I Stand


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I stand for the people who walked down the street for equality.
Dr. King said it best in his “I Have a Dream” speech.
I stand for the kids who were pushed to the back of bus
Just because their skin wasn’t white enough bright enough
Tested with a paper bag to get denied the education their parents never had.
Playing the cards of segregation being races white folks had that hand.
But what were blacks left with, holding jokers in this game called white poker.

I stand for the mothers caring for others sometimes going hungry so
Their children can have something in their stomachs.
Fathers working for the white man thinking they would never be greater than.
When would the change come,
Grandma praying to God when will she see her people free,
Asking him to make a way, hoping he’ll bring a brighter day.
Then one day my people said enough was enough,
My skin may be dark but why should you distant yourself from us.
Take it or leave it, the choice is yours, but no more will we have closed doors.
I Stand

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I write poems from time to time, and I thought this was my best poem that I have written so far. I was really able to get in my own world because civil rights was a huge part of history for African-Americans like myself. If anything I was going to do my best on this poem, and hopefully everyone who reads loves it!!!
_ Rachel

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