The One Who Taught Me How to Use a Spoon



I know I haven’t been the best to you:

I’ve made you sad,

I’ve made you cry,

I’ve made you mad,

I’ve been so self-absorbed,

I didn’t realize.


It wasn’t until I got older,

that I realized how much you’ve done for me.


You taught me how to do the simplest things,

like how to use a spoon.

You taught me how to take care of myself,

like how to take a shower.

More recently,

you taught me how to be an adult,

like how to open a checking account.

But most of all,

you taught me how to be kind.


I know I haven’t been appreciative,

and I don’t say this enough,

but I really really really love you.


I love that I can tell you anything.

I love that you would give up the world for me.

I love that you do my chore if I’ve been too busy.

I love that you know just what I need.

I love that we don’t always have to speak,

we’re just there for each other.

But most of all,

I love that you love me unconditionally.


I haven’t always treated you the way you deserve,

but you’ve loved me all the same.


What I’m trying to convey,

is that I’m really going to miss you next year.

I’ve never had to live without your help.

And I’m not quite sure what to do without you.

While I know that our bond will never fade,

I’m scared to live on my own,

but I know you’ve taught me everything I need.


Living apart will be rough,

but I have no doubt that your love will follow me everywhere I go.


Thank you for everything you’ve taught me,

everything you’ve given to me,

and all the love you’ve had for me throughout the years.


I love you forever and always,

and I couldn’t have asked for a better mom.


Sincerely signed,

your emotional daughter.



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