The Choices You Make


The Choices You Make


Doesn't matter what the press says     And show the world your beliefs

If you are smart                                         And how you stand up

You wont get caught                                For what you know is right

Doesn't matter what the politicians      So when everyone tells you to move

Or the mobs say                                      Tell them No, YOU move.

They have no proof

They can't hurt you

Because you are too clever

For their scare tactics

Doesn't matter if the whole country decides

That something wrong

Is something right

You know the truth

You have the knowledge

And the tools

To help those in need

This nation was founded

On one principle

Above all else

One principle

That hasn't been kept

But you can keep it

Irena Sendler did

As well as Irina Gut Opdyke

The requirement

That we stand up

For what we believe

Rescuing victims

From an undeserving fate

Or saving children

From a devastating situation

That they may not understand

They may wish at 11:11 for a happier life

But are only greeted with fire

However, no matter the odds

Or consequences

Those victims who were lucky

Were saved by those

Who knew how to save

When the mob

And the press

And the world

Tell you to move

Do what's right

It's your choice to know

That your job is to plant yourself like a tree

Beside the river of truth.

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