A Song


New York
United States

Nothing was simple, not even before. 

Unanswered questions appeared at the door.

For months nothing seemed to make sense anymore. 

But we sang about peace, just like children.


“How many times must the cannonballs fly”

were the words that we sang, hoping no one would die

‘Cause we truly believed "Mother Earth must not cry". 

So we sang about peace for the children.


And all I’ve been trying to do for so long,

is to find the right words I could use for a song,

just one more song.


Babies and youngsters and kids hardly grown,

are living in shelters or buried alone,

while the King of Clubs enters and sits on the throne

and the Queen of Hearts cries for the children. 


So we can’t guarantee we’ll set anger aside.

And we can’t guarantee that we’ll easily hide

all the rage and the fury we’re feeling inside,

since there won’t be a song for those children.


“Everything”, as the song says, “is for all”,

and it seemed very simple for us to recall

that the message of nature, right after the fall, would be:

We must save the children!


But what is the point of us asking “how long?”

when both sides are prophets of right and of wrong

and the land drenched in blood, shrieking so strong,


 “We never gave a chance to the children”

We never gave a chance to the children 

And all I’ve been trying to do for so long, is to

find the right words I could use for a song.

Just one more song.



I was born with a learning disability and had to have tutors just to get through school, but I loved writing.  In 4th grade I wrote a story that won a school competition, surprisingly enough.  I've kept at it.  The peace-building programs that I participated in while in high school and the people I met all over the world because of them,  were the inspiration for this poem.

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