how would you feel?


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How would you feel walking down the street?
Minding your own business just being a teen
When a group of people behind you come to attack
Only because in their eyes you’re a “fag”
They kick and beat you until your left dead
Bruises, stabs, concussion to the head
Well this happened to Matthew Sheppard
A 21 year old openly gay college student
Because of him we have a movement
It’s called the LGBT rights
Which can help us live are lives
Without hate and discrimination
He made us to be perfect
We have rights so please learn it

Matthews’s case opened everyone’s eyes
They stood back and they just realized
There’s nothing wrong with being gay
There are gays everywhere and we are here to stay
Whether you like it or not we are not changing
The only thing we are doing is rearranging
People’s minds and hearts to come as one
To support the movement that’s just begun

Matthew is the poster child for gay rights
And we have to stand up for him and fight
Kids holding back tears
Bullies calling them queers
What if that was your kid?
Being bullied everyday
Just for being gay
Would you stand up and fight
Or would you keep letting them criticize
We want rights like everyone else
Because we are human and nothing less.

Just like MLK the LGBT community has a dream
That one day when someone asks us who we like
We can happily say it without putting up a fight
We have a dream that we can walk down the street holding our partners hand
Without being attacked, beaten and left in the sand.
We are going to live our lives the way we want
No haters allowed here to harass and taunt
Wyoming will forever be in my heart
And to be honest I think that was the start
Of people realizing HATE crimes are now a law
So get your act together
Or you’ll be riding around in that cop car
I just have one more thing to say
Being bisexual lesbian or gay
Yeah that’s ok


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