Lyrics of the Unknown



                                             Declaration of statements announced to fill a mind,                                                   The reverberation of philosophy put forward to explain the worlds subtleties                                               


Like a painting of ancient times, the strokes tell the unspoken story, and with this brush, this power, I revive the ashes collected in my mind


Amplifying the underrated, reincarnating nostalgia once forgotten, mending the soul once broken, with this power words are renewed, declarations are once again worthy of being heard


Life's elegy of men who scream inside crying out for help repeats with super high fidelity. Chaos, my mind will not be fragmented by this conformity. The words on this page proclaim the truth, the doctrine, the undying will kept inside. While men die inside and speak with slivering tongues,  I will use this power ,for I am the unknown who speaks, cries, roars through balladry                                                                    



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