Hidden Truths

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 16:17 -- Jassi


My brother
Make your legacy live in history
The past of segregation lingers onto our present communities,
And its comedy is somehow becoming our young brothers and sisters
you see..
We were made to sit in the back
Seated cause we were black,
African Americans lack the knowledge
That today our jail systems are still somewhat influenced on our past
While Micheal Jackson mooned walked
On the moon walked 5 men and 1 was black
I believe that's something our textbooks lacked
When we were free, Mrs. Winfrey, a black woman who helped and gave education to OUR people over seas!
Muhammad Ali was in the ring while Martin Luther King Jr. punched for the dream..
We are all fighters
And in which Jesse Jackson spoke words to take us higher
Inspired, because this young woman was tired, Rosa Parks
We laid roses in the park, for the four young babies who died in that Alabama church fire
But today..
We are statistics in denial
My brother, I love you
But you are not meant to be a puppet
You say your playing the game, but the game is nothing but cheese and your the mouse trapped
Because you beez in the trap
And while your trappin'
Those boys come take you away
And nowadays you can get about 25 to life and behind bars
These mindsets are nothing but a form of the New Jim Crow
The system is systematically formed to get young black brothers locked up and gone
My sister, I love you
But the Sojourner truth is for you to open your eyes and see
We are strength and we strongly hold on to our generational curse
Waiting on the first of the month to receive that check,
Just to think that it's the best
When honestly the government could come take it away at any sec.
What then?
My people,
You are all gifted
Jackie Robinson, why do you keep jackin' and robbin' son?
He could hit and run, I guess you wanted to play and ball
So you hit and run licks
It's amazing
How our people can live happily with such ignorance
Or simply just ignore it
Honestly, it doesn't make any sense
But back then our people had no choice but to depend on the white men
Now they depend on the government
Sorry, but my God said owe NO man
Jesse Owens ran from the start to end and now his legacy in history is known as one of the first BLACK men!
What is your legacy?
Will you make history?
We were set free but why does it still feel like we're tied down in slavery?

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