Just a Friendly Tiding

Just a Friendly Tiding

            Far I am from you

            My Brother of blood

            Years have passed many days

            Since we last spoke unto one another


            I pray for forgiveness

            You grace and repent for my sins

            But I rejoice with you now

            Beating inside your heart


            As we are family

            Grown from the same root

            Nourished by the same tree of life

            But spread far and thin


            Across many miles     

            I remember your face

            Handsome for the ladies

            As a looker to the world


            You are a man of wealthy vigor

            As I pass my words to you

            For this is your day

            A day of light, upon this night


            Hear me, please

            As I

            Give this simple and kind

            Friendly tiding for you to accept


            Happy birthday

            May your days be blessed

            Your wishes fulfilled

            Your dreams made whole


            And your life

            Pastured with endless love



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