What is the source of all that will power we possess? Faith.

Faith is the strength within us that gives us the power.

What is that force that drives you to success? Faith.

Faith is the engine in that beautiful car we control, called LIFE, that will take us anywhere our heart desires. 

What is that voice that says "yes", when everyone else says "no"? Faith.

Faith is what turns even the biggest doubters into believers.

So when we have no one else, we have faith.

So when we have nothing else, we have faith.

Society can't thrive without faith, believe it or not. Why do you think there's both war AND peace? love AND hate? rich AND poor? happiness AND sorrow? Because no matter which end of the spectrum we're on, we have faith that we will either overcome that struggle or continue with that prosperity. That's the one thing that makes our society awesome, faith.




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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