Forgotten Dime-Store Shelf



Because I’ve learned to love you, I’ve learned to love myself.

No longer am I empty, like a forgotten dime-store shelf.

Because you let me love you, I’ve learned what love should be.

Something you want to run to, not that which you want to flee.

Because I’ve learned what love is, my confidence has grown.

I’ve stopped walking around on eggshells, I’ve stopped preparing for the throwing of stones.

Because I’ve been hurt so badly before, I’m still learning what love is.

It’s not forcing yourself onto someone, it’s not claiming me as his.

Because I’ve experienced what love is not, I’m trying to learn what it entails.

It’s having someone to push you, not someone who waits for you to fail.

Yes, I’ve been abused, I’ve been told how worthless I am.

But now because you’re beside me, I’m learning how to stand.

Yes, I have been hurt, I have been broken and mistreated.

No longer will I be beaten; no longer will I be cheated.

I’m here to tell my story, to warn others of my woes.

But as long as you’re beside me, there is no telling how far I’ll go.




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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