Aren't I human?


United States
48° 4' 57.0108" N, 115° 8' 26.1276" W

I'm what?!?
Oh you say i'm weird
as in erie, different, or abnormal, right?
Does it bother you....
you know, that i'm not like you or your crew
Am i offending you?
Well sorry to hear that!
Because i will always be me and not the
by the way people want them to dress
their feelings and act as if what society is dealing isn't a bunch of mess
to rest
your head upon each night
having fear and frights
that a man will walk in your room at night
but excuse me for being different
and not being misleaded
into a world of sex abortions and discombobulation
that are abominations in the site of the most high
please forgive me for being abnormal
and not going to parties
to shake my tail and end with a corrupted failure
to be absent from the class
this class
the generation tht science says are missing something
but one day my erie soul will have a story told
throughout the nations
then here comes you wearing out my patience
but i will inbrace you my lost friend\
so yea im weird
ha ha oh yea im wierd but you will forgive me for being weird
but maybe just maybe
weird is the best thing in this society


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