Cosmic Love



and space.

the unreachable, the untouchable

glistening brightness of the heavens

raining down like stardust

kissing my face.

oh whispering moon

oh glorious stars

how you shine so bright

guiding me blindly on my


through the darkness

of night.

the soft firmness of your light

tastes like sun beams

dancing on my tongue

trailing sweet kisses

across my waiting lips.

the sound of flying comets

soaring across the sky like

little colorful cars

zooming freely along the highway

of the blossoming dark sky

painting the stars

with the bristled brush

of a thoughtful hand.

i have loved the stars

too boldly

too  sincerely

too unconditionally

to ever be fearful of the night.

the gravity of my affection

tethers me to the stars.

an endless red string

stretches from my heart

across the galaxy

to yours.

for what would I

a mere mortal of the earth

be without the guidance

of my star.


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