The Divine 9


United States
38° 35' 3.9084" N, 90° 17' 41.568" W

Every minute of my fifteen years on earth has been spent examining the various colors around me
The chestnut trees that stretch their tired branches shed a great deal of vibrant green offspring
The infinite gray streaks that continue on as cars drive into the distance
The two recent colors that have come into view are the ones most controversial
Black and white
As a child I remember the sweetness of the dark steaming brew my mama used to serve me
My taste buds exploded with even more joy as the fluffy white balls of sugar were added to my cup
These two ingredients became inseparable
They both held a special place in my heart and my belly
The black and white colors that appear before me now have indeed become separated
The balance of the two colors that I once loved
Has now become unrecognizable to me
I shut my eyes for a moment to bring back the sweet sensation of my childhood but all I hear
Are the violent slurs being thrown at my classmates and myself
My mama always told me that true colors lie within
I hold onto this advice as I am pushed up the crowded stairs into the school
I saw a full spectrum of colors as the day commenced
What color am I
Today I am black but tomorrow I may be green as the blades of grass or yellow as the blooming dandelions
I do not know when others will be able to see past my exterior
But I am confident that one day
That perfect balance of sweetness will come back to me and break free from the chains of judgement and oppression

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