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Birds are free.
They soar the skies endlessly.
I can only feel recognition for the one in the cage.
Alone and depending on the hand that feeds it.
I'm the one locked in the cage
Nothing to do but twitter about the things they want to hear.
Unable to speak my mind because I'm always in fear.
They think I'm different,
A disgrace
No respect because I'm not covered in pink and lace.
I'm not that pretty bird in the window,
I'm the one the people don't want.
The one they look at but that's all.
No playmates, no toys,
Just the cage around me and the song I sing.
These are my only joys.
This song I speak of, it's not pretty to the ear
It's only what you want to hear.
Nothing but lies to hide the bird who cries inside.
I am the bird in the cage
Not the one free to fly.
That's what I want to be,
To fly in the sky.
To be free.


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