No Place Like Home

The fluffy, green grass,
Of the Midwest’s rich soil,
Pads my barefoot feet.

Deer, rabbits, and birds,
In hilly corn and bean fields,
Fill the open space.

Orchards of produce,
Crunchy, juicy fresh apples,
Cold breeze chills my cheeks.

On dry, cold fall days,
Homemade cooking warms the air,
Wanting warm weather.

Crickets chirp softly,
While tractors and combines roar,
Life in the country.

All may sound merry,
But the snowy, brisk seasons,
Are not meant for me.

Take me to the beach,
Warm sand in between my toes,
Sun rays on my skin.

Soothing saltwater,
With dolphins, fish, stingrays, crabs,
Pelicans mid-air.

Freshly squeezed orange juice,
Tasty shrimp, crab, and scallops,
Clutches my taste buds.

Flower’s scent abloom,
Salty, crisp air off the gulf,
Senses of the South.

Boats rumble nearby,
Waves crashing, relaxing state,
Palm trees sway gently.

Days in paradise,
But I still visit because,
There’s no place like home.


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