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Never be afraid to be who you are. You are beautiful, And you are so smart. You are brave and true, And you are unbreakable.   Never question your self-worth. Whoever says different
Just when I think I'm over You, you appear in my dreams. The dreams are so vivid that When I wake, I wake confused.   In my dreams, we're still in love. In my dreams, I feel your touch.
You're hard on me 'cause you care, But I wish you'd be more fair.   My hurt may turn to anger; I may take it out on you.   I hear you say things You would normally,
Kids on computers, Parents out of work. The climate's changing And Earth is dying.   Stores are closing and The streets are empty. There's smoke in our atmosphere, Poisoning our air.
Why are you always asking questions about me? I'm broken-hearted, babe, but you just break me more. Can't you see I've no control? Don't tell me you'd die for me. Don't you dare lie to me.  
We are the generation In which the world has Placed its trust onto.   We are the future. They've been saying this Since we were only children. It's all up to us.  
The darkness envelopes me, Wrapping its arms around me. It hushes my cries, And wipes the tears from my eyes. "Shh... I am right here," It whispers, quiet, in my ear.
Long time, no see. I heard when I left, you threw a party. I heard that nobody came. Time sure flies by. But now that I'm back, you want me again. Sorry to burst your bubble;
I long for some love, I long for some fulfillment. You're so selfish, you Won't even give it to me.   Why do you treat me like this? Why are you so cruel? All I ever do is love you, but you
Wish you'd notice me, Wish you feel for me. Tell me, what did I ever do to you To make you act this way, boy? "It's not you, it's me?" Well, I call bullshit; I've never had the best of luck in love.
When I am lonely, Or need someone to talk to, I know you are there. You really try your best to understand; We always come up with a solution. You get mad at me, I get mad at you,
Can't help what I feel; It's the way I am, I guess. I am what I am. I want to be good, I want to be - DO better, But I can't help it.   What even is right or wrong?
I woke up from a memory A haunting nightmare that still sits on my mind Like a bird clinging to its perch.   I woke up with imaginary bruises In every place I can remember your painful touch
What would my mother say? What could she do? If she new her daughter felt this way? Empty in her shoes I wonder if I tried If my soul could abide To become more worthy Of my parents pride
Look at her  Her stupid painted toe nails Dumb gold necklaces  Dangling from her thin neck Her melanin skin glows beneath the sun's rays
The water crashes against the strong cliff My feet stay stuck The water continues to flow
The river runs fast Like your growing love for me But it dies faster 
When i discovered you  i was hysterical  wasn't sure if i was capable to love or provide Long nights i prayed  Long nights i cryed  Feeling like my life shattered  what an mistake i created 
Pain eating at my flesh like flesh eating Vulcher Screaming out LORD please stop the pain I can't bare this pain  Heart is racing  sweat is falling like bullets from my body 
Freeze or i will shoot  Breath or i will shoot  you thought you were free well think again  You are wrapped in your own sin  Your skin  I dislike you but  I'm not sure why i don't like you 
Four walls,no lights, boarded windows,no sound  sitting and crying out your name Do you hear me Jesus Do you hear me Jesus do you feel my pain
Peace where are you Peace are you hiding  Peace i need you  Peace come near
Walls are down  Heart is open  ready to reciprocate genuine love  Have no fear but move with cautions  Not here to harm im here to heal  Kiss with passion you shall feel 
Walking in my shorts on my tippy toes, 6 in the morning, abuelo where are you? I sneak in kitchen, he's not there Momma says, "darling wait he'll be back" I take a deep breath, dance around some more,
Pollution is killing our mother, It makes me what to shutter,  It makes me want to cringe, When I go to Bradford Beach and I spot a syringe, It makes me so pissed when I see plastic within,
Doors closed and lives pausedAlone in a roomOr together in a houseWe're all enclosed.
Why can't you see underneath my skin ? Why can't you see that I am human? Why can't you see that I have rights? Why can't you see that I can do anything that you can do?
There is beauty in the river as it flows The trees whistling in the wind Running, I keep going Why isn't anyone else here? It's only me Why does it just feel so right?
"Growin' like a Baoba tree" and I look down at my feet That walked the African soil as a child Running around carefree "Motherland drip on me" and the memories roll in  of the Congolese sun shinning
What happened that night? I still don't comprehend. From my therapy sessions to my wet, sweat-filled sheets in the middle of the night, and haunted slithering dreams. I couldn’t breathe. I still don't know.
Shine bright in your home sized jail Wailing out for change Change the president A president who refuses to comfort
They say it’s all make believe But they believe a president who is two inches tall All while evading the truth
Disobedience,  An intolerable act Defiance,   The tactic of a child  Turned into a beautiful form of crying, screaming, or yelling. 
I ditched my Dolls Worked hard to get Here Had to Climb some Walls Some built from Fear Making Family Proud I WILL be the First Have them all Wowed Try to Avoid the Worst
He left Trolli on the floor, and cheese; fries; boxes; and fork He does this so often its like a: Habit   He wont pick them up, Sometimes he cant, Sometimes he can.  
They announced the first case of COVID-19. It won’t affect me for I’m a teen, I’m ok. My body’s young, immunity strong I never stay sick for long.  
Where is my home, the place where I was free? Where all I knew was games, and laughs, and joy. Where golden rice was swaying with the breeze; A paddy-playground for each girl and boy.  
Shots fired, sirens in the air filling everyone's head. Breaths are getting harder to take and tears getting harder to hold. The unfinished life of an innocent man, remains a mystery, his life now just history.   
i am caged  caged with a body that does not know that beyond exists bound by a p*ssy and a breast  guarded by the crescent and as my mind runs free looking for a place to rest
A new born baby Sheds so many tears Until his mother hugs him To take away his fears   A toddler now in pre-school Sheds ten tears a day Stubs his foot sometimes His mother hugs him
Illuminated brilliance casted by the sun.  Stretching their arms like bars on a cell.  Black as the Earth underneath, and empty as the sky.    Entrapping me in tendrils of Shadow,
The future is mine. With the present stress, I promise it will be fine, In the future I see success.    Now is the time to start,
As a New Yorker, it was a usual day as the rest. Meeting with clients, and ordering calls was all he had to stress. Mr. Dittmar did not expect the worst attack to come
The day is anew, With the sun dancing in the sky. Although, I only look at you, But I could never know why. As the sun rises on, do you think of me?
Love, sometimes i hate you  My doubts of loving someone  Keeps me closed because sometimes  I never realize what i got because  The people have done me wrong in the past 
I want to go to Target but the Mayors on the TV says he won't let me out so I sit at home and pout The Amazon guy visits my house like two times a day I got nothing else to do so I just order stuff and pay
I was the kid from another country. Not once, But twice. And I still am.   I was the kid with a different accent. What is normal here, is different there And different here, normal there.
Your fire burns lowBut there's so much to show in your embersYou've been my rock, slowly faded to dust as far back as I rememberWhy do you take the liesBottle things up insideYears have gone by
Have you ever wanted something more than oxygen?More than the very thing that sustains life?It’s ironic yet demandingA paradox of epic proportions and yet, it seems reasonable in your mind
AcceptanceA three-syllable wordThat can be heardIn the phrase “I love you”
N- 95 left and right, yet they are not even wearing it right nurses and doctors fighting to help while people scream in their faces  DO SOMETHING theres nothing left to do but wait...
Poor Kardashians, they make headlines in the news The infamous mom, Kris Jenner, their queen Middle daughter Kim K is pregnant with the future president’s son, but that is a snooze
What is love? Love is hard to conceptualize. The type of love I am describing is the one that makes you smile at the sight of them. 
I blew into your life like a hurricaneand you tore through minelike an earthquakeboth of us the unexpected I whisked apart everything you knew blew through all your certainty your safety your sanity your security I uprooted everything you thought 
She wandered to the marketin a flowery dress and bowthe man she thought was dead appearedwith a fine new girl in tow.A little down and lifeless nowinstead she sought to findsome sympathy in fictiona writer with her mind. 
We're six feet apart Some would say but in my heart  it was only yesterday when we truimphed and buzzed about what our lives would portray  all the beautiful news  of another good day
We're six feet apart Some would say but in my heart  it was only yesterday when we truimphed and buzzed about what our lives would portray  all the beautiful news  of another good day
  It’s your birthday today You are at work and I’m at school  We’re far apart, but you’re close to my heart I love you, so I shout hurray
What are days past if not tombstones how do i sculpt tribute  with these nothing hands nobody cares about ghosts until they are salable until they are stories  what it must feel like to be a story 
I feel her heart getting colder I reach for her hand Searching to feel her love She pushes me away There is so much weight on my shoulder
You have only known me while I grew up in a closet, I feel like I’m alone, having no one to hold my hand, No one to comfort me, or to tell me “I promise it’s going to get better!”,
When I’m looking back, I feel I’m about to have a panic attack, Memories are everywhere,
I went to the spot where she first said she loved me. There a man smoked.A couple loudly arguing.Somehow, I still felt the same.
What is love but the autumn trees, Falling with the winter breeze. What is love but the anti-hate That brings out the best in all who wait. I give my heart to the essence of love,
How many times did I break your windows to make this hole a door You've got a lot of broken glass take a class for a better job  so you can buy us more    
Her next challenge is flooding right in front of her And the rough stones tremble underneath her feet
The trail I walk is Well-traveled, yet familiar to none. Clouds can creep in, inviting Unwelcome storms From every direction, heard And felt Deep inside me.  
Mother sits alone in her room. She cries for her daughters. She cries for her husband. She cries for herself. Her sobs muffled by her acetone laced sleeves,
Its raining, I'm dreaming, of being with someone. Or is it just the music clouding my mind, And my tears resulting from the lightning and downpour coming at this time. 
In deep like ten feet, trying to stay afloat on a moat that separates you and the feeling of being free.   
Black boy Black boy With little red truck toy Growing up alright boy Mama and daddy’s own joy Falling for the man’s ploy
Every day. Push, pull. Push, pull. Poof! We didn’t see dad again. Somebody said because he’s too mean.
"With God all Things are Possible" Here lays the anchoring words of my life and destiny. As riches to the poor As food to the hungry As strength to the weak  As courage to the brave  
  Eyes closed  curled up  in the corner,  crying  her hand on my shoulder  she told me  open your eyes  take this world on  it’s just your size.
  Eyes closed  curled up  in the corner,  crying  her hand on my shoulder  she told me  open your eyes  take this world on  it’s just your size.
It starts normal, an uneasy but a usual feeling, as the earth spins a bit longer I begin to feel the excitement. Meeting with familiar faces, the air seems fresh.
Inspiration is found in a mother of two  Who finds herself with bills that are overdue   Voices in her head wishing that he chose to stay
On white glass she mimicks my movements her form is angular,  turgid, carved from ivory and recarved, crudely this time   Reflected back to me on muslin in oil her form is round and soft
Inspiration comes in moments of power, morning, night, or at any hour. When I am in control, the whole world is on patrol. I hold fate in one hand. An outsider can't understand.  
I know you seemy eyes light upwhen I’m with you I know you hearmy joyous laughwhen we’re together There is nothingI love more, nothingthat gives me comfort
When I feel stuck The wheels don’t turn The fire doesn’t burn And I yearn for that Burst of light  That spark, that shine The fire
This inspiration It floats around in my head Like thoughts on a train   It sits on a log And thinks for a little while
What happened to the timeWhen words poured out of meLike liquid nitrogen,Cracking open my ribsPeeling away the petals of my heartTo unearth a diamondAt its core--ReleasingAn explosion of galaxiesAnd made-up stars,Fictional constellationsAnd playti
There's a certain point where feelings kick in,They hit you harder than a right hook,It messes with you in the end.A thought that you have, and the action that comes,Determines what you had done.A feel is not real, but it's thought, Because I'm st
I open a book.   I am in a grand castle Surrounded by lords and ladies, jesters and kings I hear the rustle of my ball gown
There is prejudice still living in the veins of this countryIt seeps in and taints like poisoned blood manifesting into senseless body bags from killers corrupted by ignoranceYour hatred is a disease
The man In the sky shines so bright he makes  everything in the dark come to light  The man In the sky sits so high he controls  everything from the sky  This man in the sky we can't see but I feel his 
Inspiration comes in exotic waves. The biggest wave that crashes onto me is how people admit to their flaws. Tears may fall, and bodies might shake. But being brave is what is most inspiring.
Silence screams throughout the day Children weep as others play the screaming silence never decays the silence is never acknowledged. not even seen as if it is there  a steady scream still fills the air.
Her hand grazed my skin. “Please, be calm my child.” Serenity plagued each of my senses. Flames from the fire grabbed at my shoeless feet. Yet, I was the happiest I have been. Mother looked sadly into my green eyes.
Calculus, how I love your derivatives,It makes my life everything but privative,It solves the most common difficult question man could ask,Why? Next is the Integral, a brave fight betweenLeibniz and Newton, the unstoppable force against the immova
Michigan land of fresh water Nature’s power evident People’s impact relevant Throwing off the balance, why?   Muskegon seeing PFAS in supply Lead pipes forcing Flint to toil
Oh how beautiful mother nature creates how beautiful her creation blooms  she feels my heart with love and rain  she loves and cherishes me and you    pushing for us to grow and leave the dirt
Your movements mimic something alike no other. Oh, how effortless, nimble and gentle they are. This is nothing solely gifted from your mother, your radiance is your own blazing star.
3 perfect nights spent with you. holding you in my arms, it felt like it would never end. so unreal, almost like you could view it on the big screen in every theatre in town. the touch, the kisses, the hugs
3 perfect nights spent with you. holding you in my arms, it felt like it would never end. so unreal, almost like you could view it on the big screen in every theatre in town. the touch, the kisses, the hugs
    It doesn't have an army, but it has strength to stand Against all tyranny that would harm our land.
  The things I noticed when I first saw you: Your eyes are deep and bare the touch of embers. Your nose, the perfect width and length
Tingly, sensation running through my body Excitement coursing in my veins The unknown is everything before me What has passed sets a foundation for today  
Desire to Inspire?  Who wouldn't be... with the sun in your face and your shining bright eyes,  I can't help but laugh that  you and me  get to conquer the world.   
My Breath...  I can never seem to catch it.  My head... it hurts Why? Its over.  I'm alright and he's away so it's supposed to be alright.  But why do I still cry?  Why am I afraid? 
A symbol of humor and comforting words, Of an enormous Lego collection and a well-kept goatee; Glasses and work boots smelling of earth; Making truffles on Christmas;
I'll never know, not until I reach Heaven. I will take these words from God and keep them in a pocket next to my heart, calling them my saving grace: Do not be afraid.
LGBTQ+ Rights The time for people to stop. Should be now. Aren't we all equal? Aren't we all human like you? Can't we all get along?
A desire to inspire the desire to make change the desire to change attitudes  we can't stay the same. My desire to inspire comes from within. I got some inspiration from the people who've helped me win.
My death was warm. I took no last breath; rather, my breath was an orchestra playing the final diminuendo of a piece.
Science is an interesting concept, One wished to be understood by many. Though not always easy to accept, Science has explained plenty.
Inspiration, for me comes from the ink carved squiggles of the written word. Never before has anything been more beautiful 
there is color and there is nature to each their own  a different sight to each their own  a different plight. when sad and gloomy  look towards the horizon
Cacophony, Corrosion “I revel. When the bone cracks, I snarl. When the metal shrieks, I squeal.  When teeth crunch, I savor.
that summer, the lights reflect in the parking lot puddles, warm nights and ice cream, ferris wheels under cotton candy sunsets.  i dream so wide and fast
that summer, the lights reflect in the parking lot puddles, warm nights and ice cream, ferris wheels under cotton candy sunsets.  i dream so wide and fast
Clayton is my son His happiness drives me to give it all I got!   
Education is key to maturing the mind. Without it, all of mankind Would be hopelessly blind,
A swift movement of her hand the booming tone of her voice there was no doubt about it she indeed loved what she did
  I am here to exist?
Every day I am with hope And each day it leaves.   Challenges stand as walls, defiant At glance, beyond twinkling alignment But I reach.
You weren’t one to bring roses for me You said diamonds cant compare to my eyes You claim you were blind but that now you see Like crystal waters I saw through your lies
I cut my hair for you That was not enough Gave you my voice and time Was not pleased with that either You trapped me with unimaginable thoughts You took me out of my prime
Leaving childhood, and growing into a man. Now heading to college is the plan. I’ll enjoy my new life and be my own fan. Making wise choices, I know I can. Oh how fast adulthood began!  
Eat dessert or drink sugary coffee but don’t guilt yourself into working off those calories.  Bake the cakes with your loving mom as the sunset spills its colors in the messy kitchen
I may be young but I am tall  I may be tall but I am sensitive I may be sensitive but I am a football player I may be a football player with a tough shell but I soft on the inside
This hair is auburn with golden strands. This hair has waves, like the ocean on a hot summer day.
A Journey   Embarked on In the early dawn of life    At first guiding By loving hands  Teaching hands
The soft creak of a bed And the give of a mattress— A time and place where the day learned to die And we are left alone Our sanctuary, our haven,
Passion All around us Different within each and every person But it makes you feel and act a certain way It motivates, challenges, and inspires Often, it is uncontrollable and effortless
I see people everyday in New York. Each and everyone one of them has a story. Business suits rushing to get to a meeting. Construction workers drilling away. Cross guards whistling away.
I see people everyday in New York. Each and everyone one of them has a story. Business suits rushing to get to a meeting. Construction workers drilling away. Cross guards whistling away.
What did I do… What do I do What on earth did I get myself into? What will happen to all the days that weren’t too bad?  But it’s okay, I’ve won all the fights that I’ve ever had...  Which was one *RING*
From the bottom to the top From the ground to nonstop By the grace of God  By the pace of lard Slow and easy Bitter but pleasing
you're not the same person that you used to be.  and you take comfort in the fact that no,  you're not the same person and  she felt things more colorful than the things you feel,  and sometimes those colors, 
you're not the same person that you used to be.  and you take comfort in the fact that no,  you're not the same person and  she felt things more colorful than the things you feel,  and sometimes those colors, 
1995, the war has ended, a family with a three year old little girl A family that looks as it has seen dark nights and even darker days A family that had survived a genocide in the 19th century
        We all desire  It needs to be reapplied Like blush on ones cheeks   
The day was vivid and I was alive Fields of flowers with the absence of bugs For once, nature was not the unknown   Dogs and cats were the best of friends
Black girl magic  It’s so tragic  As I watch it fade away   Our thick long locks 
Isn’t it funny? What you may ask. Well, isn’t is funny how selfish the human race is. Yes, yes, I know I’m a human too, bummer.
The wonderful Zeus would have the courage to leave his phone opened, 
I fell in love with a language of movement So I went to college with the little I knew. But it was not easy, I needed some improvement. After a while, I found friends with the same interest too.  
this is the intermittent calm present between the moments of unbridled chaos the whirring of a fan, resonates, a meditation while birds sing outside the window
Thirteen years old, home alone.  My eyes begin to blur Screen after screen after screen after Click.  I’ve found something, 
The other person. We know them all. The ones who fight, But rarely fall. The ones who succeed, But rarely ever bleed. Those are the ones that inspire me. The ones who give and give and give.
Toil and trouble, that's the American Way Land a good job, one that will pay Forget your passions, your desires, your truth Don't stray from the path, don't be uncouth   How did we get here?
shoulders, shoulders that pierce my prerifrials your love always felt conditional I cant stop it like a kid who discovers twitter for the first time
I wonder who's out there, I wonder what they believe, In beautiful cultures Of those that are unseen.
When someone asks me, "What inspires you?"     I think about space and all the amazing things there are. Do you?  Supernovas, black holes, gas giants, and dwarf planets. 
Trees looming over me  Wysokie drzewa nadchodzą się nade mną  They stare  I patrza  Like a predator about to descend on prey 
Alien desolation expands Racial desperation increasing Nothing's working, bring the next one in They said as they ignored the screaming and the agonized whimpers of their
dry eyes aching hearts  make it stop  aching souls  prayers and thoughts make it stop too fast  last week he spoke to me fear pervades sorrow pervades loneliness pervades
  It’s the fantasy that unravels and reveals its ending in another dimension    It’s the idealized life of my being that my eyes have yet to see  
I didn’t know what to say when I first met you. I got swallowed by your dark brown eyes, completely and utterly consumed by how spunky and soulful they were. I forgot how to breathe-
What inspires me, you may ask Well, it starts with laughing babies They not know what laughing is But they still find joy in the simplest things It is animals looking up at their companions with such love
I am from Spices From paintings and pictures I am from the blissful hospitality (welcoming, adaptable,
What inspires me most is life itself theres so much life in life birds chirping in the morning it just brings me peace the sunset is so beautiful  it brings me ease there's so much more than work
I need you. I believe I need you You're all I need.  You are my sun in the gray sky You are my happiness in my depression You are the best in a bad situaction.   I need you.
Every once in a while the mind runs dry. It sometimes makes you cry.   But seeing others strive makes me yearn to thrive. It brings a monsoon to my resourceful moon.  
When the faucet is stuck and ideas can't get through, I flip my mind around and see the world new, Then inspiration flows in an ocean blue.
my hands and feet could touch either sides of the walls now so i bent my knees and elbows i twisted and turned on the cold floor body struggling to find a comfortable spot face hidden by the shadows
In the midst of the garage rubble I see you. I hold your cold form and remember The warmth in which I played Around the room where she where You once  lived.  I trace the scratches on your side
“Effervescent!' said I, “thing of ghost.” Back into my memories bewitching And so it came gently murmuring Haunting - haunting - haunting!
love is patient, love is kind, love is stressful, love is challenging, love will drag you to hell and back, love will make you angry,
My beautiful Dog inspired me With her big brown eyes and slowly graying muzzle She taught me cunning, snatching away food right out of my hand Her determination to catch squirrels too fast for her aging legs
This is not just a poem to me.  It's a future letter to my future me. I wish for them to much so the things they do right now Really truly matter. 
One step. Some glide across a plain Others prepare to conquer mountains Some see a wall reaching the heavens 
Real world problems, I wish to solve. Thoughts go through my mind. And I'm inspired, By the current issues, need somebody to solve 'em.   Why does it take 12 hours to cross the pacific?
“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.” - Marie Curie   The ability to overestimate my capabilities, I  Can’t believe I’m here again, what was
the calm of it all- sun across the grass, filters through the trees heat radiating up from the sidewalk as i sit silent, and observe.  my legs are indented with the bumps of the ground
Open your eyes What do you see? I see black I knew the light was bright, yet it was dark How could I see if my eyes have no spark
Music is power. Music is inspiration. It inspires me.  
Music is power. Music is inspiration. It inspires me.  
Parvine, A name that means strength, courage, and grace. A celestial soul, she lives in the stars. Raised in Iran, A country where the inferior were female. Beauty was a sin, the women must wear veils. Parvine,Fought with a hard fist, Her hands he
There she stands without a trace of fear Yet my heart flutters when she trots near Such a beautiful animal but without knowing how Possessing a noble power that’ll make anyone bow
From a young age my memory has been a blur,  I tend to have memories here and there,  In all my memories there is always you,  Your voice,  Your smile, Your wise words,
I met a headless fox to-day in a field of fog and endless dream, when day discovers dusk and sun seeks solace; she spoke to me, in ghastly golden chimes 'please come no nearer' and I
the city, the suit, the job   were the pieces I needed   in a world dominated by men   whose job was incomplete without  
Intriguing. Fascinating. Inspiring. Ruffling your brown curls through the wind. A glance to the side, Did you see me?   You drive me to look better.   Enamoring. Perfect. Exhilarating.
I was simply made in fire hand crafted by the powers that be by the power and hands that were meant to rock me simply made to be  a victim of my circumstances simply made 
I had friends. Many of them were cool but eventually they became too cool The Perks of being a wallflower I read this book made me feel not so alone I wasn't alone, mentally
You've seen me before. I recognize you... But you're different now. So different. I wonder if you are the same. I wonder how much you changed. But for now, stay. - Inspiration
I heard of hope.  It means forgiving the people who left without saying goodbye. It means cherishing the good memories  And acknowledging the unpleasant ones.
I fell for you like the rain;   Gradually and slowly in almost an intricate pattern.   Where the drops are unnoticeable and cease to affect the worlds balanced ways.  
I didn’t know you,  and then I did.  I didn’t see you, and then I did. From miles apart across the nation, To pushing each other
I wake up, and I do nothing. I flow through the day, unaware, like a cold, unbothered shell 
the grass here is scorched. weak and frail, snapping under the will of even the mildest wind.    the edges of each of the blades are just that;
Golden, Is the sky and all around. Golden, the reflection in the pond of which I've always known. Golden, The shine of a perfect day to simply be... Golden.
People say "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" If this were true, kids wouldn't cut lines Innocent lives are worth so much more You locked yourself in the bathroom Lying on the floor when I broke through
Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off people say it's not that hard I'm going under theres no one to save me I preternd i'm okay Lord make me a rainbow I'll shine down on my mother
The power of law A judge sitting in front of a court room A man on trial from a prior conviction A conviction that was wrong. The man was trying to save her life But instead was the one put in jail
Putting our family always above themsleves Adapting to the challenges that always come our way Running on no sleep and giving their all  Excited for our accomplishments
Putting our family always above themsleves Adapting to the challenges that always come our way Running on no sleep and giving their all  Excited for our accomplishments
You only have one time in your life to live, when you have that moment live it like it matters, because once you die it won't be the same.
What do you do? When you have a piece of paper in front of you?   You could write down your feelings about today's young people. and how brilliant they are becoming.
In a society where silence is golden. The youth of today still need molding. All I hear is silence and all I smell is fear.
Drive is essential. The thirst for succes and change  Is quenched by hard work.    Qualifications Help me reach my potential. Pushing my limits.   Work ethic needed
I remember when I made you I was scared to tell your grandma, I didn't know what she'd do. The whole thing was bitter sweet,  sometimes I wish I could go back and be as happy as I could be. 
What have I learned  from my mental illnesses? I have learned that there are people 
Entering…. The back catalog of L*** J******’s memory stores…. Folder: THINGS TOO AFRAID TO SAY ALOUD [last modified 10/19/19]
The blank paper sits in front of me.But Now, it's comforting.You see,I used to be put down by what I didn't understand.But Now, I puff out my chest when I stand.Now, I ask for help when I can. No more do I sit in boredom, bothered by what's out of
You are who you are Nobody can change that. Unless you give them that power, define yourself, be unique. Dont give someone the power to change who you are Only you can change who you are inside
Let us travel to the fig tree. Inspect its fruits. Look past its leaves, for they try to conceal the stellar treasures. Squeeze each fruit to find the one that gives most. That fruit yields the utmost stimulating taste.
Trash meets my eye through my screen Someday it will join that pile of trash; People scream lies through their teeth And walk on the heads of their competitors; Honks from cars behind me to go faster
Sipping tea, curled up, adorned in blankets and fuzzy socks. The steam from the tea keeps warm, as I listen to the wind. Yesterday was Autum. Today a season changes.  We have seasons too.
When lights are out, My mind just swirls Thinking and thinking I can change the world Paper my platform Writing my muse
I got a big heart my mind tries to abandon me;Paused in vanity panicking over the loss of my sanity;Saved by one nerve holding everything together substantially As a voice keeps rambling,I'll make you a deal if you hand it to me;Will I grow from t
I'm sick they say it's because I forgot to take my medicine; I took too much at once it's got me diving in my head again; Conversations work my voices got me thinking, now I'm red again
Gloomy skies crawling on miniscule lives, Unwelcome guest brings back harsh guilts again. Loops of vast bright light that it now deprives,  Shadows drag on across lifeless madmen.
Inspiration hits when I’m submerged in the deep blue ocean that some would call a bathroom.  Their walls coated in a seemingly endless blue, A monotone mockery.
My inspiration... My inspiration is living. My inspiration is trying. To look upon the road carved in the forest, and walk the other way. To take the journey nobody else has.
I am from the hard days where I had to suffer through my broken body, missing the fun activities everyone else was apart of.  
Across the beautiful Texas sky-- lies a stunning ribbon of colors. With the falling sun comes a state of rebirth. Gorgeous green pastures are scattered across our plains.
1776,this amendment was made   And we’re still paying the consequences today  It’s 2019, and were at 340 bodies totalled up a day  Can’t this gun war just go away   
People work, people strive to grind. They get promotions and praises for what they do. They set an example to others wanting to be the same thing. Inspiration is what they carry out to people who witness their work.
Why do we stray so far into the evils that men do? It is in a flash of lightning, so awesome and striking, It is there before our eyes and then it bids adieu.   Our answer to the Devil's question is overdue.
It was fortold that He would be  The one who man kind would need The one who crushed the head Of the the serpent of deceit.   He would be despised and not esteemed
My inspirations Are the people I have seen And places I’ve been  
The Bottom inspires me. The cold, lurking monsters in the  “real world”… inspire me. The pains and the aches in my body,  inspire me. One day, I won’t feel, won’t breath,
Behind closed doors, In the darkest room, Silent and invisible to many who pass, And known by only one person, It dripped black inside me, The self-loathing and hatred reside stained my mind and soul;
People say “Work harder!” “Do your best!” “Stop being so lazy!” “Just do your work right!” Why does it take me so long to get this done? what is wrong with me sir? “You have dyslexia.”
Tunes, however hard they try,Will always be inspiring.Never forget the comfy and assuasive tunes. Why would you think the euphony is unhappy?The euphony is the euphoric sound of all.Now distressed is just the thing,To get me wondering if the eupho
Our life is the World’s Geography     The Mountains are the obstacles and barriers in life that we have to climb and get over  
When midnight rolls around, the lullabies stop. And my head is pulled out of a fog. I can breathe, I can think. Swing left, swing right. A sweatshirt, a tug on the window pane.
I met a stranger n the dark We talked and talked, till sunrise come. Together, we had a love spark Glisten in his eyes made me numb. Everything is alright with you, Then I know this can be true.  
Stubborn as it was, My spine remained rigid And alert. Days passed by. But it was not the days That drew my curvature inward. Nor was the curvature inward The reason of my days.  
Father says to fly to the sun, To outstretch my arms and reach for fame But be careful, he says, my son, Because there is a deadly thing too terrible to name.
I think I want to walk and run jump up and down paint and create eat so I wont feel bad so much energy in my bones. yet i stay in bed cause im tired  what the hell. I wanna change that..
Medusa, With her sweet words and flaxen curls, soft skin and kind eyes, Was beautiful, ethereal in her manner and dress, memorable in the minds of all who met her. And this was her downfall.
Medusa Stop! Leave her alone you know she'll never learn if you turn her to stone Medusa Stop! He loves you he just wanted to see how you'd react Because you know that he didn't mean to hurt you
Let me tell you about myself Well when I was small I thought you were lurking I used to hid my possessions under my head so you can come to find me 
  I look through the broken glass of my being just a thing for people to scream at without really seeing I shake my mane to free the thoughts a cowardly lion - it is what I am not  
  I look through the broken glass of my being just a thing for people to scream at without really seeing I shake my mane to free the thoughts a cowardly lion - it is what I am not  
Every story has a start but not every story has an end. It used to be known for people to disappear from Oaks Village, who would ever suspect something so gruesome from such a small and quiet town.
How toxic! How scary! She's nice, kind, and warm until you make her cry. She'll be cold,  She'll be mean  and then she'll drown you in her lies. How toxic! How scary!
I'm the lightning thief You look up into the sky All the clouds are gone
What once was a bird of flames, would now be a small, quiet, bird of a girl Picked on and trampled down, it would be as though she were made of water. Little would anyone know,
Winter eyes cause wild storms. Through the halls how they adore. Fallen love and broken hearts Hers is foam its blown apart. In the light her beauty shines To any other she could tell no lies
    Sometimes I wish I still had you You used to make me so happy But then you went crazy And now I find myself sappy
April is fair housing month It’s April but not all housing is fair:   The alley  The home that I’m living in Surrounded by trash 
A brush of foundation paints over her spotted face, a streak of contour sharpens her too round cheeks  a stroke of eye shadow  brigthens her dull eyes as a smear of lipstick
Lost in the surf he rode the waves and took the tides with him Black and blue he withdrew and the light faded crimson He had no heart yet in him grew the love for the ocean
walking through these halls feels like stepping through the unknown with the scent of sirens implying dangers that i cannot pinpoint; too fearful to talk to anyone in sight, will they entrap me in their lies,
walking through these halls feels like stepping through the unknown with the scent of sirens implying dangers that i cannot pinpoint; too fearful to talk to anyone in sight, will they entrap me in their lies,
Attacked on the steps of my own church,  I sought the guidance of god. She granted me protection,  A shield turned weapon, to turn the head of any attacker,
Pray thee, my friend That you may never be caught On Oslo’s streets Alone And Afraid Beneath the full moon’s light  
May the grand good Zeus have mercy on us, Our souls are damned and destined to sin. Send any help, we need you at this very moment, The lightning burns within you so light up our world.
On the edge of a parapet stands a young person  with nothing but wings made of wax and the boldness to jump.    We were told as children that the myth  always ends in tragedy. 
"Ask me later" I brush you off   "Leave me alone" I slam my door   "Go away" I turn my back   "Help me" You quietly plead   "I can't do this"
Baby brother, don't you cry Big sister's gonna shield you from her eyes   Baby brother, don't shed a tear Big sister's not gonna let her near   Baby brother, don't be afraid
Angels have white feathers And hearts made of gold But they are stronger than anyone And can stand up to be bold   But white feathers can turn black And gold into jade Strength can leave
Deserts trick one by sunshine all the time. For all frozen beings, deserts promise warmth. Head in the direction when you wish to know, what extremity feels like. The one who resides in it, hopes for oasis.
    Let's talk about a character, Mischievous as can be,Makes emotions run wild,Keep reading and you'll see,
Wasn't raised by the gods  So I lowered myself  Give me some credit because I raised myself well Give you some credit because you gave me hell I grew from the ashes  I dont speak I yell 
She is in the dying flowers and the burning trees She is in the children who cry and plead The animals who hunt and bleed Earth in every form Artemis, Diana
Vivi was a dancer Tip, tippity tap Her feet intricately skipped As if she were communicating
Definitely a rebel, by all means  Indifferent to commands, will dance with your dreams Ostracized to the misfits he deems  Not today this table, he's with everyone it seems
The lightning strikes on society, Society split into two.  Zues’s bolt creates a divide that has never been so vast. A divide bigger than Mount Olympus,
The lightning strikes on society, Society split into two.  Zues’s bolt creates a divide that has never been so vast. A divide bigger than Mount Olympus,
The video loads Slower than a snail But once it does,  You wish it hadn't   "Hey guys! It's me, Apollo,
It’s always a constant battlefield  Not knowing what’s right from wrong You say one thing  But mean the other    I take hold of your hand
When you care for someone it takes over  Your mind Your body is no longer yours it falls victim to Your mind When your play this Long Game it toys with Your mind  
The mind of the young is bendable, But the prize a child has to offer is not expandable. Many children are told that life is what you make, But are not told it is easier to break.
As you move and as you rest this chef stews and paints the mess.   Winds her breath. Rain's her tears.   When pain upsets, you'll come to fear her reign on waves
her lips were a bloody crimson, calling attention in the dim light of crowded dance floor.  [her dress was hellfire, scorching those who got too close]  her voice was soft, husky
her lips were a bloody crimson,calling attention in the dim lightof crowded dance floor. [her dress was hellfire, scorching those who got too close]   her voice was soft, husky
One moment a dark room Candles soothing The next A bright blinding bike ride   Sage burns Clouds cover a multitude of eyes Whispers can be heard for miles at a time   Fat rotting
I realize I am one of the lucky few A love such as ours does not often stay true; If my mother only knew where I was she would grieve As if Hades stole my heart like a lowly thief;
The woman waits As she picks up her knife The woman waits As she contemplates her life The woman waits She checks it again The woman waits Nothing happens, then The woman waits
A day in December I stay home with my grandmother by the fire, she tells me stories   My sister in school practices letters slowly following each curve   My grandmother tells of Slaugh
The Norns are fear and ignorance and hate. We kneel to them and so portend our fate. Below the world, our refuse feeds the well Of misery and pain by which they dwell.
Hercules was just a football player Wanting to play the game But his teacher had other things to say She always gave him homework so he had to stay up late He’d always finish his work though, man this guy is great
In the old stories that were written in Greece, The best things come in three, The three woman who controlled men’s fates, One spun the thread of life, Another measured the length,
The following was inspired by the classic myth of Icarus. He had his youth, and Icarus wished, To fly with the planes and big rocket ships. But he was a boy, a being without wings,
10 lives near their end, Saved to fight, as fate commences Monsters forced outside a the link unmended Soon they'll soar for their defences
The world's chorus changes everyday. Its music evolves from its peak of before. Yet only a select few are recognized for their tune.
Apollo, Apollo Sunshine boy and To those who know him dizzy dreamer Tossled blonde hair that Reflects little bits of light  Like crumpled candy wrappers Dark under-eye circles sunk deep
As times change and myths are sculpted we see the gods once reverred move alongside humanity, evolving and ever-adjusting to our trends, culture, and norms.   Apollo, the god of healing,
I am Art, As one might see,  In your soul rests part of me.  Painting, writing, dance, and more,  From pastel flowers to bloody gore.  Hephaestus, Athena, Apollo,  Nuska, Kothar-wa-Khasis, Lono. 
She's the midsummer's flowers, The prolonged days hours. My reason I search for an immortal diet Just for a glimpse of her eternal souls quiet.
Never alone  never dispaire because of her stone statues everywhere, every night alway's a fright Medusa's eyes were such a sight beautiful but bad when she would look
A goddess is back    from old ancient Greece    to stir up some mischief    all over the streets.        Her name is Ate    and she's not all that calm    she's the life of the party    unlike your mom.        She will run around    making a mess 
While Hera warms her hearth, While Poseidon defends his seas,  And Zeus sits upon his godly throne,  The unseen, the rich one, the reciever of many, Hades After spending millennia bemoaning his lot in life
More, more, more gold in the safe, I will be the richest one to ever live in this state, Dare to touch the rock, it will shine in your hands,  After this fact, let's make a bank in the sands,
I sit on one side of the fenceHomelessThey are tearing it down, only to replace it with stronger materialI need to leaveI wish my husband could protect meThat drunk bastardI cross tonight. ***
She couldn’t look at her own reflection Much less look at anyone else “Well, you were drinking.” “Boys will be boys.”
Alone in the dark, yet brave Given the power, you've adapted and slaved. to the hateful men, and the judgemental stares.  They've taken your innocence  And turned you into tears,
The babes of my breasts have left the wombs of there mother's hollow and barren In refusal of a world that no longer bears my fruit
Lover, that makes me stare Ivory skin and ebony hair Lover, forever fair  You have come and answered my prayer   Lover, that makes me stare
I can feel her Here with me Weeping on the floor  I feel her hand on my shoulder Artemis wipes my tears  Hera holds my hand  The world is a haze But they are clear 
Long ago the Greeks had their gods and goddesses Thought to be long forgotten to the sands of time But they’re still very much alive. Dethroned from Mount Olympus
Feeling power rushing through my veinseverything that happens lately makes me just insanewhen i punch an opponent he momentarily faintsundefeated barehand but also i have blades
Survival, It’s what I know best. It’s painful, and hard, But also makes us stronger. And most don’t know my story.  
Oh, how Patroclus wished for a chance... To be heard and to be glanced. By no one else but Achilles, the strongest man on the field.   
I look off into blinding light of the setting sun, A star rising on the other end of the world-tree today, Tomorrow, and the day after that again and again. Sleipnir passes like floaters in sunrays of the blue sky
Good and evil, Heaven and Nevaeh, Amorous and grotesque, Brother and brother, Cousins alike, Ares and Hephaestus.  
They call me narcissus in psychology My haters call me vain Instagram says I'm famous but the truth is all the same They love me yet do not know me Want me even as I walk away
Apollo the poet, Apollo the boy in school who always speaks in rhyme Poseidon the boy in school who swims with the fishes but is never made fun of for it
Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let down your hair With a tight hold She grips her golden locks Yanking Again and Again Grasping a shard Of broken mirror Sawing mercilessly To free herself.
With fists in the air. She protests rape and abuse. Fight. Medusa. Fight. 
  I don’t really care anymore I wanna get out of this place Run off into space If you haven’t noticed,
The sun shines well above them, Bringing light and prosperity to those who work hard underneath; After finishing their rest place, the people asked: How can we rest, if there is no night?
Knowledge, oh knowledge, it is knowledge I seek I went to a tree and hanged at its peak To discover the runes my knowledge is deep Knowledge, oh knowledge, it is knowledge I seek
They always say one wrong don’t make the right so this fight you can not win tryna get even playing dirty won’t help you win sometimes you gotta be the bigger person put that pride to the side what’s it gone hurt if we all out here livi
Medusa Medusa,  so cold and so stoned.  Medusa Medusa,  her slithering friends leave her never alone.  With each new lover, stiffer than the last,  And her Tinder profile full from swiping so fast. 
Alone, I traverse the sky. I have left my home beind, the place of my birth. I possess a power which no mere mortal cannot. And with this power comes my duties, my responsibilities.
Surya drives a convertible That’s kind of flashy, but no one can tell What color it really is. One moment Red, the next green, it shimmers all the 
Medusa watches longingly behind a set of lockers staring at Poseidon  The captain of the swim team  The boy with the ocean blue eyes
The water gleams like valued crystals Smells of sweet childhood Their vulnerable forms watched over tirelessly Protected by Mr. Kappa
Many moons ago, Prometheus, Olympian god of science Crafted man from clay, and stole fire to please it Zeus would torture him forever, but as he went east To his doom, he crafted a new god, so be it
Rumple was a reasonable man,  yet his efforts weren't always greeted with an agreeable hand,  so in his business he decided to take what he thought was the proper stake. Yet he was lonely in his glass high rise,
She is endless Every possibility A woman free of time Not granted that stability Feared by some Though others find tranquility She is everything and nothing Known for her changeability
Eris was always a troubled child.  Mama always told her she was built from  Chaos          Strife  And all things wild.  Born alone in the dark of the night, To her dad already well and gone...
The mighty Titans were at war with the Olympians, the older generation versus the new; deities against the wide-eyed innocence of lives that have barely just begun; parents versus children, the divine and sacred who believe they know what is best
You see that donut, that cookie, that cake, It seem delicious, though it’s pleasure is fake. You hear a voice whisper in your ear, ”Just take it, my friend...” Ares is here.
He sweeps throught the streets. Crazed children folllow after. Enchanted by the beat. Not fear, but laughter. Yells, yowls, shouts, and screams. Who wouldn't want ice cream?
As the vehicle rumbled up to the large, dark, intimidating iron gate, Perseus stepped out and onto the dusty soil below.
If you took One look At the staff of my school You would think, hey this is pretty cool   Poseidon is our swim coach He has a very direct approach Stay underwater as long as you can
We are not made of stone. When will we learn that we cannot carve ourselves into perfect beings?
Dark masks that cover everything except the lips on the face. Black face? Or a ski mask either way we accept it but still are somehow amazed. Clearly desginers do not want blacks wearing their brand.
He defied a god, they say.  That's his own mistake. But he only ever did it for his children's sake. All he did was ask for a raise to make sure the money left over was a little higher.
Medusa .com yes she's caught your eye You're hypnotized and you don't know why. She controls everything and has you in a trance All of your friends are doing the stone-faced dance.
    There is a deafining moment when we say it aloud for the first time.  
the day I was born and rudely introduced to what became life.  I came into the world without a name, Without the contaminated heart of knowing the shame, It’s was necessary for life to reveal to me it’s game,
What a sad comfort I find in the sound of the rain, not when it hits the window “of pain”but the secret whisper it hisses when it evaporates, knowing it will be back again. 
She said she wanted to be my friend  that she wanted to protect e till the end.  But I came to realize her friendship was fiend. Because her plaster saint yet warm protection came with a price.
Once there was a time When I couldn’t walk So I crawled When I couldn't talk So I babbled When I couldn’t read So I imagined
the world used to glow the vibrant colors  the radiant smiles of strangers the world still pure magic  
Why was I in such a hurry to be where I am now Thought my life would be figured out  But life had other plans Why did I spend endless nights Planning my life When life had other plans
"Girl you grown now" The weight of adulthood looms above me like a dark cloud in the midst of an ominous storm They tell me, "Girl you grown now"  
Long days, long nights The responsibility is all mine Bills stacking as high as a kite No end in sight No more mommy by my side I try my best to get by When I was a kid, there were no worries
  I don’t have enough chances to pretend I’m flying anymore.  
Growing up in this world is Like metamorphosis.  Our small bodies evolve into five feet tall humans
I’m not an adult I’m not a child And I’m not a kid I’m a teenager that takes on responsibility That is all grown up That has found the real me
There is so much that I want to say.  I should start off with that.  To understand life, growth, development, love..   Is overhwhelming... startling... it's a mind acrobat.   
It all started out small stopped being carried, stopped being innocent, stopped everything stopped when it started to get going. I was cut off from a chapter because my paged were torn out by society.
glow,grow, but first i had to go. in order to grow i had to leave a glow, something i can only find once in a while irreplacable, i now had a place to grow. i grew mentally, i did not care for as much for physically.
I know people have fears, some people are scared of bugs such as bees or butterflies. Some people are horrified of heights. Others are petrified by planes and believe it or not frightened of their own feet.
I love you for your foolishness, and your ability to give everything you have the way that you eat everything in sight, and the absolute lack of sleep the drive that keeps your world turning
is looking down at the stupid cute eyes of a kid wide with admiration and knowing that you have to live up to the  cool big kid you are in their eyes.   Growing up
When I was young everyone around me called me a princess. I wore the dresses, I had a kingdom, I was loved, but most of all I waited for a prince to come.
Sinful freak, Why must you choose this torturous path?   Forcing yourself Into the wrong body, eliciting the urge to tear away your own skin, compelling your brain to despise the flesh you were given. 
A tale for which no man has ever told A tale that in which is centuries old   Never before has it has seen the ligh But now it sees and shines ever bright
sun filters through the window a child plays a phone rings   "hello?" at the end of the line is Death "she's  Gone"   my scream still haunts me  
“Slow down,” my mothers voice rang in my ears I disregarded and tried to speed the merry go round to its limit My hair floating through the air, free as the birds in the sky Until it came to a stop
growing up is not the fairytale  i was led to believe it would be.  from a young age i was force-fed fables of fetching  prince charmings and sparkling  white horses and a pristine life 
"Why do we need this And why do we need that", Doesn't she understand that I'd rather be fat, I'd be in pure bliss Only eating sweets, You won't find brocolli on my receipts.  
Is growing up like graduation, A sudden change, an exclamation? Or is it like radioactive decay, As childhood wastes away?   Whatever the case may be, What it is for you, It will not be for me,
Saturday morning cartoons,  Walking to the donut shop with old pink walls and stale coffee, Listening to my moms heart beat for me, Staring at the sun,  Dancing with Britney Spears on tv,
Saturday morning cartoons,  Walking to the donut shop with old pink walls and stale coffee, Listening to my moms heart beat for me, Staring at the sun,  Dancing with Britney Spears on tv,
Hard Times Made Me Hard Body I was young and aint nobody try me people crazy the streets is getting sloppy kids being grown aint nobody watching em You see, where im from if you turn 18 it's a blessing 
I try to speak but am never heard Success as fleeting as the summer birds Expectations ruined and I broken Forgetting the promises once spoken
Slow and steady Soft and sweet Things are calm And I'm calm Focusing on the now The future The past   But things are catching up Faster and faster
The difference between in gaming world and real world Gaming start a epic or an awesome story of the main character Reality you start of the path of struggling or a good start
A flashing of emerald trees fly by, Rusty brick buildings move just as fast, racing the trees. Sweat drips from a temple, down a neck,  Tangling with short streaky hair.
I feel like I had it rough So it appears I'm like everyone Who have had problems, but still act tough I find peace in mind as I grow up Getting merits like diplomas and such
  To sneak down the stairs to check for an empty plate of cookies To run to the playground and come inside to take a nap
Life is a lot like a boxing match You get hit You get knocked down Bam A punch, one after the other And when you finally open your eyes you recognize your opponent You're staring at yourself Bam
When a girl is small, she thinks the world of her parents. Her mother is the one that will do anything for her, and her father is her keeper. The relationships are strong and the love is recognized by strangers.
Oblivious to things that I may         have never seen Clueless to those that didn't    speak for multiple reasons     Now as I approach this     New age and new season 
I used to live in a place called childhood With the air so warm and the sunshine bright A dreamlike land that held no worries A place designed for curiosity, wonder, and flight  
Cry, Cry, Cry That’s all you do Cry, Cry, Cry Until you know that it gets you nowhere It shows weakness You don’t get respect  So Cry, Cry, Cry Until they make you stop.
Closing the cab door was the start  Walking across the stage made the mark  But where did the change come from?  My heart used to pound with anger  but now all I feel is the desire 
How could I have fallen so deeply, for a soul so phlegmatic now? As you remain impervious by the atrophy of our love,
if there’s a record for crying my mom’s coming to take it because my dad wants love and what he has with my mother ain’t itthis is the man i looked up to
O beauty, stain my childhood. Violate my young mind with the unobtainable feats that no girl can reach, yet she will always die trying. In youth, I never knew My features are carried from
I am a seed sprouting in both infused unfertilized and fertilized soil No one can really fathom the highest potential that I could achieve Only after I, the seed, has proved to weather the storms and turmoil
I feel so much better Better than before, The hate I endured Surely had no cure, The way I looked The way I spoke, No one knows The pain I took, Amongst other things A financial burden,
Times have changed First, it was getting only myself ready For the long days at school Brushing my teeth and getting My breakfast
oh, i’ve always known to clean the dryer filter after every load  I’ve always known how to fold  I’ve always known how to pee in a cup  But I’ve never really known how to grow up
WE...are those girls with colored faces Walked those Carroll halls with bleeding patience With the facade of confidence and assimilation Lured the eyes of boys who
No More fairies in my room, No More milk and cookies on the kitchen table, No More nick at night, No More waking up in my bed,
when I was five, I fell out of love when my parents divorced when I was 7, I fell back in when I met a boy in the first grade I fell in love when i was 12 with a band,
I suppose, The moment I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore, Went a little something like: “you cant call out of work just because you’re sad” My face planted firmly in a pillow,
Roses are red 
The day I knew that      Yesterday was easier Than the day ahead
it started when i was little.   no one believes me, but   i remember.   i remember  the first moment i wasn't able to breathe, the first time i thought about death, 
I hated eating right and working out Just the thought would make me pout. Eventually my body could not take it, At the age of 19 I felt it breaking.  
I am the first, I am terrified. How do I know what to do if I am the first to do it?  The road is unpaved, The path unwalked, Unexplored. I fear failure, I fear it may becoming for me, 
I looked outside the window. It wasn’t pretty or serene Trees were bending, ducking for cover  and snow hit the ground with a scream. Unsure, I asked, “Is this a blizzard?”
I looked outside the window. It wasn’t pretty or serene Trees were bending, ducking for cover  and snow hit the ground with a scream. Unsure, I asked, “Is this a blizzard?”
When grandma passed away I wished for more time Time to hold her frail hands in my hands If only I had more time   For the past five years I wished for more time Time for the dead
In the beginning, things are simple. Food, hold, change, sleep. Development of the young mind growing curious, an incubus of knowledge begging growth.
In the beginning, things are simple. Food, hold, change, sleep. Development of the young mind growing curious, an incubus of knowledge begging growth.
As the sands of time fall And collect in a mound I stop and reflect On the wisdom I've found For every day is a lesson A subject to learn And by the end of the day Priceless knowledge is earned
Beep! Beep! Beep! My swollen eyes shot open I could not believe that this was happening Just two weeks earlier my parents gave me news that flipped my childhood upside down
Frail bodyTiny bonesFleshlessIs ultimate. Start small,Skip lunches2 meals a dayIs enough. Self controlBreakfast uselessIf dinnerIs inevitable.
Today, St. Louis is a smudge of blue engulfed in the almost endless waves of red crashing over the midwest.
In her eyes everything is big and tall  Trees sway like giants  She notices every ladybug  Each crack in the side walk is a canyon   In my eyes everything is tiny and small  Letters on my keyboard
 YouTube videos replace my creepy, old, Chemistry teacher.I can't keep up in French, and don't ask if I can understand: I can't.AP World History might put me to sleep in a coffin with all this stress.I'm much too anxious to be my old, creative sel
It wasn't supposed to end this way Months have passed but I'm still in shock I know I can't changed what happened that day Still I wish you were around to knock Seems like God said it was your time to go
 A sheltered home, a loving family This is where I start Learning what’s right
The cry that pierced the cruel and gleaming night, A sound that shook the world making it stop Sharp, cutting through the chilling winds of the cold twilight,
I’m in a pickle and I don’t know what to do.   I popped it, probably Without even realizing I was covered in thorns   in a bubble.
Night and day they repeated this process The rocky eggs died in gold-dust And the chemical’s specific gravity traveled Not six or seven times, but 360
i turned twenty last weekend and i can already feel my heart rotting Ally Sheedy was right that is not to say that i am an adult but still
  because im scared too i remember you told me when we were at K'OOK last Tuesday night and i wanted to say me too
I bury myself in multiple layers of clothing. White jacket over white raincoat over white t-shirt over white lifevest. The crowd can’t see me when I’m snuggled in all this fabric.  
When I was young living was free, I grew up and now there is a fee, Chores were exciting and filled with glee, All of a sudden now they are a necessity, As a child my family supported me,
I remember the Cinderella dress and slipper shoes that I used to use I would dazzle myself in jewels that would shine once the sun reflected onto it
I’ve wanted to be friends with Bella for so long She’s blonde and her sense of humor is very strong We’ve never been very close But for many years that’s what I’ve wanted the most
Someone should have told me that my father would abandon me  Someone should have told me that there would be days that i'd go hungry Someone should have told me that no one believes the 6 year old who cries rape
Someone should have told me that my father would abandon me  Someone should have told me that there would be days that i'd go hungry Someone should have told me that no one believes the 6 year old who cries rape
Not long ago the growing pains started The pains that broke the broken-hearted The inevitable happened- I went blind   It was quite an experience at first My vision went from bad to worse
Not long ago the growing pains started The pains that broke the broken-hearted The inevitable happened- I went blind   It was quite an experience at first My vision went from bad to worse
The sense of divergent surroundings in her stomach was not a new one. In fact that wariness and excitement of the unknown had become more comfortable to her than any other feeling.
I was four when it happened. Locked in the bathroom, hugging and sobbing together while the police were outside trying to keep my parents from not being in the same room together.
Age crept up on me like a shadow slinking infrom an open window: light at first,growing larger and larger as the sun grewriper and redder behind the treetopsbeyond my apartment.
It's like when you first get on a roller coaster you don't know what to expect but your strapped in. Like you know going but you just don't know when.
  you’re never around. you’re not in my life. so why’d you come over and ask if i’m alright?
From barbies to iphones, From bare face to makeup, From ignorance to education, From spending my parents money to not wanting to spend $7 on a shirt,
I had to dig through my late night journals and old Tumblr posts,Then recovered those old songs, and unleashed all of our old ghosts.As I sat and listened to our songs, I remembered how much we’ve both changed.
Grow up. And/or glow-up. What a thing to say What does that even mean, anyway? Growing up. It's funny how I used to think This phenomena was a thing  That wasn't happening to me.
For years and years I faced the sun Till one day I was on the run Scared and lonely with no place to go Depressed and suicidal, I had no home   My petals were falling My roots were failing
I realized that I was no longer a kid when “They” looked at me and did not express the glee, the glorious reflections that my parents “see” when they look at me.
Six, seven, eight, nine, Growing up I would find an interest in writing my own stories. And those stories, cheap imitations of novels I had read, featured characters unlike me.  
The day that I had finally felt old Was the day that I stood up and said something bold. When my father had said things, I knew to be wrong Eventually I knew I shouldn’t play along.
As I sit I think about the times I messed up. I'm so fortunate to never have an empty cup. Day by day repeating the Lord's Prayer Unlike those who were lost to the Slayer.
Realization   Strolling down the unfamiliar Streets of Beverly My family on our way To the car I am not to leave in  
This morning I took a hike on a trail I once considered my stomping grounds when I was a child, and the reality set in
My mother carried me around the same way she carried her purse; Right by her side, hanging off her shoulder. The only catch- you can't be emotionally available to a purse.  
Windows rolled down Air coarsing through my lungs Wind in my hair Stars are out Speeding down the interstate And not looking back
        Leaves change and then they fall Each with their own story You’ll never know them all   Leaf and branch Branch and tree Each one
I am alive.
The early morning horizon greets the night skyat this moment there is no distinction between night and day.As the two bodies fight for power,I lone to fly away. There was a time when I promised it would never go away,but instead I find it hard to
My mom got cancer But I was only fifteen Heartache made me grow
I have realized that I am no longer a child looks for scholarships
Smart girl, smart girl how did you end up like this? I did not have a voice, I did not have a choice Smart girl, smart girl how did you end up like this?
To say I have grown, To say my limbs have stretched towards the sky like trees, To say my roots have begun to form, yet still sometimes are shaken by the Breeze, Is true.  
once I was scared no longer will I live in fear of the coming life
We learn the most from choices made in fire The Bible Belt taught me my choice was made To love a girl and settle down, required Who’d choose to unravel that hand, already played.
Birth Overwhelming and unremembered Completely dependent and not yet aware of all that my new life now required So much potential  in a body so small So much to do and so many ways to fail
I spent my childhood looking Looking to belong Looking to be accepted Everywhere I went I looked for me I got close a few times But it wasnt quite me One day I heard a sound
Your not a kid anymore! That's what everyone is saying You're all grown up now, The day you hold your first set of keys in your hand,
As we grow As we change The years blend into one And we add a number to our age.   When we were once young We reached for bright colors Our style has dulled Now we reach for each other
The bright pink walls were painted over with gray, Animals, dollls, all thrown away. I lock myself up in my one room castle, Avoiding my family, my chores, my hassels. I hear my mom say "we never see you anymore!",
Sun shining, Playing hide and seek, I can’t find childhood anymore, Maybe it got tired of playing.
i know it will be a beautiful Day 
Search for a sign in the soil of the plot of land behind your flat, lift your chest to better sense the vibration of the leaves
Where has time run off to? Just yesterday I snuck to get some cookies in the fridge Now I detest a simple sample of sugar Oh No! Is this what the old folks talked about?
Growing up is... Weeks of prayers, of hopes, of efforts- Nothing worked. Years of memories, years of life- Lost. The best man I ever knew- Gone.
When I was seven I thought the worst thing in my world  was not that my parents fought and my mother hit. It was that my older sister was kicked out of the white deli she was doing a project on Poland
Four years and I have built a family Theater, something I never knew I needed Until it was gone I look back on the times we made that circle
growing up  throwing up find your shoe need to poo write a line find sometime to realize to emphasize to change your skin take out the bin Growing up Drink a cup
I watched the breathtakingly beautiful scene as the sun kissed the sky it's final goodbye  Found myself mesmerized, unable to contain my admiration
A woman that I admire warned me that Americans are always in a rush. Constantly in a hurry to keep going, never knowing where although
Right from Wrong Good to Bad Peace of mind to constant worrying Child to Adult Then I realized I grew up
Since the light hit my pupil out of the womb/  Until my lids shut and I'm in the tomb/ The Joy of life isn't quite the same/  Sometimes, you must go through pain/ Being naive all so young/
11 years old. I left with my dad. I hadn't seen him in a while. It was nice to see him smile. 13 years old. Middle school has ended, no congratulations came from the woman whom had begun it all.
The crashing of waves like sobbing of tearsThe clap of the riptide like a child screaming till red in the earsThe calm waters of the evening under skies lavender and plumLike a child falling asleep and sucking her thumb
That's my baby!
You cannot change the world if you always stay the same People won't like it but you cannot seem to explain You chose a new lane and now you feel sane
I try to hate you, I do But I can’t In fact, I’m jealous of you I find you amusing I find you captivating   You have the ability to control
I sat down and thought, "When did I become me?" "When did I stop trying so hard?" "When was able to just be?" Because growing up is hard, that's a lesson I've had to learn, 
I sat down and thought, "When did I become me?" "When did I stop trying so hard?" "When was able to just be?" Because growing up is hard, that's a lesson I've had to learn, 
  Suddenly By: Isabelle Cogger   I sat down beside her, Trying not to cry, Her hand met my hand, One final, last goodbye.  
University, one, two, three How many faces will I see I walk to class, faces pass Sit down, Stand up Day after day Is this adulthood? I drive, I vote, I drink
when my father's voice no longer brought me comfort, but made me angry was when i knew i wasn't a little girl anymore.   when my mother's hand no longer made me feel
Growing up wasn’t when your dad started hitting you, Or when you finally came out to your family only to be humiliated, Or even when your best friend got knocked up in 10th grade.
I am from Marie Smith and Kroix Smith From single mother poverty and no high school education.                 But I am from my mother and brother’s arms Ready to embrace always, “I love you.”
A glow up for me was havin’ the realization Depression was my setback, not my damnation I don’t think I ever grew up, but I definitely glowed And realized my sadness belonged in the commode
The most carefree child That’s what I was Obsessed with school And willing to believe that everything was for a purpose in this world  
You're not the same Little Girl Scared at 4 You're not the same Little Girl Broken and unsure  He doesn't dictate how you let men treat you Let it go, Little Girl You're a woman now
It is the worst feeling to drown while trying your hardest to stay afloat, It is the hardest to watch your friends walk away while reaching for them, It is almost as if quitting will give me my peace,
We all live in a snow globe, And we’re all trying to escape. They have their art, ropes, and science, But who has the guts to take To take everyone apart
Used to not practice, Failed all of my auditions. I perform and teach.
When I knew I was growing up I thought I was out of luck I lost my brother Who was truly like no other  I was depressed and sad I was really mad The choices I have made because of this were not smart
friend. noun 1.someone who is only there when convenient? 2.someone who uses you for your talents? 3.someone who puts you last? 4.someone who only reaches out when they need something?
riveting emotion in a heart connected by mere thread  slowly unraveling look at what I have done to you!
sometimes you have to see where you will be instead of where you are tough it out, it's not that far. have fun don't run your past was bad but a look back won't make you mad
sometimes you have to see where you will be instead of where you are tough it out, it's not that far. have fun don't run your past was bad but a look back won't make you mad
Sitting at the edge of the warm, welcoming bed Watch the shadows creep their way under to door. Those fearful eyes, latching at their nonexistent movement
Grow(i)n(g) Up The day I turned 18, I announced my independence from my parents. I’m a grown up, I say to them. They nod in agreement.
i cry more when i'm Happy than when i am Sad. is that right? Happy is pure, and raw, and exciting, but when i am Sad i tend, too, to be Mad. is that so? maybe not Mad, but rather Defeated.
7 hours of school 5 hours of work Sleep and repeat Weekend arrives 8 hours of work Sleep and repeat Hard work Lack of free time Represents oncoming adulthood
Feeling alone Feeling unworthy Nowhere to go  No one to turn to  Trying to cry It's not working Trying to yell  But they have taken my voice I curl up in a ball
                                                           A Crazy Road
I look in the mirror  and actually see my worth.  I have grown so much. 
Get disappointed, It feels like happiness now How's that supposed to turn my frown  Upside down My expectations are never met Maybe I shouldn't make them for people Or persons 
Sticks And Stones An Original Poem About Bullying
Grow up in a smalll town, seeing the world with sunshine and rainbows Few years later the color in life fades like an old tattoo You see the struggles The fights The sudden loss of hope People self medicating
Some of us are made for love Some of us are made for one night stand Some of us are made for temporary relationship While others are made for life long partners Nothing is wrong with being who you are made to be
 Sink or swim, that was probably something I learned back in school. no swimming involved just listening.  Growing up and moving on up  the hardest thing I had to learn how to do was to swim. 
Sadness The emotion I felt when I heard the news of the divorce I knew it was inevitable but still Longing for a family, I hoped Looking at my siblings I knew Growing up I had to do
In high school, an endless tower of books to climb. Infinitely tall, with no where to fall.
*crayola, i painted with the colors of the wind*Daytona, a place where I long to live*ribbons, down my back*Lowering class rank, cut me some slack*nesquik, got milk today?*Sparkling , the bitter water that I take*long hair, braided into oblivion*O
These pink curtains, God these pink curtains Disgusting if I do say so myself Still up there, swaying with the wind that entered my stuffed-animal filled room through the opened window,
  The sunrise and the lake tides merged together as I sat on the cold stone concrete The colors of the sky dripped into color and the tides moved as precise as a heartbeat
Growing up.  It filled my dreams since I was young.  Images of height, power, poise.  Growing up seemed so out of reach,  something that I wanted to obtain.   
The way she spoke...She would talk of the heavens.She breathed in sour and buffed out sweet air.
"9-5" by Julian Crockett   Sometimes Life feels like a drag I think I’d rather do without Sometimes everyone’s a nag I’ve gotta find a way out  
Who she was dwindled away as the years went on, I didn't really notice then she was gone,  She decieved me, As her eyes crystalized and her words heated me,
I’m not a kid anymore My school no longer has a playground That has a slide as long as the hallway to the door I’m not a kid anymore
Growing up, We wanted to make our family proud. Our teachers thrilled. Our peers happy. But growing up, We always made our family shake their head in disappointment, Our teachers in disapprovement,
means the giddy, awkward feeling of walking home from dinner in the still-daytime, puffy pink clouds punctuating our periphery
No one told me that it’s not okay for a boy to cost you Your peace Of mind But they did say it was okay for him to take A piece Of your heart.
I used to walk upon the Earth, Not knowing what it’d give me. I yearned to be a grown adult, Being a child felt belittling.   I used to lie upon fresh-cut grass, And stare into the clouds.
Who knew I needed water, Maybe the doctor.  For a flower to blossom, Now that I’m in college I know the problem. Water is the answer to health, Which now I know means more than wealth. 
I am stuck in the age that you love to mock, but it wasn't my fault I couldn't stop the clock. Two thick braids have unraveled into soft curls, grinning crooked teeth turned to bright whitened pearls.  
There I stood,  Just because I could. Now here I stand, Just because I need a hand. How time changes, A person as young as so, Isn't it strange? That as I grow, I still change.
Cold darknessCool brightsWarm underand Red Hot whites That fateful day, it occured to meThat kids don't do their own laundry
The heavy load became too much upon my shoulders. Thoughts in my head became boulders, Blocking the rays of light. In my mind, it was always night.
The heavenly Father mixed minerals of my mother and minerals of my father and carefully placed me, the clay, onto this potter’s wheel of the world.
The heavenly Father mixed minerals of my mother and minerals of my father and carefully placed me, the clay, onto this potter’s wheel of the world.
The heavenly Father mixed minerals of my mother and minerals of my father and carefully placed me, the clay, onto this potter’s wheel of the world.
I don’t remember my face looking that way; I don’t remember my eyes shining so bright; I don’t remember my smile being so stunning Or my face being so bright.  
  I see you smile.  And I smile back.  We all laugh at the same dumb joke, A feeling I had forgotten.  It almost wasn’t recognizable. 
Being a thug is all fun and games because of the girls and the money, but once your homeboys start dying at your feet, it is no longer funny.  Born into this dangerous life with no choice, 
The sickening sound of bullets blasting my classmates haunts me, the disturbing images of piles of children lifelessly laying on the floor is my reoccurring nightmare. 
In every person’s life, there is a moment in which everything changes The very foundation of the earth shifts as the tectonic plates feel the need to stretch.
Looking up at the bright blue sky,  My two best friends next to me,  Eating ice cream with the sweet sound of the ice cream truck in the background Talking about middle school, clothes, the future,  Looking back, 
Smoldering, burning, turning Take it out start hammering, shaping and cooling
When I was young, I thought I didn't have a choice. The world was decided for me. Where to live, Where to learn, Where to thrive, They all encouraged me to stay in the same place.
I open my Bible to see what you have to say. My heart feeling shattered, I'm only a tear away from giving up today.
You see people walking down the street, you never know who you're going to meet. You don't know their stories or their glories. We judge because we only wish to know. When youre walking you see people talking... But can you read?
They say I can make it happen, break the cycle don't let the abuse continue overlapping. Statistics say you're likely to end up like your parents it's insane. that's just static in my brain.
Just listen… Listen to the sounds of nature… If only I could have… I remember being so young All I wanted to do was stay in and play Sonic
Take a breath, pause. Step back, pause. Am I okay? Sit at home wondering why, my body isn't like theirs. My voice isn't like theirs. It's like the world is,
The Theroy of General Relativity Proclaiming scientific evolution diffidently Came from a man who didn't pass his college entrance exams.   "To be or not to be" To be a middle school dropout
Birthday,  Big Day, I'm no longer a girl Day.    Women's Day, But in the middle of July.    Two days later, she's dead  I'm here.  Waiting for my turn, wondering  
as a child, i gave benefit of the doubteven though they would leave me out.sometimes they would be friendly, other times they would be cold to me.rude nicknames were givenbut i embraced them as if it were a win;as i grew, i saw muted laughs and lo
isn’t it crazy— how quickly your memories become a little hazy?  how fast the tide changes?  even though you never noticed it before  isn’t it crazy  how quick the seasons go from hot to cold  and you could’ve sworn  the shirt you wore that day wa
I’ve grown accustomed to catch up with you every few months.   You tell me about your job, I tell you about my new hobbies  
stand up stand strong speak loud nver let others push you down never be pushed into silence got to speak up about the violence the struggles the fear and the hunger dont forget about your sisters and your brothers
With words that burn and bite and sting, they creep up on your mind and ring until you no longer sleep at night.   There are sounds and smells that remind you of days passed,
How do you tell the person who shattered you that you are trying to glue the pieces of yourself back together?
A fight against something you fear, Whether or not they're already here, is something I've fought, but all for naught, for safety and security is always near.
You used to keep me safe, out of harm's reach, but now you suffocate any chances of showing the world who I can be.    You refuse to let me go, to let me grow into what I want to be. 
Not everyone sees me Some may not even now that I am there Not everyone knows who I am Some may not even know that I exist I hide on stage, back I am a name on paper, not a name in lights.
I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,
A nigh of mischief, an adventure, a nightmare.   Speed up! No. I'll crash, I'll fall, the world will spin   But the night is young.   Under the full moon
My biggest fear, A most realistic dread-- Was once the day You would move away And leave me behind.   A beloved sista,
he's a liar. fear whispers in your ear, looks over your shoulder, places his cold hands around your neck.   "you can't possibly do it," he says. "thinkthinkthink
You threatened me with good times, I am a flower, I opened my petals and let you in. You picked me from a garden and discarded me when the smell wore off, When I began to wilt I was no longer your muse,
At age one We had so much fun I mean at least when daddy wasn't at work
I was hanging on by a thread, Fear grasped on to me I hyperventilated, thinking of it made me sweat. I was never strong enough, Bold enough, Courageous enough, To leave the cage I was bound to.
I feared the outcomes. Of what they would think. "What a Whore." "She just wanted attention." "Why would he want her?" I was so scared of the judgements,  Even though i didn't do anything wrong.
Fear,  There’s plenty of it, it fills us all Paralyzes us, keeps cautious, wanting to avoid the fall Something we can’t outgrow or out run When it’s there we wish it were done Thought of the past plants it, thought of the future grows it Can’t bru
shaking hands looking back, i know it's in me.
With one word it begins Whipping heart and soul restlessly.  A torrent of words,  Incomprehensible accusations, And splintered sobs.  A fierce storm of ruin, Unceasing. 
Slow, Your mind begins to fear, Your brain feels like it’s being sheared, Your heart begins to flitter, as you face starts to quiver, Fast, You begin to breathe hastily, and your skin becomes pasty,
I stop your breathing I make your knees wobble I flutter around in your stomach I make you cry, chanting in your ear,
When I sleep, I have nightmares My nightmares are real, it's all happened before.
As a child I never found poetry worthwhile  the teacher would spin a web  that I could never understand in my head    It was never easy to write things that weren't cheesy 
i wander, alone my heart is quiet the first few drops fall, then  the sky turns yellow & i too am falling. i reach, plaid feelings extending, feelings unpeeling like an apple,  
As I think, it rushes in— A river, a torrent, a waterfall Threatening life or limb Or peace. Thoughts come swirling, pounding, In my head Never resting—unrelenting. Voices rush, a flood,
Hands inlayed with pain Bleeding from success Reserved for only one Yet used by everyone else.   They tremble and shake 
The fear of being dead weight. Of having talent, but not as much as X, Of having discipline, but not as much as Y, Of having ambition, but not as much as Z, It hacks at you until you’re weightless.  
One against a crowd But it’s not a competition A dream to be on stage But regret behind the scenes Your name announced And the crowd starts to clap
I used to be creative Then I went to school I used to play outside Now the air's too cool   I used to have ambition Living unrestrained But now my will's been missing
Closing in From every corner All the fire touches Is consumed.   For if we cannot trust The Flame Then whom?  
Fear can ingulf you like a storm Tearing everthing apart and rattling you up At the end of a storm there's always a rainbow
One desert searching for water Another looking for warmth in the night Both are desilate Both are hoping for more But as a desert You become accustomed to being empty And wanting more In the end
Maria, you’re a time machine You were in my present You took me to the past And you taught me to think on the future   In my tropical island I have never seen such destruction  
Maria, you’re a time machine You were in my present You took me to the past And you taught me to think on the future   In my tropical island I have never seen such destruction  
    When dealing with your absence, a part of me dies—making my heart beg to be euthanized.
There is fear in the streets, tarnished in disappointment and remorse   We failed to follow life’s course, catching and releasing like a wild horse.   Fear of heights, and falling from tall skyscrapers—  
She isn't old enough to die.  How do you, at 24, accept the news that your daughter won't live to see 2? Her first day of school, first crush, wedding, children, all of those potentials are now no more. 
Those devilish voices The apathetic taunting Assertive and passionate about their tactful deeds I keep vigilant as I watch for callous creatures who jaunt to vulnerable prey
13 years already           I think of you               when you’d waddle towards me           and I    sleepy-eyed      eager for the silver lychees in your palm            would reach out           the moon behind          a hanging canvas      
13 years already           I think of you               when you’d waddle towards me           and I    sleepy-eyed      eager for the silver lychees in your palm            would reach out           the moon behind          a hanging canvas      
Fear. Embarrassment for most, failure for me. Insecurity I’ve been diagnosed; never felt like I’d make it... success I’m an absentee.   No matter how hard I work. I just smile and smirk,
I feel like I'm drowning Retreating into my mind My brain hurts My legs numb My arms heavy and palms sweaty Body throbbing and tears streaming I lay, crying And sobbing And scratching
Fear welling up inside.He loved me. He lied.My heart wretchedly aches,But he is just fine.  
the time in between  the night and day  when the sun gets tired  and the moon wakes  i sit and stare  what will i dream of when i tire?  maybe it will be  the time we got lost
The horizon faded. The ailerons, jaded.    The winds blew fast and through.    The comms whirred. Myself, concerned.   I clutched the yoke and heard a croak.  
I hear America crying, the numerous sobs I hear, Those of Lady Liberty, crying hers as she sees her children struggle, the ideals of her nation betrayed,
they are not meant to scare you they scream with emotions  some sincere some detached but too many makes the room feel smaller you feel trapped you begin to speak but you trip on your words
Crutches. Two of them. One strapped to each arm.   That’s the first thing they see, But do they see me?   Stares.
You may have me shackled in dreams you once had Regrets from your youth, leading me to your path Authority of the father, I could never surpass You may be powerful, but you're not strong  
Don't expect that others will understandDon't expect they'll give you a handDo expect that on the other sideYou see their thoughts as fading demands Don't expect that you won't falterDon't expect your nights won't be longDo expect that the time it
The shadow follows me It's disguised as depression hanging onto me like the clothes on my back. It's darkness blends in with my black clothes   Do you feel it? The darkness behind you..
Some times the bees dont have honey  Some times the pour kids dont have money    For the bees its a mystery when they first begin  Where do I find honey and where does it swim  
What if I told you That a girl was scared to speak So she never did   What if I told you The room was silent and sad She did it for him   For her dad rested
Be confident in yourself Be fearless  Be respectful Be a good friend to everyone Be strong  Be kind Be giving But don't let people tell you what you can and cannot be
I never wanted to speak my part, or tell you what I wrote. But if I, then, must now share my heart, then here is my first note. Critics often hear a work, then proceed to tear it asunder.
I've got gasoline and a box of matches but I only need one to get the job done. there's a bridge beneath my feet, unsafe and worn, it can't take the heat.
We’re often on the run and for what? We don’t know what  you can hear the slight hum of talks among the spots.   Always on our own  we’re kind of from home.  You can feel the aches in your bones 
Health never lies in this time and age With little to hide and memories that fade Death and Life fight out in the day, Waiting for something to ease the pain  
Waking up every day knowing my father leaves for work at 4 a.m. to return at 5 in the evening. The thoughts lingering in the back of my head... "Will he come home safetly?" "What if he getes hurt" "What if I never see him again?"
perserverance .     So I focused. strength .    So I needed faith. tired .  So I gained power. weak .    So I kept going. push.   Until I gained courage. through.    So I felt the drive.
a pen has blood of inkstaining the pages forevera pen is a sword of literatureripping through line after linea pen contains a cartridge of venompoisoning all of my words a pen is a fountain of hope
Frayed are the edges of my mind. Regardless of however much I try, they never lose their grip; they never die.   Knuckles now are turned to white; the fears inundate my eyes.
It started with your kiss, Why did you have to do this? I'm feeling stronger everyday, But I'm feeling for you everyday. I felt like I had to forgive you I had to be better for you.
She says my first boyfriend can’t be my true love so rarely she says do first-time couples stay together and take on the world as one   She said  i should have been working harder
A sweaty finger slips.Glaring surface of the piano keystares like a wide open eye. 
Born into the color of my skin I was destined to fail.  A lifetime full of trials hitting me like hail. I would have never made it out alive.  Just another latina deprived, fighting to live and strive. 
Oh, the fear of school Oh, how pointless it was Oh, the addition of friends Oh, how they made a difference  Oh, how they pushed me Oh, how they were there  Oh, how amazing their support is
Forward is all we ever know The change from inside Outward shame to hide Toward the present answer, "No." Who are they to tell me The personality That resides deep within me now?
I should not fear it, but it's inevitable, The image of I standing with my brand that has reached beyond my expectations The less I believe the more it becomes debatable.
Who am I  I ponder my life is a wonder I wander stare the sky and wonder why  I can't cry  I always sigh Who am I  Staring in the mirror I can't stand the sight 
Most people are afraid of spiders or public speaking, Or maybe dark rooms and floor boards creaking, And while these may perhaps be on my list
My willow friend You die and thrive in certain seasons. Here for the pleasent weather, but gone in the cold.   Our conversations come like the warm breeze, but no matter what I say
I'm a ghost with a beating heart You're alive but yours wont start I'm getting worried child please don't leave Because when you die you wont be like me I can keep you safe I swear to it
I’m so afraid Of what happens in my Head As I lay there in the silence of my Very own bed   I’m afraid of the things
  “How are you gonna pay for college?” they say. “There’s just no way.”  “But look at your cousin who’s a traveling nurse.” “She carries millions of dollars in her purse.”
I looked down The ground, far below me; I looked up An endless sky. To my right A careless whisper. "Jump" It whispered "Jump and you will fly." I shook my head;
I am afraid You don’t know it from the outside I am afraid Yet 16 years of challenge taught me to bury my emotions I am afraid
This body since birth I've been told To hate it.   "Your body," he told me, "Is beautiful." Does he lie?   This body is the reason To lie, To cheat.
Dear grandma ,you taught me many things But not how to be a poet in an undelightful world. You taught me how to love but you forgot to tell me about the pain that comes with unrequited love.
Stomach full of swallows and monarchs Orange and green and gold My shifting eyes Never focused Thinking a mile a minute Thoughts but no way to comprehend Immediate sweat filled with regret
Nothing i want Everything is chosen This is the life i have Must obey and follow Try something different no never Not allowed
To talk of it is easily done, But To feel it coarse through your vein- That is a much harder task, And to the Universe I want to ask: Why am I so crippled? Why am I so blind?
Downright and blunt what else you could be If you tell me that I am not what others see I am far away from being right in this case Although I was not right at all during this phase
Downright and blunt what else you could be If you tell me that I am not what others see I am far away from being right in this case Although I was not right at all during this phase
being seventeen is a vacant endless hole of questions you’ll never be able to answer, the realization that you are going to disappoint almost everyone who matters you, including yourself
. . . right away, you’ll see it’s difficult to find: (That -- while it’s true, it’s only You able to see inside your, Mind, -- ) Lost thoughts often  become begotten
The sun is bright A glowing orb that touches your skin with a warm kiss I bask in the comfort it brings Embracing the arms of light wrapped around me Around every corner I can see
You stayed; You left; Like allergies in the spring. After flowers came and went, so did you. The festival came too late. I didn't even get to celebrate you.   You have no idea
what is a swimmer really feeling  when they are at the white block kneeling  they anxiously wait for the buzzer the referee meticulously hovers   their heart rapidly pounds with very sound 
Trying to talk Being afraid I know how to walk It's hard to be brave.    Ever since I was litte It was hard to silence P-P-Please don't fiddle  with your corrective lenses  
Love doesn’t want no body Doesn’t want this body Love doesn’t want to be here.   Love right now is outside in the driveway Sitting against the hood of it’s black Honda Waiting for the Boss to call back
summer unfolded into yellowing days & the low hum of traffic static, so i clawed out of the monotony, cut my hair with red craft scissors listening to screaming cicadas under a strawberry lemonade sky,
the wind is ferocious on mountain tops in Tibet India the wind encases you, swirls around you wind flies into your eyes and as they flew into mine memories trickled into my brain like the wind that wouldn't go away
I feel trapped. Without any room to grow. All the flowers around me are cut short, shoved into buckets, and stuffed into a cooler with artificial lights. With artificial care.  
Feel these signs, feel these signs? Take them as your warning sign, warning sign If you can just pull away, pull away You only have so much time, so much time   Feel these signs, feel these signs?
When the rain comes We’re taught to run inside.   Hide for your life, and stay dry. We build up our wals Wide and tall
Life is a giant word search, With constant discoveries. Anxiety, jittering through My arms with each constant twitch.
I really love singing and I would sing all the time at home when I’m bored. Many people asks me to sing on  stage for lots of celebrations. I would say no and told them that I’m too nervous and don’t feel like singing on stage.
A fire flickers in the distance, nothing but a dim light to illuminate the shadows.  I follow a trail to the dark, away from the light, away from my comfort.  Into the dark I stumble, I trip, I fall.
Within my heart, a terrible fear Has swelled and beat and filled the ears One beast I say caused all the tears: “How to Pay for College.”  
The storm brewed Swirling in the sky, it loomed above  No way to know when it would strike The wind whipped my hair  I looked around trying to understand Why I was in the eye of the storm 
In a rose garden With blinding billowing sunlight Some roses bloom early Some bloom late And some not at all.   I sit in the court yard Of the holding place where people shrivel and die
Beware my stream of consciousness Kill your bloated self-confidence Like a rope around your throat Or a .30 aimed at your noggin This rhyme flow is undisputed these verses go undefeated
Broken fragile eyes I fear for our generation Cries and dark places never felt so familiar  Nothing feels better than hiding these days  It's time to change  Make mental health more aware 
Love is the ultimate gratification. Love is the ultimate feeling of admiration. Love is like fire burning in the heart.  To love abundantly like you can't be torn apart. Love is the best and worst feeling of all.
quaking all alone at night  she wants to be the girl in lights the rest of the world tells her no and with that, away her hopes and dreams go.   as the time passes, she decides to try,
its the witching Hour my body is aching im twisting and turning ... all the pain a fEeL came through the mourning the Passing of myself into another form  led my soul to conjure the eMotional storm
I thought you were the one. I was wrong yet right all at the same time.
Black lives matter yeah,I watch the brain scatter As the trigger is pulled , tic tic bullet hits Blood splatters   As I get pulled over
Black lives matter yeah,I watch the brain scatter As the trigger is pulled , tic tic bullet hits Blood splatters   As I get pulled over
Facing my fears,  because it sounds so easy to do. Facing my fears,  so I can let go of the old and bring in the new.  Facing my fears,  because I want to be independent and strong.  Facing my fears, 
Too often I am faced fear Making my mind very unclear  but when I take a second to face my fear  A good new outcome will often appear  An outcome worth the wait and fear  An outcome that may bring me a tear 
Where is my father? So have I a noble father lost. The King, the king’s to blame; Treason! Treason!
i know your heart aches when you run out of distractions; when your insomnia takes the form of the memories we once shared.
she comes to visit sometimes, she’ll stay for weeks, or a few hours. she’s a pretty gal, even though her makeup tends to be smudged.
i am made up of the city’s streetlights and busy highways. my commotion is silenced by a small town’s quiet voice.  
i could write a thousand poems about the relationship between a younger sister and an older brother about how one day you loved me
How can you be living if you’re not alive? Or if you’re just living to survive Too scared to cross the line, you hide Never leave the house without a bottle at your side.   It could hit you any time any place
*Thump*   Heart caught, lodged within my throat it has burrowed a nest and has made no plans to leave A hummingbird's heartbeat cannot compare to the violent cacophony within 
My words hide in the back of my mind In the back of my throat, still in my mouth. Silent words that never seen the light of day. They hide in fear. Of what?
Is it true? I asked, he said, yes, its true, heartbroken, she's dead she was 19 with a disease,  her family will never live at ease.  my mom has the same one, I thought in horror,
 You capital W-O-W...A complete shell shocked wide eyed beauty, You are...infatuating.Each word you say playing again and again in my head making me memorize them by heart,Each smile and burst of laughter making it hard for me to see a
Can we close the gap between Love and Hate?So I can worry more about tests than being shot for a mistake.Can we close the gap between Friend and Foe?So I can tell a secret without starting a war.
You pushed You shoved You pinned me to the wall.   You screamed You blamed You pinned me to the wall.   You bullied You laughed You pinned me to the wall.  
Wish I could say hi to happy, but I'm still figuring out what that is. Wish I could say goodbye to sad,but that'll never be the case because life is a rollercoaster and only time will tell when, or if,I'll win the race.
Empower Noun To give authority or power to To enable From the honey melon of my skin To the natural curl of my hair I am black unapologetically and I wear my proudness bare
Daddy, you and I are bridging Brigadoon. One year on earth together, now connected between space and time between the bridge of Brigaddon. Never forgot you.  Left my homework up, so you could see my
Only a childhood ago I remember being on my knees Looking for guidance....any guidance  Insane or sane that could make my sorrow cease Waking up in pain, going to sleep in pain, losing myself slowly
I give you my best time, attention, even my shoe. I don't mind when you're a pest, because I love you.   I know how to make you laugh and I would never leave you for someone new.
I ran Around The world Wondering What I could Find there. I found A mission
She fights the desire To put out the fire She fights the lust That she looks at like gold dust   She fights the greed
Is this the new norm?Our people mourn,they ask for reform,then nothing is done. Will this ever end?No ways to defend,situations they can't comprehend,families distraught because of a gun.
Verse I: Tears are rolling down her face, I can’t even begin to contemplate. I sit in the center of a dark room, human actions left me here. In the distance I can hear her calling, tears still rushing down her face.
Tiani Francis Dunn   The Pretty War     Reality shook her to the core. Like the smashing of a crystal jar, she felt broken. The thought of “pretty”, confused her nimble skull. Her voluminous conscious began shaping its own realm of sanity.
The world in which we currently live can bring us down so we must stand up   The world in which we currently see has taken its toll on people like you and me  
Some people will tell you falling in love is comparable to heaven, They will tell you that falling in love is hearing the angels sing when they enter the room.
Standing alone in the crowded room Back noise conversations circling the atmosphere of a new age I HEAR EVERYTHING.... But I have nothing to say, The moment I open my mouth I open the door and invite everyone in
A crayon Teaches a hand to create Colorful dreams onto white walls Coloring outside the lines No limits for each color   A pencil Writes a love letter at 3 am
Who would've thought I'd have you as a mother, other than the one above You taught me to love an gave me guidance Whenever they said I wasn't going to make it You said yours and all you have to do is go an take it
Just one look was all it took. My mind was shifted and I was hooked. I dont even know this boy but he motivated me with just one look.
In a wrinkle of time, her words became more than short breaths of air They had transpired into tangible, animate beings. 
Like a wildfire, it spreads The hatred, the anger Like a domino effect, it follows The pain, the sorrow Driven by rage Control is lost
Guide me, until I break the surface of the water that held me down. Hold me, as I gasp for air that was denied to me for so long. Help me, as I swim with struggling, unsure strokes
What have I taught you? Though we have been together through each day and night, what have I learned? Each day we would walk away. Every night begging no more I'd pray.   Tears fell constantly,
Human lives are constantly molded Adults are the artists, children the clay Ready to be shaped and molded by the hands of others Clay is molded from slight hands, the soft whisper of words
My mother's love is unconditional, something like an overflowing cup of water  that is pure in taste and transparent in sight. Something as beautiful as the full moon that sparkles on the ocean's currents at night.
   I lost my confidenceI lost my self worth I lost my cousin DillanI lost my Papa I lost my cousin Teagan I lost my tears I lost my laugh I lost my smile I lost my strength I lost my beauty I lost my identity I found my confidence in Christ I foun
Things were great until you changed. You said I was the one, but you are not sure. You promised me to be better but, you took advantage. I gave you everything and in return you cheated on me.
She is inspiring taught me to live, breathe, exist she is my mother
Because the shift dress remained to be a hassle, I wore capris instead.  How else was I to ride my bike if my dress was too tight?! This was a story I would always hold in my heart dearly about my grandmother. 
“Have you ever thought “bout How what you say affects people?” Words leaving your lips Hold a potential that you must understand Potentially forcing someone
To the one who waited hours upon hours days upon days weeks and weeks years to years a lifetime   You're the one who raised me you're the one who cared you're the one who suffered
Hate is all around us Thick and thin through the smog that chokes us the breath we let out from that uncomfortable moment or that time we watched as we fell to the floor   The fog that kicks in 
The quiet omnipotence of my mentor  Has guided me through life. To my younger self, I would have lent her  A small piece of advice.   To not resist these blueprints of success,
When I knew you You treated me poorly     You made me feel as though all the fault was mine          But because of you I have grown stronger
Dancing to remember Dancing to forget, Dancing to become something, Dancing to pretend, Dancing to stay active, Dancing to learn more,
white woman is a kind lady all smiles and tulips in the morning goes to church on sundays or maybe not maybe she doesn’t like churches
I remember the day with gray skies overhead and over my head. The weight of my problems, heavy on my shoulders, pushed me down and down and down. I look over at the couch,
Curse freckles, and the way they covered the face of a man that was my happiness, my pain my love, my loss and the only source of Christmas spirit that I have ever had.   Curse freckles
Why. Betrays. Writhing inside. Evil being consuming. Strengths depleting. Those that can think won't. Ideas that can’t. Blast away. Little chucks. Lose yourself every time. Red metal light. Pin pointed. Concentrated. Beam. Light pours in through.
You are the reason that I'm here When you're with me, I have no fear   It is precious how you take a lot of time out of your day I'm grateful that you take that time to help me along the way  
Is my son here? No. Is my son here? No. Is my son here? No. Where is he then? He is at work. Every day, I take part in a cruel joke
They told me that we are lucky, lucky to be living free. But ever since I gained conscious of what and how the real world is.. living free is something we will never be. I feel trapped in this world of right but mostly wrongs.
You have taken care of me since I was born You buy all the things I want You have always been there when I needed you most You have always been pushing me to do my best  I don't know where I would be without you
I love my mother She gives to me and my brother Her hair smells like flowers She cares and takes care She hugs me like a bear I love you mother She gives me so much love
  A Poem for the Man on the Platform   “Men love a woman in a dress.”    I recoil as if struck, 
Four years of volleyball games,Four years of endless support, Four years of cheering on the stands,For me to play my favorite sport.  As my high school career comes to an end,And I put up my shoes on the rack,I want to thank you— Mom, Dad, and Aar
I think, therefore I am Yet, you placed your ideology Onto me, shaping me. As I was a seedling, You watered me; a downpour of politics a waterfall of what is right and wrong
You thought you could drop me down But now I'm stronger You tried to steal my crown And now I'm wiser You planned defeat for me But I'm the winner You shaped me out to be Tougher, smarter, better
Where I'm from black people makes it impossible to come together, we switch up on each other like Kansas City weather. Where I'm from kids get addicted to phones more than they do to a book.
Your class was a sanctuary of positivity  I never felt left out or out of place  You gave me advice that I couldn’t get anywhere else  I saw you more than I saw him 
Thank you to all the people I’ve let go,   It can only be so hard to explain how as soon as you’ve found someone is as quickly as you’ve lost them.   6 Years Old
De facto brother. Isolation and familial razors rip into my scalp and cleave my skull, and you, a stoic surgeon keeps the fractured plates
You’ve brought us so much Inspiration Providing us with a stong foundation We can not thank you enough Although things did get tough You stayed strong
Let me tell A bit about my life when I was only five I saw it all guns knives weed crack it was already Wack people were breaking in stealing all our money I could hear the rich people laughing I guess they thought it was funny because I was walk
Dad. Coach. Teacher. Mentor. These are all words that I can call my father. On the court Off the court
He is as humble as Captain America As smart as Iron Man As attentive as Hawkeye As strong as the Hulk As disciplined as Black Widow He will help the world
there is a storm brewing, slowly like herbal tea, deep inside my ribcage.   the kiss of rain dominates my body, filling lungs with oceans of searing saltwater tears.  
She courses as strong as the tides And dwindles when required But when given the opportunity She returns with larger waves than before  
What all has my mother done for me? She's read to me, cooked for me Made all my favorite food And even when she was stressed from work, to me she was never rude  
So much has happened So much has changed When you debuted People laughed Judged, and didn’t believe What you could become   As years went by You made history
​Though not born of blood, our hearts beat for daughter and mother each,Your voice is of kindness and love, even when mine is upset.I worry about the future –one you’re already living to teach.
You let your demons control you, Let them overwhelm you. They took you in the calm, In the eye of the storm, When you were vulnerable. You left behind those important to you,
I am ever so grateful, when my world wanted to break, you showed me many worlds, many amazing, beautiful worlds, you gave me life, you gave me a dream, now, it's time I create my own worlds,
Playing soccer i was never tired in my job i was never fired  we won states while i was riding the pine and i made it to regionals when i actually tried tennis had the success but i never confessed
Defined by others before I could ever define myself Put down by others before I had the chance to ever get up  Existence with no purpose They say i'm a triple threat to society All I did was attend school
She brought me to life Took care of me when I couldn't But most importantly loved me when I wouldnt. She held me for nine months
Major surgery Time passing slowly until  Kind nurse arrives. Peace. 
For the man with a son who still looks like a child himself. he writes silly notes and always has candy in his pockets. How can somebody so young have the eyes of an old man.  
Trapped in my own tempest You guided Becoming my hope to safeness I sailed Turning my darkness to light I travel
The worlds always crashing, then spinning, before falling, And what's the chance any of this matters,  There's no matters, nothing to worry. Because the roaring of every failure and silence of every request
Q-uality time that we have spent together A-chievemnet that you have conqueredD-irection that you have given meE-ndless conversations we have had about the futureE-mpathy that you have shown me when I was in need R-espect that I have for you and y
I don't know that I've had one true mentor. Thousands of have influenced my life- family and teachers, friends and strangers. But among all these influences, I'd say strangers have the biggest impact.
"Finish your apps, get A's at school, write all your college essays early- don't be a fool." So much stress           is constantly                       build   ing.
Oh how I yearn to learn. Yearn to learn with Mrs. Redfern.    Have you not heard the buzz? She is a great teacher.  The best at what she does.    I can feel the fire.
There's a chance in the night, in the darkest, blackest night, in the night that surpasses  dark and filmy midnight glasses- there's a chance that dawn may bring a beautiful, charming, enchanted King-
The Grey World   The world we met, colorless faces were all that were set, To us he said, to treat our lives with respect. Even if we felt,
They say your life is a thread, weaving its way through Life. Your thread touches every other thread at least once. Or more than once. More than twice, even.
I never fear He's always there Through thick and thin A helpful hand He's taught me courage
As you age, you remember me As you live, you remember me As your body dies, you remember me As your mind follows, you remember me
You helped me on my first day of school when I was crying in the hall not wanting to go in You helped me when I was 12 and I needed a shoulder to cry on after all the hurt and betrayal I faced from  fellow classmates and people I
My greatest mentor led me to befriend: 
My greatest mentor led me to befriend: 
You came like a breeze, A small caressing touch of cool wind, Refreshing under such suppressive heat. It was not until then, That I was choking on the air I breathed, Or tearing at the day,
MARINE   I love my mentor to death like I would die for the man With him in my life cant say that god ain't got plans He was more to me than a teacher, although he did teach
There have been people who tried with me when I didn't deserve it and I am forever grateful because if they hadn't of tried with me, I would not be writing this today and I would be who I am. Dating back my fourth grade english teacher, Mrs.
   It’s Junior year; spirit pervades my body.  I am now considered an upperclassman.  I analyze the schedule placed in my hands.  An enormous smile casts across my face.
momma said she loves me  she said nobody's worth is determined by money momma said to be myself daughter, don't write your dreams down if you're only feigning for wealth it's okay to be a little crazy momma said that's a yes, not a maybe no pill c
The thoughts of a Thirteen year old man. Fully mature he tells himself. In reality, his mind is infantile.   Real men are full of  kindness. His father knows, this is priceless.   
trauma is a teacher fired from catholic boarding school its leather bound ruler raps your knuckles “pay attention!” it barks “the world will not rest for you, lazy girl!” “the world is cruel and cold, a demon
dear depression, i’m going to be honest: this is an ode i’ve written before because i have the habit of giving life to my monsters by giving up my own.  this is an ode i’ve written before
A teacher once told me   Poetry is emotion distilled   It’s a feeling Run through the filter of a pencil   The impossibly abstract
There's a great blue sky that seems so vast. They say that it is limitless. But I don't understand. I can see that, There are clouds. There are planes. There are birds. There are bugs.
I bottle up rage and I choke it down Until I explode on anyone around I want to scream I want to yell I want everyone to know I am going through hell But poetry has given me 
What is her name? She’s not my friend I admire her from a distance So powerful and graceful From afar, she is perfect  
Poetry taught me to love myself, love nature, to love  and to be; That no ine is truly alone,  variety is needed,   and no complication is needed   to be liked;   
Poetry taught me to love myself, to love nature, to love and to be;   That no one it truly alone, variety is needed, and no complication is needed to be liked;  
At the dawn of a sun drenched summerFlowing with hope and lightThere began a decay inside of meThat injected my veins with the night
Sonnets are spoken for through a story.
I can find you only in the blossoms of magnolia trees that I used for poetic persuasion to convince myself you have not left me here, not yet.   in your garden, there are no magnolias,
from words and sounds with many diferent meanings to thoughts and ideas that moves our hearts.   Poetry has changed my life helped me find meaning  In this unfair world people call life.
I am a panda, Just waking up, I am 1:22 in the morning   I am a ferrari, Admirable to others,
It’s the words I can’t say, but need to let out. It’s the emotions I can’t express, but need to release.   It’s that moment in the middle of the school day. It’s that 11 p.m. scramble
Poetry reaches the depths of the soul, climbing into the parts that yearn to be whole Tugging on our heart strings, just trying to teach us things I let the words speak to me, Poetry has taught me how to be free!  
I held a mirror up Looking at myself constantly. Not because I was self-centered But because Every time I spoke Every time I moved Every time I thought about my appearance I criticized myself.
Everyday Everyday there is pain. Every day it is hidden. No one is allowed to see my pain. I must hide it Hide myself from a world that can only offer judgement. Hide the scars from prying eyes.
Poetry has taught me  there is no right way to feel only a write way to feel.  It has opened me up to a new form of expression  that follows no guidelines or rules...  
Poetry That lovely, wordy thing Has taught me Very important things.   Poems need not rhyme,  Poems need not make sense, Poems need not true structure; All a poem really needs
Since I can remember, probably the age 8 old folks taught me to sit and pray. They gathered around, coming at me from left and right preaching words out loud like, understand you need to
  A swirling pool of restless thoughts swim beneath the surface, Walking down a low lit path, I’m looking for my purpose,
See Poetry is a wonderful topic Its crazy how i can write down my feelings on paper With rhythm and rhyme Metaphors and similies I can be extra as i can but poetry is life Poetry is simple
Learning about poetry in school is not fun this is what all of my classmates would say It was not unusual for me to be the odd one out  so today was just an ordinary day  Poetry and I had a good relationship 
Talking is exhausting. I have to force myself to be eloquent, to say it right To speak clearly and attentively So much energy is used.  
A reflection of me Words show all of me Hatred, pain, betrayal, Hope, love, hopelessness A part of me is revealing A written poem is  Healing A written poem is  A bleeding heart
Nothing new seems to pass by me. Only few occurrences surround me. Nothing to make me feel desperate, Nothing to make me feel longing.   I close my eyes to feel alive,
A girl sits Her eyes begin to glaze over She has been here for hours Unmoving, Focused. It's her escape The world is too evil Too awful Too scary Too much for her to cope with.
    At age 8 I began to hear lyrics I thought they were songs But they would not conform to meter And I forgot how i sang   At age 13
A poet has thier poetry A poet let thier poetry show thier power And through the creation of a new world and life We, the people, get to see the power if we take a moment
There is a beauty in words- An undeniable power, Washing over me as I'm overcome Trying to show you my soul With just a pen and paper. It's amazing to craft emotions- Make you feel my hunger
Hating poetry is easy It makes you think It makes you learn Teachers force you to write in weird ways To convey stoies you don't care about What even is poetry except dumb-downed writing?
    Each one of us is like a distinct geometric figure, Bounded by its boundaries, bound in its apparent isolation,
A soft word written is a loud statement spoken. Poetry, she has given me a voice. She welcomes my pen with open parchment. My quiet self is hidden lest her bold words are put to the test.
I've got a poet’s hand but a severed tongue The best of us have started young But years come and go like faces in a city
I carry lots of things, which I am lucky to have Everything in my youth I am “lucky to have” But the luckiest thing is what I have least
Watercolor thoughts on my cerebrum canvas, emotions inscribed in profound iambic pentameter. I was taught to speak with the soul of my voice, but I prefer the stroke of my pen.
Dear poetry, Im back again Pen in hand Afraid to stand How are you this week? Treat me with your fascinations Distract me from there laughs Listen as i tell you all the secrets from my past
Formulating my thoughts. 
I used to be afraid. Afraid to speak my mind in an unkind world That shut my mouth for me before I even opened it. I learned to sit down and shut up
I'm immortal. Forever I shall remain here on Earth, no matter what happens to me physically. My words will remain in their pages, forever. No one will ever take away the power of my words. No one will erase my pain away.
Staring at your reflection Ripples in the water The image isn't clear Trying for perfection Beggining to understand What's staring back at you Just beneath the surface Reaching for it now
Speaking a whole new language Desperately telling stories Creating your own flow, and I almost forget That this is my passion. A nation of letters Giving you a deep feeling Inside.
What Poetry has Taught Me by Ashanti Stewart   Poetry is a sound from deep inside the heart. It doesn't have to rhyme and that is a start. It tells a tale and has moral. It has a sweet and a sad sound.
What is the point of this? Spending hours upon hours pondering: what shall I write? what words shall I use? does the rhyming matter? does it have any use? Maybe it doesn't matter,
Show me a stage and I'll find a player greater than any act I could follow. Show me poetry I can see how lines become symphonies within the eyes of those wiser than me
Poetry is not just words put together. What I see is an experience Told with feeling and emotion. Through a window of words I learn of their struggle, their dreams, their life. To live is to learn. 
Dear last year,  I am sorry  I am sorry for the things I say about you I call you the worst, I spit on your image I carve out your memories as though they are wax I am widdling  To nothing. 
Dear Disco,  
Dear Disco,
Dear child, here's to us,   Do you see it? Feel it? Hear it? Smell it? Sense it?   Take a moment.
Dear Future Bride, I stop daily and think about eternity with you.Life would be simple but so worth living.We would be broke college graduates but we would be in love.We would live out our dreams together because together is the dream.Life is chan
Dear fri(end).   There’s a reason why friend terminates with end.   It’s not always the sharp SLASH of a knife to my throat or a slick STAB in the back;
Dear April-man,   Do you know Why April is the cruelest month? I do. Because it is when you took me In your arms In your bed And I let you. I let you.
I'm writing for money, Normally you wouldn't say that to start,  but it's true honey, And I'm off to a good start. See, I just broke a rule of rhyming,
Dear my grandparents, Hi, how’s it been It’s been awhile since we spoke But hey that’s not my discipline Your the ones who decided to disown me
The tender gift of your gentle lips graced my chilled, red cheeks for the first time   The gift of your tenderness gives me reason
Perhaps you are reading this and my eyes are still closed. Perhaps you will reach for my hand and it won't be warm anymore. Do not mourn for me, do not cry.
Humanity's mark of mortality, Of fire-forged corporeal creation, Doth hold prisoner my mentality - Sweet memory sustenance citation. A throbbing heart wails "no! no no! no no!"
Dear Self Psyche, It's all out there. There are no hidden curves or secrets behind  corners. You have leveled the ground. The cracks and potholes may have been put there from your doing,
Dear me, You’ll regret this you know.Letting time slip by;it’ll pass in a flash.You’re leaving soon. You’ll hate this you know.All these hours you workfor a chance at more school.You’ll be there soon. You’ll doubt this you know.The path you have c
I love you. Even though I could not touch you. Even though I could not see you. Even though I could not hug you. I love you Even though I could not name you. Even though I could not sing to you.
    Dear Mom,
Dear Andrew, As I walk down the crowded halls, I feel your eyes burning into me. But I turn my gaze away from yours so easily.
Dear mom, What can I do? Now that the demon some called internal poisoning, Took you, Threw you,  And rotted your innards away, What can I say?   While your sleeping, the world is weeping
Dear New Life,   Where do I begin I came to you and you saved me from a world full of sin Before you called me, the devil was playing with my sight Now everywhere I go, I seem to shine my light
Dear Mr. Great,  I have given you this name for a reason. At first you disliked it, but I know you felt humbled under the title. When I speak those two words, my heart becomes idle;
Dear mind, I’m sorry I’ve tried to keep you caged. Trapped in those endless thoughts. Negativity and pain. I’m sorry I put you through this. 
Dear Foster Care,   You help kids who are in pain. I was blessed, an innocent soul,
Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,  Your story The Great Gatsby is a novel I admire greatly. And ever since I read it, I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong.
Dear Nora,   My best friend,   I’ve never let you know, But you are my best friend. I’m too afraid to say it out loud, Though it probably has slipped;
Hi. I know this may not come as a surprise to you but...  You look a lot like my dad.  Age 7 Ha! You look like you could be my dad.  10  Constantly rebeling thinking I'm not yours
Dear, Lady Who Told Me to "Get it Together"   Nobody tells you how sharp it feels, like a chord snapping and curling up on the e-string of a violin, how it means walking on the eggshells 
Dear, Lady Who Told Me to "Get it Together"   Nobody tells you how sharp it feels, like a chord snapping and curling up on the e-string of a violin, how it means walking on the eggshells 
Dear Future, As I look onto you, fear installs It often fills my eyelids Sometimes I wonder if I’ll fall   You’re the only one that can lift it The empty shell I call a body
Dear God, Why? Why do we hurt the ones we love the most? Why is there pain, fear, loss, greed, malice, bitterness, anger, and selfishness in the world and in my own life?
my tongue was blue until you found me, I was wasting my days with dirt on my face , blind from it all , the world became my personal space
Dear Mr. Butterfly,   I would always be the stranger you'd never know With the hue of your eyes, I started to fall Perhaps the fault of cupid's bow and arrow I was shot and you were chosen amongst all
Dear Young Tired Grin,
Dear me, aged 12,   When you are aged eighteen So much will have changed When you are aged eighteen Fear will no longer keep you chained
Mom-   I know I haven’t been the best to you: I’ve made you sad, I’ve made you cry, I’ve made you mad, I’ve been so self-absorbed,
Dear Past Self, How many words I wish I could say... So many things I wish I could let you know. I know its too late now, but I just want to make sure... that you know you'll be alright in the future ahead.
Life is an adventure. An adventure that will continue on whether you take the reins or not. You will experience ups and downs.On this adventure you will get moments where laughter turns to painful sides aches and tender cheeks.
Dear Pain,  There are things that need to be said  but the words always seem to run There are actions that ought to be taken but the rhythm seems undone The tears appears all dried up
Dear Future me,   My life in 2017 was a victory. I started January on recovery from a mental facility and I took meds that made me feel better, but I wanted to be free.
Dear Nathan, How are you able to plunge deeper into my viscera when your physical presence left years ago?   Invisible knives pierce my innards and yet I continue.  
Tiny little feet, A gorgeous wide-eyed smile, And 10 little fingers               Tip-toe into life. We prepared, Our home opened for another,               Our hearts warmed for a girl.
Dear Mom,   Thank you Thank you for being there through all the hard times Thank you for singing me to sleep and reading me stories
Dear citizens,  My heart swells with pride hearing the “National Anthem.” Living in a country without freedom is something I cannot fathom.
Dear Daddy,When will you be home?These walls, they feel so emptyIn my house, I feel so alone.Here, my sadness drenches me;It’s been a year of intense growthWhile I learn to live without you.But this numbness is in my toes-This emptiness, I wish yo
Dear Life, There's been ups, and there's been downs. There's been smiles and there's been frowns.  But through it all, I will never worry. I am headed to where I am meant to be.
Seeing your letters after long day’s toil, like flowers with warm ethereal glow grounded solitarily in iced soil Comfort and warmth upon me they’d bestow I held your promise so close to my heart 
To a boyfriend from long ago: Looking back on things, you were foul You spouted lies,  Painted false pictures with black and white  when you knew I preferred color.
Tragedy in the modern world, I️ can’t help feeling that I’m gonna hurl,
Last year I may have been rude, you could even say crude. Looking back now as time has passed, I cannot confess how much has changed so fast. From what I do now, to whom I became, 
I had no reason to inquire The book that would so inspire A normal day to school we went Alarm clocks rang, by parents sent My shoulder prodded by the backpack strap When you sat upon an old friend's lap.
The world today is at war. People screaming for more- More peace, more love, more reaching for the stars above. No more war, no more lies, no more spit in our people's eyes.  
dear heart,         I’m sorry I left you unprotected I thought when I surrendered,  I allowed you to be safer handing you to a pair of hands too rough i should’ve realized that would never work. 
Oh how you have blossomed.  From the petite bud you were  to a beautiful garden of daisy's.    It was just a two years ago I saw what you were. A dying bud who didn't strive to live. 
To thee: Dearest Galileah, Beautiful newborn girl--birthed as scorpio--racially ambiguous and tiny baby. Though alien-like you were, you are starting to slowly form the way your cousin did.
To the woman who ties her long, golden hair back with a floral bandana Oh, how your silly little smile and southern impersonations have made me feel
We tear this world apart piece by piece crushing the trees, tainting the water, claiming it all as our own we can only hope, I can only hope we open our eyes to the destruction we cause
A letter to my more than a friend, but less than a lover:     Oh, how I wish you had said yes, When I asked for you to come inside.
Dear Hunter,   The name of the person who had used the computer before me, Had been Hunter McDonald.   There I was in the computer lab, Sitting in front of my assigned computer,
Dear parents, I want to exaplain myself the best way I can,  but most of the time I don't have a plan.  I want to succeed, you see,  when they tell me I can't.  Is it possible to defy the odds, 
Pool Boy, You were just a boy, sixteen years young - (blank) neighbor. (Blank) demons derive from our paths crossing when (Blank) was 4. The day was hot, wearing nothing but the trainning bra and
To my future daughter, I had hope to never have you, but don't think of yourself as unloved or unwanted, rather you are my miracle, my salvation.
To: The Butterfly To Be Opened: When It Has Become an Autobiography   Dear Butterfly,   I have an image of the woman I hope to become I am not her yet
When I drop you off,  I don't drive away,  until you are behind the door,  home and safe, Because I love you.   
The first time you found me, I was a little girl. You told me I could trust you and then you turned around and ruined me.  
Love at first sight is an amazing thing... It's the type of feeling that makes you smile and your heart sing... A special connection with family, friends and a lover...
Ask me why I love you, And I shall tell you what I love most about you. No lies spill passed my parted lips, Only truths that swell from my heart and fall out my mouth.   Ask me what makes our love healthy,
  Deep within the abyss of my mind lies the ruins of my thoughts They once stood tall and undefeated by the feelings that they fought  
A mom, not just a mother. She wakes me up in the morning with breakfast. She tells me about my undying potential. She shows me how to be a powerful woman. All because She loves me.  
Do it now say what? You wanna show you love me that is what he said but love does not have to be physical that is what I thought love is an emotion  not a caress on the shoulder
From island to desert Memories are key Eyes don’t scream greed I trust they don’t make a fool of me   In distance I see
I am told you are the one,Always reminded of how lucky I am.You give every thought to me,Any doubts are nonexistent.  Enthralled is one word to describeWhen I look at you.Every since our eyes first met,You captured me. I gave you my heartAnd you t
Because I love you, every time a tear wets those adorable cheeks of yours, I will be there to wipe them away Because I love you, your problems become my problems, and we will fight them side by side
Because I love you, Your privacy is yours to keep Your friends and your mind too In sickness and in health I’ll stay and never make you weep  
Sharing giggles, locked eyes, silly faces, Midnight phonecalls, dreaming of futures. Arcades, Sci fi movies, Civilization matches. He introduces Legend of Zelda.
Love is pain. I am talking real life physical pain. Pain that you and only have your partner to blame. That laugh so hard deep down in your stomach strain. That smile for so long your cheeks hurt pain.
You picked me up when she turned sour Your sweet friendship was the candy we consumed on Halloween Not given, but chosen and cherished We're like the same person Like two people in a crowd
I'll stay awhile To see your shining smile. Lip caught in your teeth, Smudging the paper to magically Make a figure emerge. Breathing life with your pencil with The blood sneakily tinting
Love Simply a four lettered word, But much more meaningful than one will ever know   Love is strong Love is compassionate  Love is powerful  Love is communication  Love is loyality
I am a dandelion Wild and free Not to be noticed upon first glance; It seems I lack the chance To belong in a boquet   They look on in disgust With selfish and hating eyes
Because I love you, Hate is a disease; no one is ever born to hate, hate is taught. Because I love you, Insecurity is a worst excuse; insecurity is unloved. Because I love you,
There are things I could do better but I do hope you know how much I love, need, and appriciate you. Our good life is all thanks to the things you do We have many years ahead
Because I love you, you always listen to me. Because I love you, you taught me how to see. Because I love you, you taught me how to trust. Because I love you, it is not lust.  
I only have $10 in my pocket, but you can have it. It's my last $10, but nothing in the world would make me happier than giving it to you. I see that you're shivering, you can wear my jacket.
What is important Is that when you look at me I feel the safest.
I Am   I am tamed and not wild I wonder how the future will be I am smart and hardworking
And it was at that moment, that exact moment, I wish I had not married you. I would have never married you. If only I knew. If only I knew that you listened to every little word that came out of my mouth with your undivided attention.
Forcing me to fit into your mold is not why I loved YOU Because I loved YOU I tried to understand why you treated me so bad YOUR flaws I lived with because I loved YOU   I now drifted because I love YOU
Tongue-tied Mouth so dry No words can be made   The gentle hands That held me down The gentle eyes that
hands that connect under a kitchen table over morning coffee and bagels hands that slip under jacket folds in the crisp winter hands that fumble together during the darkest point of the night
I Love You, So…                                                                                                                                   I Love You, So I Will Be there when you are sick—
​I want a fanfiction romance, The kind of story that I'd write, The kind where I meet "the One" At a party some night.
Love is a raw word. A word that is exposed and a word that is rough, Open and whole in a way that other words just can’t quite touch. There are many ways the word can be filled out, marred, and stuffed.
Will you be by my side until the end? My mind is trapped inside a hidden box If you were here to make me apprehend The crosswalks in my life are a paradox
He called me Baby, said that I was beautiful. That I was smart. strong. That he loved me.   So I was in love,
I no longer think that a relationship is good I no longer see marriage as my goal I no can no longer want love in my life  Thanks Dad. I thought you guys had a fantastic relationship 
First steps, toddling as you go, I will tell you no. Laughing, playing, watching you grow, I will tell you no. Friends, parties, a first date with a beau, I will tell you no.
I left when you stopped smiling. When your frown was more permanent than your smile lines. Your hand was limp in mine and I knew that a false love would not be enough to bring life back into your heart, into our love.
    Because I’ve learned to love you, I’ve learned to love myself. No longer am I empty, like a forgotten dime-store shelf. Because you let me love you, I’ve learned what love should be.
I know you don’t even exist yet, however I love you so much I cannot wait to bring you into this world   I will cherish every moment with you I will always be there for you I will raise you to be the best you
You minipulate me made your aesthetic to be that of a devil's I guess its my fault Ive always been known to be a devil's advocate   You say you love me 
Two hands lift me up, a smile blinds me nonsensical whispers and laughter this is a hearth, my fire   Dancing fingers, dancing eyes the clutch of protection
Love is wrapped up in all the little things. "Have you eaten yet?" "Wear your seatbelt." "Are you okay?" Love is wrapped up in all the big things. "You look beautiful." "I'm here if you want to talk."
You told me you loved me  Ain’t hear that in a while  i’m just so used to broken heart aches  and wearing a mask over my smile  Don’t tell me that you love me and 5 minutes later you’re someone new 
Because you love me You would answer every shaky breath of mine with "are you okay?" Because I love you I kissed away your tears and held you so tightly Because you love me
Because I love you I wait For you to clock out Because I love you I wash the dishes at work Because I love you I take forever to roll my silverware Because I love you
I know listening is just as important as speaking What make you mad, what you value, what makes you happy I'm not perfect but I try my best because I love you.  
                                                   thats loveA deep inhale with the slightest touch giving an exhilarating rushthat melodious laugh that smoothes the soul.
What’s Love   Love is when someone drops everything for you Love is when someone would do anything for you Love is something you can see in another’s eyes
Because I loved you I ignored all the red flags I let you hide me I forgave your infidelity  I did not care when you did not care about me I was empty trying to fill you because only you mattered
I stuck with you because you make me feel safe, For that hug of yours feels like home Where I will never be alone.  
Dear Love, I have only one request for you And that is, When we're togehter, You let me be myself.   When we're together, You don't "jokingly" call others faggot.
Because I love you, I bring you into my life Because I love you, I let you meet my family and friends Because I love you, we get an apartment together
The fighting and lying is left in your past, And you wake up to something that lasts, Each day reminds you, Of the self you withdrew,
Dancin' into a beautiful goodmornin', and playin' to a beautiful goodnight. The passion is like no other A fire of pure delight. Sharin' from the weakest of detail To the diary of a your universe.
Because you love me, you will be trustworthy and I will be the same Don't kiss my neck, whispering how much you love me if you are texting her when I'm gone I am not to be treated as though I am a piece in your chess game I am more than pawn Becau
A shattered heart, Torn apart. You broke me with such ease, Knocked me down on my knees.
Despite who you are, I love you. Despite where you came from, I love you. Despite your age,  Despite what you are,  Despite your size, I love you. Despite your looks, I love you.
  Breaking through the confines of my mind, back to reality,    It is apparent that I am still sitting in the back of this
A healthy relationship is communicating with your significant other . its staying loyal to them and not betraying their trust giving your all to them no matter what the situation.
  Possibly honest, honestly How can I love you if I don’t trust you? Untrue words make for great swords.
Because I love you,  We should agree on what matters,  And not care about our ideas,  On kings and mad hatters.    Because I love you,  We should speak with grace, And not yell at each other, 
This little cabin and your long nose make me feel at home Among the crumbling beams, white but blue.   On this chair lies the greycoat, forgotten like the red before him,
Text me when you get home safe (because I love you) You know you can talk to me about anything (because I love you) I heard this and thought of you, so I had to share
a time when things were bleak, when they sky was grayer, and the sun more dim. a time when you were drowning and a time where i was lost  
Real love is gained through actions and not words. Love is not about someone's physical being. It's a deep understanding of the mind and soul that can be blurred. It's a force beyond what you are seeing.
Many have heard of the song that says "living young,wild, and free"  but on this day " living young,broke,and dumb" is on what i'll speak Indianapolis, Indiana has a population of 886,771 
The ground beneath my feet is firm,yet I can spread and curl my toesin the forgiving soil of his support.
Love is holding your heart in the palm of my hand And you holding mine in yours It’s the thought that we could easily crush each other But the belief that we won’t  
Mi Morenita 
In naive youth and innocence, I loved. My affection for those around ran true, Although the deepest emotions were gloved, Only to be found the day I met you.
Once upon a starry night Still is dark but seems so bright   The way the world just disappears Into your eyes into your fears  
Maleficent towered and sweared she'd devour Aurora with relative ease. Our hero, empowered, thought ‘This is the last hour Maleficent ever sees.’
I sit in my dark mysterious cave, my crystal ball illuminates my face while I watch her explore the darkness of the sea, a beautiful and curious young girl. I keep an ear out for Triton, her father and my ex who banished me to this cave.
Cinderella dressed in blue Went to a club to go find a boo Her feet were killing her So she took off her shoes She moved her hips to the catchy tunes   She was drinking way too much
There was once a Little Match Girl, Who sat upon the street And sold her wooden merchandise To buy some food to eat.   Now, this Little Match Girl
Before you read this, know one thing; I was not myself when I wrote this, and I am not one to write so negatively.
Sitting in my castle, the cold air blows It is not a hassle, still it does not grow Waiting for years to hear through my ear A footstep by man who has no fear  I welcome him with golden orbs of light
Once upon a time, there was a wolf, tall and kind Wanting to make things right, he made up his mind He set off with fruits and veggies, favorites of the pigs The first he saw, house of straw, smoking from a cig
Grandmother dearest, Do you remember when mother died? Your only daughter yet you never cried.  
Tinker, Tinker Bell, oh I know you so well You entice, you excite, but most importantly you're not very nice I dare say this only to myself, or else I'll become very frail You live for the attention, if I do so may mention
                                                On C e upon a time                                 There was a g I rl who lived in a village with her step sisters.
Be Prepared for the Evil Lion King The Return of Scar     They thought that I was dead....
No chance, no way I won't say I'm in love   But not because I don't want to Rather How would I know?   A damsel in distress? Can't relate Fending for myself
I put on these slippers And mice built me a gown. I went to the gates And a horse kicked a pumpkin into a carriage. I locked eyes with a man And a prince made me his bride, and yet,
Long ago there was a boy Who had outgrown nearly every toy His parent's thought him ungrateful But rather he had become hateful   One day he decided to play a prank On the townspeople who had no clue
A young princess resided in a castle in FranceShe was pompous, narcissistic and arrogant. The princess was selfish and only cared about herselfBut her life changed forever with a visit from a stranger.  One rainy night, an old man came upon her ca
"I love you," he said. He did not.     "I love you," she said. She did not.     However, all was not for naught,For both received what they sought.  
In her rebel years a young girl was sent to drop some medicine to her grandmother's neighborhood. But her GPS took her into a jungle of wood. She found a cabin that was shaped like a tent.
Once upon a time in Wonderland, a kingdom north called Iridia stood tall. The happy rulers gave birth to a girl- who's beauty grew to stand above all.   Her name was Princess Katherine
When Father wished them dead, it was an accident, and he was left with Me, instead.   Bitter, lonely, servants of Death, my seven brothers killed warriors and heroes, so my village sent Me, instead.
Persephone, the flower child of Mount Olympus, a girl created from rainstorms and fruit seeds The apple of her harvester mother’s eye, Nature’s most beautiful flower
once upon a time,  an old woman with wrinkled hands held out an apple. “try it. take a bite.” snow white smiled, shook her head. she pushed the apple away.
Once upon a time, in the hills of the country far away, there lived three little pigs. These pigs spent most of their days taking care of their home made out of straw, and the land around them.
she was looking for in spare parts or corners not change; but something to put in her pocket that would grow warm over night pressed against her skin something very little
Your talk  Your words Your stories Are they fake? Do you wish to pretend? Imagination suits you but  do you suit it? Snake-like lies Whispers in ears Rumors on lips
The classic fairy tale of Princess Aurora is known by all How she pricked her finger and had a tragic fall Into a slumber so deep and so long That only true love's kiss could correct the wrong  
What if the princess who lost her golden ball had a dream that would warn her about the nasty frog. It would save her from marrying a perfect stranger.   So the day the princess went into the wood
With the slightest stroke of serendipity, My passage to a happy ending was Opened. And yet we started as The most improbable pair.   Everyday. Day and Night. Trying to reach my dream,
Come little Red whispered a soothing voice Come here to me, I will show you the path Come little Red it's time to make the choice Come here to me and not face grandma's wrath  
Once upon a time I was living in fear, All alone, not one prince was near. I went on an adventure and met a male, He was a prince, and that's my fairytale.
Once upon a time  deep under the sea  lived Arie and his mer family  Arie was to be the next sea king  Stumbled upon an old book of law  he spent his days wanting more of something 
Down the hole I go Swirling back into a rut. I fight my own mind as I bring the bottle to my lips As the liquid stings down my throat I collapse.
9 to 5 just to stay alive , a Queen Bee in a hive of one, palms calloused from wear, sweat gels down hair, tear ducts dried from the Louisana sun.   Dreams larger than life, 
Classic fairy tales Are always about the details That go on before the end They start off with a girl
Everyone says Aladdin is my hero, which is true, but let me tell you another lingo. I saved Aladdin Yes me- Jasmine. I helped Aladdin get off the streets Yes me- Jasmine.
20 mattresses,20 down beds,1 pea,And a princess (me).   A pea is nothing.But when you are sinking into feathersand are pressed to the ceiling-That is when your sleep is uncomfortable feeling.
Once upon a time, heard of it? ofcourse you have; as your parents tuck you in at night starting off with the same phrase over and over again.
This lady's grief was not known, but set aside as a rumor. A maiden who longed to curse herself to a long and foreboding slumber. The nemesis is infamous, but what she did was requested,
Everyone knows the classic story of Cinderella, but what if there’s a twist. After the ball she is not deep in love. The prince does not chase her into the mist.
once upon a time, a time in the distant. a time for the future. a time too far out of reach for the princess of today. we are the the warriors, the godesses.  the nuturers, the consultants,
She always looked to the surface to see boats pass by. She claimed her love for humans is mere curiosity, Her father knew that this was an obsession. He warned her to never go to the surface,
Father’s Eyes   
Snow White must of been on crack, To be at the arms of a stranger and take that fruity snack In those shoes, how could Cinderella even walk?
once apon a time a girl as white as snow a girl with a beautiful glow once apon a time a girl with hair as dark as night a girl who faced a terrible fright once apon a time
The boy flies without a care, forgetful of a future he once knew yet now, he chooses to live unaware.   Wish as I could to change his fate, for if he continues this way
We came to this new world scared, we came in the cold of night lost, oppressed, and we left our handprints and footprints on every soil and water way
When you hear the word NORMAL You think Of the common man or woman You think Of nothing special  Just plain, the "Average Joe"
 Her smile shines like the bright sun Teacher's plush pink lips  Move fluently as she speaks to us "How about we play a game, class?" My face lights up I love teacher's games!
Your dominance in the world sphere Creates international rife and fear.   We see ourselves as peacemakers "Countering terrorism" with bombs and war.   There are ice cold politicians leading the front
The middle of class, We flip a coin, The debate begins when, It lands on its side and hear, How if it landed on heads, The world would end, Then the same for tails,
We stand up in our highchool classes Unaware of what's going to happen in the next few months Oblivious to any sort of patterns we share  To other propaganda techniques My class raises their hand to their heart
"Columbus sailed the ocean blue, in 1692"  to discover a land as great as you. I know you have a history of slavery, and evilness,  but eventually life became a bliss.    People of many culture and places 
My fingertips strain, lift the window edges; I peer beyond the roses, past the hedges: I see America.   Liberty is ghostly white, she bleeds red, she cries blue.  Millions of souls with none to look to-
Learning as a hobby, a thing of the past. Memroizing for a grade, the only way to a future.    
America, land of the free. America, home of the brave. America, home of the immigrant.   Change is seen as scary, terrifying,
My Friends, Sam is at his greatest hour of need. / For our dearest Uncle's prosperity we must reaveFrom those who would threaten it. / Courageous Soldiers quiver under bedsheets, neglected.
America. She used to belong to everyone and she was okay with it. Rumor has it that an Englishman found her & sold her some dreams.
If any child goes to bed hungry We can do better, If our veterans live on the streets, We can do better, If our sick die without proper care, We can do better,
If America was great We wouldn't close up all our gates because that walls not meant for peace the foundations full of fear and hate the world can't relate they look at us with disgrace it's 2017
Oh Josè Can't you seeGet up at dawn for a pennyThat you'll get after a long days workTo be sent back to your country when strawberry season is over• We proudly hail at the KardashiansAnd not our low self esteem youth• Whose broads from Atlanta and
For all the lives lost and the wars won you would think America would stand by its national anthem where we are all equal.
Mother America I am did feed thy milketh Her breasts were consumed with youth. A preliminary smile that inspired a nation yet to be conceived.
America, oh America, Great? Is that the word to describe you? Freedom you boast, but rights you deny. Equality you promise, but racism rampant in your borders runs.
America the free, America the brave America where I am looked down upon for the cadence of my name America where my people are slaughtered in the streets America where murderers with a badge walk free
America the Great is a place Said to be the greatest space For values idealized by our forefathers. Values such as speech and the individual
Once the land of the free Now all we can see  Are unwanted walls and pipelines.   Register here 
Come with me and see, the lovers by the sea. They are holding hands, and make wedding plans. I hope they stay together,
Do I need to speak a truth that resonates as deep as my skin is brown? Not caramel not a hint of creme, like buying a frappuccino Only to pretend its contents aren't rich.  
   You might not care at all and turn a blind eye To the issue of the North Dakota pipeline But this is important, let me tell you why  
We owe this country everything that we are in. But is America great or do we lounge in sin? The rich and powerful exclude us from their covenant. Half of the people don't even trust their own government.
He arises from what could potentially be his muddy grave, knowing it has already consumed many greater than he.  He asks himself what he has done to be spared from the bombs bursting in air. Luck, supposedly?
People come to America in search of opportunity Freedom Independence Wouldn't it be tragic if that wasn't true for everybody?
O’ America what was your name before they stripped you of your identity? How does it feel with all that blood within your soil?  Does it displease you that people have ruined your good name?
America the great,how is something so "great"something I hate.
I am an introvert No I’m not a creepy psychopath Who watches people from my upstairs bedroom window I attend events Sometimes
France hates us. The world laughs at us. We are slobs.   We are free. We are generous. We are beautiful.  
Waving flag; Burning flag Freedom Equality Justice For all Let your voice be heard Protest Disobey
  Eyes are powerful. Have you ever seen a pair of eyes Which do not hold a story?   To tell a story is to experience.
America, so beautiful How proud our people sing Of hope and opportunity How sweet freedom rings  
I am proud of America. I am proud to live in a land of rights for all. I am proud to follow in the footsteps of those who came before.  
America, you of which I do dream Every wonderful road, or each steel beam The home of the brave, the land of the free Why does your gaze never pass over me forgotten, alone, almost derelict.
A child of an immigrant knows stength, We see it every day in their eyes. A child of an immigrant understands courage, We wouldn't be here without it. A child of an immigrant is proud,
A stranger in the eyes of a child damned to live in a country of wickedness, How ironic the place of freedom is the most bound place on earth. A solid chained weight on our ankles corroded in sinfulness,
oh, give me a home <br>where the buffalo roam <br>where the deer and the antelope play <br>where seldom may heard a discouraging word <br>and the skies are not cloudy all day <br><br>america, land of true libert
Thousands of faces the smog blurs empty stomachs moan which soot coated hands cover I'm laying on broken concrete staring at the starless sky they cover my ears so I don't hear their cries
Tattered veterans yet wave “Work 4 Food” signs.Temporary flagpoles unto themselves.Whilst banners to our double-standardsProudly displayed on speeding limousinesThat always cross the line.
You are asking me, if America is great as is? Why not take a look around and see for yourself. See for yourself the violence,  the death, the shootings, the killings, and the protestings. 
Today in the world, People are obsessed with diamonds and gold. Children forced to sit still, Forced to bend to their parents will.
America now Sees mental illness As something taboo to talk about Outside of a hospital, As something to suppress so long as I get that ‘A’, As something not legitimate next to a broken leg,
America wasn't great? Im sorry, didn't know. We aren't truly free? Is that an actual fact? I didn't even know. I Couldnt see. Cause I knew from the start, America wasn't made for me.
Religious freedom you ask? You must've heard it from the settlers. Who dares question my right to believe? We must've fought for our freedom not yours.   I am a prouduct of immigrants.
America can not be described in words only people in America every mind is beautiful every heart is open every voice is heard  equality is abundant there is a home for the homeless
in my america, i’ve found that there’s a darkness in it. it’s grown darker these past few months; it’s breaking apart at the seams
"Make America Great Again" For who? The rich, white, Christian men? The promise that made some cheer and others fear,  for they knew their lives could be left in the hands of someone who didn't care.
Every year it happens. The same cycle. Show up, sit down, go home. Twelve years of repeating the same process so many Take for granted and resent. I never saw it that way. I took
The cancer grows as the atmosphere degrades around our mind, The influence of arguments and laten nights feeds it, Its eternal host the meek and tis not kind,
Dark and lonely are the trees,Ugly brambles amongst the weeds.Tiring whispers of the past,Can’t see the forest for the trees.Mists sheltering quiet songs,A white that creeps along the ground,
A beginning. New life, bright lights. Tiny fingers, tiny toes. A brand new life, a newfound cry, I hold you close. I watch you grow.   You are my flower, my favorite joy.
See, your mom's living in a time where,  Skin color is a target on your back  And the knowledge in your head is a blade to the throat, 
This past year  I have discovered many secrets and talents within me. It would be incredible to share. I am a bright child, I have swallowed the sun, so please be aware. This past year 
The only legend I have ever loved is The story of greed and a grateful sparrow. A man was honest His wife was full of greed He found a sparrow hurt and scared,
I'm awake now, for so long I was asleep lying still wrapped in my youthful keep   My sleepy eyes take a peak  and look around in fear yet my body feels too weak 
January was cold. Weather has never bothered me, Nor have I worried about freezing, But I could tell, there was ice somewhere, Capable of freezing me to the bone in seconds.
I am depressed. I am depressed I am D E P R E S S E D. I wear it like a badge upon my chest that defines me!
Intro;  Okay  You are not good enough.  That is what I said. sorry  I know this isn’t the funniest topic for a poem and I know it’s  not what you want to hear before having to writeand put yourself out there
Burning. Burning right down to the lungs, right through every muscle, every fiber, every cell.
Road Blocks! Oh, how I hated road blocks There will always be road blocks I've come to understand 2016 was a year of challenges Road blocks are changes for you to overcome Thats what 2016 meant to me
Last year was the first year I could drive Now I can go and see concerts live Just me and my bro finding our jive If I were to rate my the car i'd give it a five Last year was the first year I could drive
 Who I was is not who I am now, I remember starting my senior year in high school ready to get out of that circus show. They use to call me him use to call me someone I am no longer, I buried him among my insides to make everyone happy.
   Who I was is not who I am now, I remember starting my senior year in high school ready to get out of that circus show. They use to call me him use to call me someone I am no longer, I buried him among my insides to make everyone happy.
You ever watch Donnie Darko? That scene about the spectrum: Between two bounds, the heart goes— The emotings of fear and love.   I felt so sure about it before; That love existed, and surely it does.
Mirror on the wall, I could not see me in you. So I learned to pray.
starting out i knew the potential the year could have i felt like a captain on a wooden ship hands on the wheel, eyes staring straight ahead
Not long ago we were friends, But now I need to send you to the ground. The bitter anguish that swallows my soul,
This whole year is all a giant blur to me. Ask me about specific happenings, And I'll recount them to you faithfully. While not all bad, 'Sixteen was saddening.   I lose my first grandparent April past,
Before us, it was me.   A hollow house stood on top of riches wider than the eye could see; Nothing would stop me from knocking on the door of the bourgeoisie. The thought of experiencing poverty was frightening,
I was an athleteHurt but waiting to be fixedNow not an athlete but fixed 
I felt so small, so unwanted, so alone It was supposed to be everlasting love from the start Your affection was the only thing I wanted to own The sadness consumed my mind, my body, my heart  
A great amount of strife Went on in my life In the months of last year I shed many a tear   Whether it was college desicions My still developing skills and their lack of precision
I'm still me, but I'm not the same. My hair is shorter, my spirit bolder.      I say I'm still me and in a way it is true.           But that doesnt mean,                That it's the "me" that you knew.
It was the Winter of my being But outside I felt the heat. A lot of people I am seeing That I’m not pleased to meet.  
      The Loss of a friend is a difficult battle The Ride with me on a single saddle Was there to introduce me as a senior
The World Is Falling Apart.   So how do we startto answer the questions we ask in the dark?   Who Matters?What Matters?  
You spit out a dry laugh to try to hide the death in your eyes.
When I drink you can't call me an alcoholic because I know you're just doing it because I'm Polish and it doesn't matter if I drink one bottle or two or five or twelve or if I really am an alcoholic none of it matters because it's just that I am P
2016. The year I graduated Highschool. The year I start college. 2016 was going to be my year. Oh how life decides to shake things up I went to get help in the summer of sixteen
Hard work a discipline Working towards a goal. State shoots January through July For the world championships on August. Friends and family supporting me, Sponsorships and grandma funding me.
A year can change you. Remember but forget the past. Make way for new experience.   Listen to opinions but form your own. Moderate your thoughts, but everything in moderation.  
My Growth Series   Kayla Kinsler- Commitment   I’m afraid of commitment Can’t cope with restrictions I want you with me But on no serious business I’m not trying to play games
I had a roof over my head A full belly every night And material riches beyond desire   Yet there was war within me I couldn’t explain it I just felt alone, with no one to trust
Im not really known  but your gonna know a bit about my life, some struggles and some pains, the things I had to fight . Im not here to complain, im only here to explain,
Suicide, cutting, and isolation Three things that filled my life up to 2015 I am not the "me" I was before The younger girl that everyone would ignore I became a social butterfly
I saw fateful stars, Not twinkling with lullaby dust, But searing, scorching, bright with meteoric impact. I stumbled into black, a murky, messy plight of blurry edges, hollow words.
A red couch with baked-in trivets. The big black weary vagabond lands breathlessly, unknowingly awaiting its fated execution. The green papered ax falls. A silence echoes, which fades
Golden lines flash across a dreaming, sun speckled face. A child presses his nose against the vibrating glass of the moving train. The harassing authority figure sternly reprimands
The sun kisses the earth to bed. Fireflies dance to a silent song and the wind, their swift lover, caresses the earth. An earthly possession of expired, sun burnt leaves
OCD Sydney Jackson   I place my browning Good Will bag on my kitchen counter
Sister dearest who was swaddled in the same fleshy crib as I, I am your fortified backbone when you cannot carry your brittle burden When you feel the pain of day to day life
It is my year. My year to be all that I can be.  This can be my year, for all eternity. My year to be fruitful, my year to be loyal.  My year to make all my mistakes buried in soil.
–oh, I’m so sorry It’s not like that, you see, because when you traditionally think of people dying, (especially the old, especially the sick)
When I was sixteen years damned my youthful soul was froze over my curtains were always drawn and even my demons searched for cover. I cared not for the future being, the self I would become
A year is an illusion Not tangible,not real, not alive Yet it is the realest thing we have Decade after decade, years progress Never altered,never mended, never gone
This year has been a difficult one Filled with sneers and words deadly as a gun And who’da thought it’s all because of our election
Why do I get up? It’s because I cannot stay down. If the world is turning, New possibilities arise.   If the world is turning, Then the sun will go up
Colors are simple, as happiness should be.  I often find my myself drenched in multicolored lights,  Feeling bliss that is new and exciting, yet old and comforting. I surround myself in varying colors.
Eyes Open. Yawn. Strech. Groan. Stand. Lights On. Pajamas Off. Dayclothes on. Eyebags Gone.  On With Makup. On With Shoes. On With Life.  Step. Step. Step. Through The Front Door. 
Senioritis has hit me hard So I might as well be a bard And explain to you why I'm stressing.   I wanna be lazy  It must seem crazy But senioritis makes my nerves fry I'm stressing.
As a child, I endured extreme anxiety once my adolescent body found itself incarcerated by the unforgiving darkness of the night.  
Lay under the stars Listen to music Eat a few candy bars Buy a bike and use it   Explore a new place Read a good book Make a silly face Learn to cook   Drink a cup of coffee
I've told myself I should quit when I see Senpai and her friends and their friends I feel stabbed all over but when I come together with my true friends when we strike sparks
Sometimes, you know the days, You roll out of bed in a daze, Even the usual mornin' coffee  Doesn't really touch the haze.    Getting to class, you feel good, You forgot all the homework,
In the winter When I'm down and want to feel better, I call my friend Peter, 'Cause he's a great skater.   We walk to the rink In the cold and snow. We wish we had minks
I rise not for the sole purpose of Having some place to be- which I do, But rather, because I want to.
Every day is a new day.  This only means that the sorrows of yesterday are now in the past. What bothered me then feels so close yet so far away.  
The other side of my own door, All with the rain's own sad downpour, Standing are two with both feet sore, Paitently wait forevermore.   The two remind me of a time, When the sunshine was so sublime,
To live on when I am gone thoughts that were once in my head may always be read thoughts that were once in my head live on when I am dead to live on when I am gone
Can we forget about yesterday? Can we focus on tomorrow, And put all our worried in the last day, The last day we borrow, From our God in heaven. Can we?
Feels Good. Gazing into the eyes of my lover Ocean's heartbeat lulling me to sleep Odd encounters ending in a smile Drizzly skies and the smell of a book Feels Good.
I’ve always feared being alone Not the loneliness Of being left home overnight With the dog curled in your lap Jumping at every small creak
The buzz of circular blades, Cry of the time piece, Voice of a feline, And Mother’s melody All pull me from slumber.   The smiles of peers,
We sailed to our own little island, where the beaches were white, and the stars lit up the night. Where the rain was soft, and we are the waves, crashed upon the rocks.
I'm sinking I've tried so hard to sail My Ship in your sea   But you've started up a storm and my Ship Just couldn't sail anymore.
Spare yourself a broken heart by falling  for a girl who is strong, because I am weak And sometimes my outlook on life is bleak. I am sorry that I will never be enough but spare yourself a broken heart
The Stars sit above our heads, as we sink intoour deep slumber, while resting in the bed of your truck. We think the same thought, as our minds become one. A single thought that one day we will become a star.
Artist lazy, artistic, nice and friendly. love to draw, surf, and love the bay. Believing in  making an impact on the art world, wanting the best waves on the west coast, buyers for my artwork, and to be remembered.
Get in the car, go for a drive Cruise to the bakery, latte inside. Look up cool poems, texting my love- I swear, he's sweeter than Heaven above. Go catch a flick, eat with my friends
I rise up with The sun shining  Brightly on my Face. It's all  Because of the  Man above. Feeling Refreshed and ready To jump for grace. Say my morning  Prayers, because
Does he look at me with glowing eyes? As my finger rushes the surface of his skin He transforms my scattered thoughts into meaning I gasp for air, but all the motions are beyond me I choke, I try to speak...
When I was young, I built a house. Inside, I fashioned a kitchen with a corner cabinet and crawled inside amongst the dirty, rusty, moldy pans. The door closed.
Drafts 11 through 13: The clicks of mechanical pencils Punctuate the words wafting through the air Intentional isolation (alliteration, near rhyme)
I won't talk about who I amuntil the words are directed at no one,words shouted into air no one dare breathes.   I am a good person,but that doesn't mean I am honest.
When  I sit under this magnolia tree the world around me vanishes I am free The God I serve is with me Embracing me Telling me followed his will
Poetry is not something to write an make up rhymes, Then make up sentences using words up from your mind. Poetry is a way of putting your thoughts an feelings together, In a way that you can connect with one another.
There are so many meanings of poetry Your definition can not be same as mine   It means telling a story Because everyone has a story to tell   It means imagination
I. The thin, paperback covers of the children's anthologies were cool to the touch Under my fingers, still chubby and child-like. They were pleasing to the eye, Lined up so neatly on the shelf.
You were a child  who didn't belong in one place or the other. How could you respond to the taunts that still haunt your deep thoughts? Between the father that hurt you  and the mother that gave you up
Education is freeing of the mind, giving sight to the eye, leading to change.   Education is a breath of fresh air, a thought of inspiration, a bridge
Poetry came to me On the bitterest of midnights When their was more black coffee running through my veins than red blood And my mind wouldn't surrender to sleep But morning was a long ways off
simple yet perplexing difficult to procure yet comes with ease borrow my sight for a second.... I'll borrow yours ideas clashing, ideas intertwining shackles broken, minds freed a true menace to the tyrant
I am a semi-colon in the perfectly authoured novel of humanity. Surrounded by perfect people, living perfect lives, never knowing strife. In the arms of who they love, free to dream, 
Colors flow around me They are bright and vibrant I see: Reds Firetrucks, blood, roses Blues Water, bluebells, skies
Anguish is plastered on her face Like fragile, etched glass. She smiles and pushes herself, But is surrounded with frightful fragments
i never expected my life to be taken over by words rhymes stanzas  i logged into the computer i typed my fingers dancing pressing buttons forming words rhymes stanzas endless metaphors for pain love tragedy my thoughts swimming in my blood  pourin
Cluttered papers in a pile  containing heavy words and questions  so much to learn with a young brain yet quite the wise perception.   I wonder how, at that age, I grew to be so glum
In mornings of old souls that spoke to young bold dreamers of the days when the sky fell on the lands that once believed in loveI listenedTo the children that used to play ku ku lamiya and ciyaarI witnessed
Pen hits paper I can clearly remember Seven years past Focusing on the right track Just ten years old With a hopeful soul Writing poetry became  Inept to me The way it flows
  Emily She could not stop for Death Neither could I She could not let go Neither could I She tought me "be who I be" I will be me She told me "see what I see" I see
Noise, noise, all of the noise Yelling, screaming, yelling, screaming It gets louder as it enters my head Headaches, not only headaches, Bruises, cuts, and scrapes too,
As inhalation occurs, your mind is scanning, panning, and planning High pitch squeals and commotion amongst people occur Your fingers itch and twitch and launch for your pocket
I see the world From up a tree What might this world Be waiting for me I wait to hear your wings Fly through the wind
A man lie alone in bed, night after night, as death whispers in the ear to his right An angel choir sings softly, in the ear to his left, Until they fought in the middle because that's where they met.
A college education means sitting in class taking your tests and trying to pass. A college education means meeting new friends hoping they'll like you, not to their own ends.
So hard to understand unless experienced. Bond with others, from respect to care. Escape and fight; from a past and for a future,
I have never known a man or woman, Who had no words inside of them to say. Some are too afraid to speak when they can, For fear that if they do they’ll rue the day.  
It started with that movie.  That one with Morgan Freeman. As the opening credits rolled in,  that voice came into my ears.    Like soft grating gravel.  Invictus. 
Wed, 05/11/2016 - 13:42 --
What once was a lovely rose Beautiful full of warmth, love, color, and kindness Now slowly wilts What once was beautiful is now a gruesome beast It's heart was once warm with love
It does not matter what they say They say that your're crazy But you know yure crazy beautiful It does not matter what they say they say yo're ugly But you know they can't face the ugly truth
Bam! I knocked you out you hit the ground I'm through messing around playing these little games of yours tired of you walking all over me like I'm nothing but dirt I'm done getting hurt
In each of my hands I balance the choice of right and wrong In my heart I hold my dreams for my future In my mind I keep my thoughts With my eyes I see the good and evil in this world
The written word never seemed meant for me. Lines and dots were all I could see. But then my Mother would read to me every night. And soon I wanted to also read and write. Books alone could open any door.
You sat there and said I was making up excuses to get away from you.You sat there and said I never wanted you.
Poetry... I used to think of it as math. Difficult. Different. Diffident was the attitude I took when asked to demonstrate. It was a talent I commemorate for those that had it
It seems strange, doesn't it, To write about writing, But I would believe it to be even more strange if no one ever did. To me, writing seems to be much more than just, Puting silly words onto a platform,
I love ice cream Ice cream is my friend It's always there me when my day comes to an end   Sweet Ice cream My tasty joy I have nice dreams of  Ice cream with chips ahoy  
if you asked me to say what poetry means to me  i could not write you a poem about it for i write poems when i feel broken  or hopeful i write poems to burn bridges and build new ones  for myself
A number two pencil and a blank paper sat on my desk. My teacher, with gall, said, " My poems are the best" So I looked at her, deep in her brown eyes, and wondered, "Why is she telling us lies?"
Thou is a rose on summer’s day…. They told me there was no wrong way to interpret Shakespeare’s lines of poem But can you believe I got an F in poetry?! Perhaps you can.
When I'm told how deoxygenated blood Goes in through one side of our heartAnd out the other, carrying life through our veins and capillaries and to our organs
Take a look inside my soul What will you find? A passion for Art that lights up a room like early morning rays of sunlight Love and Life that springs forth like a fountain
Would it be corny if i started with a Beatles quote? “All You Need Is Love” fills me with so much hope Because I’ve never been truly in love So this idea sounds like a gift from up above
I can't live without my dad. Yeah, so does seven billion other lads.  Some are mad or sad dads But my dad is rad.  He's ideal as steel  But like me, we cried on the inside.
I am young, impulsive, wide-eyed, and green, a sapling wondering which way to grow. Still needing some support, somewhere to lean, staked to stand tall when the strong winds do blow.
A song plays in my ear singing sweet notes His lips part releasing a soft sweet hum Callused hands strum chords which appear to float And my heart harmonizes along with them  
What’s the one thing I can’t live without, If, on a sunny day, at the beach, and the waves are crashing, I find Myself needing something worth needing, I might just scream and shout. Is it a book? Perhaps, if Fate is kind.
Some say it would be a hell on Earth to live alone-- That life wouldn't be worth living if it was only a one man home. Others say, "Oh, I couldn't live without this or without that,"
Victory is everything The sweet taste of triumph Cascading across your tongue Giving you bliss Fulfilment Acceptance
On the shelf, it stoically sits, patiently waiting for a stranger unknown, to hear the stories of it. Eager, the story teller speaks, silently of the mind of a child,  to the strong and the meek.  
My life, a boat. The shore no longer comforting. As the sun stings my naked back My sweat stings my eyes. Hunger drives me to devour and cough up  Sand Sand that was once the beginning
Words that are translated from paper to song, Melodies and beats that just play along, In any language, to and fro, Music is my world and that I know.   Pop in those headphones,
as the watercolor sun sets, trees like black lace against dimming satin sky as the horizon fades shadowed stars appearing like exhalations i feel You and i know this is how You love.
A world without color is a dreary world at best, For I wouldn’t see the red dragons on Grandma’s vest, I wouldn’t see the brown ochre of a bird’s new nest,
A thread is nothing without a needle A moth is lost without light  A cookie will always be missing it's completing factor without that full glass of milk And life seems small without my sister  
No matter, What air I breathe or what sea I see I will always need a companion with me No matter, If where I stand is little town or city grand I will always need someone at hand  
Gimme a drink that's fresh and cold Gimme a book that's long and interesting Gimme music with an addictive beat Gimme a blanket that's warm and soft Gimme a videogame from my favorite series
Under the waters of the deep blue sea I swam 'cross waters intrigued as can be The waves agreed to show me around; tide in my fawn I had time on my hands, for each day a new flavor
I need the air to Breathe in some necessary Nutrients for life.
The nebulous sky,                                                                                                                               veiled in concealment,                                                   
It's the little thing The thing that keeps me going The rise of success 
Quiet in the corner The girl Not me But she could have been So much more than she is now.   Quiet in the corner The boy Crying Never listening To what he has to say.
Frigid, icy shudders Heart so close to dead Yet with her hand my chest it beats Warm skin against frostbitten lips A summer kiss to dull my winter sorrow Her laugh could make the flowers bloom and birds sing
  Theres many things i want Not many things i need Need a necessity or obligation Well we need water We need oxygen
“Have you ever heard of the power of words?” He sounds like some sort of Jehovah’s Witness, standing there on the sidewalk with his books hugged tight to his chest, staring at her with eyes so impossibly wide.
All I need is my mind, And, in turn, my thoughts refined, For as Descartes would have sworn, That is all I truly own.   If I were gone and never found, Or stranded somewhere underground,
I simply can't live to see another day,Without you, my friend, the world would be grey.You bring out the best of me, You help me escape and feel free.
What a stereotypical question What is it you need to survive, To thrive. So many answers rush through my head, but it all boils down to one all encomapssing word: Love.
What is this pain, a growling monster deep within? It bites and screams, making my vision spin It yearns the light of day, it longs release The more it fights, the less my stomach feels at ease  
On an island far away So, some music I will play Six strings and my hands Melody in the sands   Mood displayed in every note Mental songs that I have wrote Come alive with every strum
All the way back in the streets, I was young, She was a year older than me, She is my sister, I couldn't have survived without her, Even though my mom worked hard as fuck and because  of that she was gone,
I can't live without air.  Seriously. That automatic pull that the lungs take, that convert within themselves, without us even thinking or knowing.  That creation of taking in and out what is around. 
Applying for colleges gives me anxiety. All of the money it requires that I dont have for programs that I want to get into but can't without help. Mabye I should look for help a scholarship.
I didn't realize the innate desire for a friend until I was without one. She appeared in my life  like an angel. Everything I was not. Cool, calm and collected as we tumbled through life.
All I need is a hand to hold. Teach me how to be bold I do not need to be told,  I need to be shown not by diagrams and charts  but by the careing of someones heart. 
All I ever needed was you All you had to do was tell me the truth Instead of doing all of that you put me through I was suppose to be someone you loved But yet you placed someone else above me
  What I require is What most people desire Not power or absolute control   But hope   That is all I need
I came into this world, not knowing much As any child would as such But there they stood, the duo strong I'd rather call them Dad and Mom Helped me take my first steps Led me, helped me, no regrets
Stranded on a deserted island, with just one thing to bring Stranded on a deserted island, with just one single thing Some request their phones
Distract without one, I  would be alone with my  thoughts- tearing my mind to  pieces. 
If I was stranded on an island, all I need is the Holy Bible. Just God's word, is all I need. His advice, is all I need. God's ways, is all I need. To read how great he is, is all I need,
Just as there can be no light without darkness and no joy without pain, A life without death would be a world drowned in vain.   For though death is painful and too hard to swallow,
Determination, deprivation I must persevere. no food, no water, Will I make it out of here?   Seems helpless, I'm breathless deprived, and alone. But if I don't help myself,
He grips my shoulder and tosses me into the closet, teasing I hear his mocking laughs as his video game beckons I sigh, take out my own Game Boy and play my game, button-squeezing
If I was stranded and had nothing, what would I need Maybe materials for writing or maybe something to read Or maybe I would just need a good friend Someone that would stay with me until the end
Faced with the ultimate question, If I were stranded, All alone, What would I bring  To make me feel at home? The answer is difficult, Not an easy task, What would I do,
One person I could not live without would be my mother. I love her with all of my heart, there’s no way we could ever be apart.
My Pen Effortless glide Of black ink Splattering the sheet like an enchanted paint brush Light as a feather as it nestles in between my fingers Words slipping out Images spreading like wild fire
The waves form giant crushing fingers The boat bows and dips with the swells The rain and the winds seem to say "Give up"
My fingers float,  page after page. Waves crash against the boat, they've gotten harder with age. But still I sing. When I'm lost without a map, and the world around me 
What do I need? Someone to love, Not a coat, shoe, or glove. What I require, is to be human, To laugh, to live, to be believed in. It is difficult not to be Thinking of an island with a single tree,
What I need are my dreams I have while awake. My ambitions that keep me foing forward, Doubt I always shake. Growing and succeeding for those whom I care, Becoming a better person, becoming more aware.
The one to hold me day and night The one who brings me endless light He keeps me safe and warm He makes me know that I'm adored My love is all I need.   The one who makes me giggle and snort
Laying alone on the gritty, ecru sand the grains dance about your eyelashes, teasing knowing you're envious of their dance partner. The dunes sigh as the wind sifts through and carries 
I feel you on my skin Your sweet caress against my cheek You who are as harmless as you are destructive  Wonderous and immortal you give me strength    Reflective as the water which you ripple through
Sentinel Sentinel, thy life conceals many another. Those life, under both unwavering light, revealed.
Though my words will be my living, Though my books will be my bread, I can lose all of these things And still have everything I need.   Though my friends will be my buoys,
What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to
What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to
Most people say what they need most is their cellphone, or their laptop.   But I never see people say who they need most, like their best friend, or their mother.  
When I cannot sleep at night and nothing feels right, I look to you. When you guide me on my way and protect me as I lay, I will thank you
I suppose that all a person could ever really need on a deserted island is food, water, shelter, books. But what I need is something ordinary yet overlooked. The one thing I'd drag with me on a deserted island, the one thing I can't live without.
I'm addicted to Pepsi. Something I seriously can’t live without. I know too much is bad for you, but pour me one before I start to pout.   I’m addicted to the sweet, sugar rush.
Sometimes I wonder how it is that I don't scream because it is the six thousandth time that I have turned on the shower.   We spend four years
They told me the odds were stacked against me That with a heart in my condition With a family history filled with roses
I can't live without him. Rather, I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. He loved me when I was so empty that I might as well have been a corpse And because of his love I never became that corpse, rotting six feet under the ground. He taught m
What is your reason? What makes you get up every morning? What keeps you above the water?   Daily tasks cause us to sink We begin to drown in the every day Holding signifigance seems nearly impossible
Last week I slept with some guy in the back seat of his car.  I just wanted to feel something other than you. but instead I felt nothing,  and I guess that nothing was something 
Live music is not a concept. It is not something you can hold in the palm of a sweaty hand until the night has ended and then release like a caged animal when the band has exited the stage
  The days in which I’m met with burden in dreaming in reaching in swallowing between the breaths   Those days
  A deathless twist in which my hands grow sore Obtuse in my mood by the mark of the four And by sun’s meridian I haven’t got more But to shamefully begin again
My life was not always this way I use to sit only feeling suffering and pain I'd cry for hours myself to sleep as I feel my soul slowly slip From my body into the dark abyss of the cold world
She's there when no one else is,  She's the person i can't live without and there no doubt about that  we argue and fuss with each other she's basically my mother. 
All my heart, With the blood it pumps. All the air, That fills my lungs. They could take it all,
Intangible and addicting  Each day I see it, each day I use itYet when without it I'm restlessWithout it seems nothing will fit 
If I had no hope, I’d never try again I’d give up all the love I have, and never try to mend If I had no hope, I’d stop writing you each day I’d throw away my pens, and leave my letters in the rain
The Truth is be like a flower which gives a fragrance to even those who crush it. The Truth is when words come from the heart of anyone, they find a place in the heart of others.
Words have a pulse, They bleed and they bruise, Like a heart’s beating impulse, Only that you get to choose.   Like a scream gone ignored, Or a sob in dark, behind closed doors,
A Life of struggle, betrayal, pain. The life of a man with a beating heart but no place for it. 18 Years a lost life was led until a love landed in his lap.
You ask me to tell what I can’t live without If taken literally this isn’t hard to figure out I need food, water, a roof for my head Air and sleep or else I’d be dead But clearly this is not what you ask So diligently I'll tend to this task Life,
I could swim in an ocean of money, fly over the waves of pavement in my Lamborghini, and lie beneath the suns beautiful touch, but all of this would mean nothing if I wasn’t doing it with you.
I need someone to love me, someone to care but at the end of the day and all through my life only one person is always there. Its not my mom, my brother, or friend
I need my phone.   Yes I'm addicted, But I need it.    What if someone text me,  Or messages me on Facebook,  Or maybe sends me a snapchat.  I need it.   
It’s not something I want, it’s something I need It’s something that fulfills my every wishful deed It courses through my heart, my blood, my veins It’s given me life, and made me forget the stains
College Stressful, Exciting Studying, Partying, Exploring Dorms, Quads, Friends, Professors Crying, Eating, Reading Fun, Short University  
Chapter One. Elementary School. Easy. Two plus two equals four. So does one plus three. Coloring inside the lines, it's got to be perfect.   Chapter Two. Middle School.
Why bully? Why put others down to make you feel untroubled? Day after day it's like a routine, making others feel abandoned. Not because you want to, but because you must. But why?
I tried to embrace myself with happiness,the long run had just startedsince the day I decided to changeand lose the old me forever.
To go to school I need money.         To get good grades I need money.             For books, codes and clickers. I spend all my money.  I work two jobs. One for the money, one for responsibility. 
We often forget the purposeof red brick buildingsin the nine hour hurry upand wait   We often forget the purposeof pen and paperin the technicolor dream ofgoogle docs  
In the hunt as few may call it ..for peace,happiness,the reason of life. Day by day restless nights; due too reminsing chapters from back it time.
At my school where I sit concealed, starving zombies look to devour a meal.   Some like bones and some like brains, but I on the other hand love to play games.
With intensity and motion I move forward and go toward the vast opnad unknown. Seeking danger and adventure, beauty and love. Seeking everything and anything or nothing at all. A change of pace
    There is a dark hole, thats been growing for a while. Where there was once light, is now dark, with no desire. Day by day my body aches, causing the hole to deepen.
Why o why does bullying exist? Is it enjoyable to see a person in pain calling them lies which hurts like venom, Or enjoyable when the person has scars, cuts, self-hatred and depression into their bodies and already putting more?
Let’s take a minute to talk about something we all know and “love” “Education is important” We’re told. But when did it start being sold? If it’s so “important” why make us pay? Taking our money day after day,
So um I like wrote a poem because like I'm sick of people telling me I need to like talk with confidence.Maybe if you actually paid attention to what I said and  stopped degrading women for everything I would have this confidence you speak of. 
Maybe I'm too poetic                   too romantic                   too To be something I'm not is easy But to be too poetic                 too romantic To be who I am is heartbreaking
Child born to a child Small and sweet Little girl, tiny feet Mother kid, feeling weak Father grown, dead beat drunk Days in darkenss Nights in pain Beatings changing daily Hardly the same
Me, I don't know what to call myselfI've heard plenty of ideasIndependent, crazy, smart, talkative   I am a seventeen year old girlI'm a girl with a history full of ups and downsI'm a girl with a family who's been pushed to the limitsI'm a girl wh
I've been asked, "Describe yourself in one word." But one word cannot describe all that I am. A sweet, shy girl is all they may see, But best believe that ain't all of me. So let this poem give you a taste;
When the universe was arranged, All creation from a bang, Every grain, Every cell, Every atom flew out. And like all matter careened about,
I am a dark Black and a blinding White,
She sits in the room, with nothing to say, The kids make fun of her features and hair And she wonders, why they treat her this way? When ‘all men are equal’.. And it’s not fair
I flew I fell  I dream I fear I wish I cry  I'll live I'll die I'll make mistakes   
From inside school walls caged, a barrier To separate imagination ‘way From empty colorless surroundings minds. My garden often sprouts red flowers, but
my life has not been easy. it has had people come and go some bad some good. but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. for me it was my daughters now they are my world.
I am the tongue of the flame I lick and spit fire embers that ignite the maim I am the spark that starts the twister in the dark I am the change that you've been
Esther /eh-st-eer/ noun sister, daughter, creator.  Is often emotional, occasionally rational.   Believer in equality and creativity Not a morning person, loves tea with honey
I may never understand why you left I guess I just have to accept that this is the way it was ment to be Kind of like I'll never understand  Why the ocean stops at the shore instead of washing away the land 
I am a never ending series Of sleepless nights and crumpled bed sheets Battered from the restlessness of my slumber A lost sheep number 4 A.M's only friend Tired   I am the burnt out light bulb
I am a student. An aspiring engineer, a woman, a mere statistic. A minority at an engineering university, I like being this kind of statistic. I am a part time cashier.
Strangers, rarely as strange as the preconceptions we arrange gather, miraculously appearing at every whiff of rebellion 
i am a girl.   i'm not just a simple girl. not your girl-next-door.    i'm not the popular girl that has girls and guys   on their knees just to be  seen by.   
Who am I?   I don't know  (my past is a frenzied blur I hate to remember the future a question I fear to ask)   All I know is I want the all or a poetically decided nothing.
I am her, i am scared to be who i am, all eyes pointed at me. people all arond me, i can feel he nstant eyes at me. i need to teach myself how to breathe again. WAIT.....
I was always the one trying his best to succeed; planning, studying, doing everything possible. But life throws stones, and has bumps in the road, making things a bit more difficult.
People often ask me You're Jewish? Yes, why is that so hard to believe? Is it because.. I don't have a big nose? Or perhaps it's the accent? Is it because I am Mexican?
I am not the harsh words of insecure bullies from third grade I am not the cruel laughter of my classmates watching me get tripped on the playground I am not the pitiful words from my middle school counselor,
I have a fear of going back to school I have a fear, of going back to rules I have a fear, deep inside my heart I have this giant fear that is tearing me apart I don't know why, I used to love this place
Caramel-toffee mixture,
Life, life is hard I knowYour a girl who thought this would never happenThis is your storyYou go to workYou love itHanging out with the guysThats funYou trust the ones you work with
A unique person With attributes of art With friends that adore me With a family that watches over me But there is something missing.. And with these words, I can't express But with silent tears
I am a Christian I am a beautiful creation I am created to do things that are beyond my limits that are at a greater elevation than I am.
I am a Mother A woman of Faith I find my escape in God's great embrace I am a teacher In my daughter's ways Teach her right from wrong
Mind gone, heart mad, soul so empty. Who can I trust in this time of need? They say I'm young, I'll get over it. My story? you wouldn't understand. The pain, tears, and emotions.
I remember asking myself, why can't I put on an act like everyone else? And then I remember two things, one - I am not everyone else and two - I can't put on an act,...when I am the act.
Everything is a process whether it is short or long, you just have to decide whether to learn from it or not because life is to short to take it for granted
I am a hyperpigmentation. An overdose of melanin. I am the aftermath of a merciless fire, and the darkness enveloping a starless night.
You might think im crazy and in a way its true But if you think about deeply you are too You can try and hide it but  will stil shine through And only for one reson Because its part of you.
I am a Amanda I was born on a tuesday Now I dance on Tuesday Every tuesday I take my shoes, all my shoes ballet slippers point shoes charater heels jazz shoes sneakers to walk in
I am...Powerful, insightful, Beatuiful I am a force to be reckoned with. A wind that cannot be stopped   I am smart. Always learning never failing. I cry aloud "SHAPE ME AND MAKE ME SMARTER!"
I am undefinable. I am different. I am a nerd. I am an athlete. I am a social butterfly. I am shy. I am confident. I am strong. I am complicated. I am stubborn.
Roses are red Violets are blue Where have you been? I've been looking for you You, wait you?  Who is this "you"? That's been making me so blue Is he tall? Is he short?
Sitting in the corner, stuck in wonderland Sipping coffee, black Stupid for pondering my religion Easy to entertain, amuse me please
Love always leads to disappointment.   I’m crazy for you   Everyone can see that, but you   I love your voice   Love your smile  
I am... Who they said I couldn't be An underestimated athlete With one goal and one dream in her mind They said my efforts were a waste of time Now the game has changed
Where are you from, seems to be the question everyone is dying to know. Let me just say I'm not from roses and dandelions, nor butterflies and lady bugs. So where am I from?
I am unidentified. A pretty face and name with a unknown destiny. They ask me to be vocal, But I AM afraid, They ask me to be aggressive, But I believe in inner peace They ask me to be in power,
I am a six year old, sitting watching cartoons with a yogurt in my hand Crying because her chest hurts, Mommy's panicked and she doesn't understand Laying on a hospital bed while Daddy rustles my hair
Summer is already over, and only now it hits me.I am a senior. This year.And I am running out of time.What have I done?All of that time that I spent inJunior, sophomore, even freshman year
I ask myself the same question almost everyday Whats the best path for me to take? All my mistakes keep screaming my name A choice needs to be made This pressure is burning my heart into flames  
I am thoughts yet I am not,For how could thoughts be made to walk?How could thoughts be ones to speakWhen no lips they have to seal?People talk and people sayThoughts are what we are these days.
I am whatever I want to be, at least that's what my parents tell me. But yet I walk down these hallowed halls, people laughing, staring judging
I’m from my mother's cooking
      little girl playing in rain puddles  herding fussy ducklings under rainy sky  raincoat swish-swish  wellies squeak and slurp  hungry beasts gold hair, bright eyes clueless and naive.
I am that girl without a voice Hair ever-changing like the friends she used to have A heart-breaker A self-harmer A liar to herself and to others around her I am that girl who finally let go
Class of 2016, the year where the path changes. I have traveled down the jagged road to fin it's end near. I found a shortcut though, because there is nothing more strange then speeding up,
I am a believer in touching the sky,
For many of my years there were many tears tears of great fear tears caused by my peers I saw an ending near  I grabbed the gun with no fear  Life's supposed to be fun  I was done  my life flashed by 
I was who I am I will be who I was Some of what makes me Is there just because Because of my music, my family, my faith I am who I was and that makes me feel safe  
I am a woman. I am not weak.  I am a woman filled with passion and desire.
"Sticks and stones, may break your bones, but words can never hurt you." I for one, would love to say that statement- is a load of bullshit.
It is not in my mouth As I expel warm life into the cold brass And feel it move through the neck to the bell It is not in my fingers As they move over the keys In rapid succession
When I find myself Behind the clusters of sofas And worthless knick-knacks You'll be the first to know   I see you frowning At my reflection But-of course- you keep looking Upside down
I am... brown skin, curly hair I am... bullied on the playground I am... "What are you?" I am... snowball fights by myself.   I am cuts, I am tears I am nights alone I am nights alone
  I’d like to think that I change often Or, evolve often. I become a brighter Smarter Stronger Version of myself  every day that I am alive  
I Am many things; Outgoing Determined Happy Different Accomplished
Who Am I.. I Am Flesh And Blood... I am a STRONG...INDEPENDENT..WOMAN I am a European born, who has faced many challenges through out live. Taken from my home, to live and die in America.
I am! Who am I? To society, I am a name, a number, a faceless drone. To friends, I am replacable, I am weird, I am the obnoxious one. To family, I am the outcast, the outsider, the black sheep.
As a child, I knew who I was I was the one to take the first step As the years went by, things changed  The "Yes" became "Maybe" The "I can do it!" became "should i do it?"
I am my own two cents. When I hit the ground runnin' the devil says, "Oh shit!" Never bite my tongue while I'm chasing the setting sun. Because it ain't over 'til I say its done.   I am my biggest enemy.
Tiny fingers trace faded ink in dusty books. unaware what they will grow to touch, to only dream of being this unknowing again, paper white on paper white.    Awesome: 
Plug ‘em in your ears, feel the vibes You might wanna bring ‘em along for a long, long ride Feel the smoothness and rhythm in your chest Volume ALL the way up – is how to enjoy it best