Seeing Life Through My Black Eyes.

Everyday I'm seeing life through my black eyes,

Watching black lives fade away into the next life.

My chest, tight

It really burns because it's not right,

My brothers and sisters die daily and I do not fight.

I'm powerless because my cowardice 

Devours me until I'm inadequate 

I stare at the aftermath like 

"What the hell comes after this?"

I'm mad as shit, but lack the passion of activist

Leaving me without purpose, has me feeling like an accident

But maybe, just maybe I can fight using my spoken word.

I write nightly to turn this life into a broken curse,

I don't wanna see anymore of my people in a closed or open hearse

So let's get to work,

I'll inspire you with my open verse.





My BlackLivesMatter #Slam

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