweet, is not Time's fool.
No matter age nor seasons passed
Our love will live, forever last.

The flowers know their growth will stall,
As spring will fade becoming fall.
But as a circle ever turns,
The fall resigns as spring returns.

Thy bed of roses get downtrodden,
When stomped upon by reason rotten.
For reason sole cannot it prove
The pleasures told from one in love.

If need thee not of these delights
I'll take thee bare and travel light.
Forget these means to make thee move,
To come with me and be my love.

Yes we are young, so we can know,
The joys worthwhile of love that grow.
So take my words, my reason's true,
Come live with me and be my love.

Inspired by Christopher Marlowe's The Passionate Shepherd to His Love and in response to Sir Walter Raleigh's The Nymphs Reply


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