I blame you


I blame you

I blame you for the whiskey not burning more

I blame you for the weed not making me forget

And for the cuts not bleeding enough

I blame you for the good days and the bad days

I blame you for going out that night

I blame you for drinking that beer

I blame you for getting in that car

I blame you for it being a bad road

I blame you for not waking up

I blame you for leaving me alone

You didn't just break my heart, you shattered the glass frame that protected me from the outside world

And now I've been given more hand shakes and hugs from people I would have never met otherwise

People shed tears and words of sorrow on my shoulder while I just want to scream at them for acting as if you could actually be gone

But the only words that come out are "Thank you"

I feel that if I open my mouth any more I'll vomit up every unspoken word that I have to hold back so I seem sain

Because they all tell me I have to stay strong and 

I blame you!

I blame you the loving people that have been put in my life

I blame you for making the sun shine when I want to sit in the dark

I blame you for every time I smile

I blame you for the sparks of hope

And I know you won't allow me to sit here and cry because I am strong

And for that, I blame you....


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