What A Wonderful World


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United States
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I feel like, every black teen wanna be the next big hooper
And if they don't make it, they feel like they've been Kama Sutra'd
Some play overseas for a backup plan
And some disrespect their family ties so that life don't even suit 'em
I don't get why our race doesn't have big dreams
Something more effective than just making a team
I wanna be that one person that leads
And reject the offers from jealousy and greed
I wish I could say it's a wonderful world
Some people don't care about your life
Thinking that someone will help the children in plight
Thinking that you won't commit sin if the tithings are right
Thinking you'll get away from your fears if that crack is being fried
There's children dying, mamas crying, president sighing
Think we living in a wonderful world you lying
You can't win the game if the price isn't right
Forget the dads who weren't there with their kid when they were struggling to fly their kite
Not there to help clean out the cut or bite
But you are there in front of ya kid when you and the baby mama fight
And you on with Wilkos, they tell u to take of the child and you say u might?
Everyday, the world cries pools of tears
And every time there's a question being asked, it seems like no one is there to hear
People scared to go into the deep end so their thoughts are shallow
Y'all got things twisted up as if I said sal hallow
But its Shallow Hal, you hear stomachs growl
They wanna be active but there's no ball or court, man that is kinda foul
Empty bottles for sandals, only light is a candle
They wish they can have those mandals that's worn by Randall and yall laughing at him
They say its a wonderful world, but is it really?
They worrying about war in Iraq when there's gang wars in Philly
People making billions! But you can't donate a milli?
Cold hearted people, leave the victims chilly
Life is a trick, got David Blaine saying, "girl you silly!"
'Cause in this world there's a lot of people who wanna take control
But if they don't have the remote everyone has to pay a toll
Crooked necks, bounced checks, relationships broken up over a text
Nowadays I guess people won't know its their time to shine if its not a sunny day to wear the Rolex
Oh and did I forget to mention
The competition
Everyone is after each other
So they can put each other out of commission
Broken glass, shattered dreams
Town being burned down as the child clings
Massacres being witnessed, people scratched off a hit-list
And if u don't do something right, people are Ebert and Roeper, a critic
Toddlers & tiaras
Girls wanna be the next Ceearah
Oops I mean Ciara
Oh well, 'cause ya goodies won't last forever
With these endeavors, wicked is the weather
Don't have balls to go outside the playground
The world is stuck to the pole, tether


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