Remainder of Yesterday

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 12:37 -- md13160


United States
34° 7' 23.7072" N, 118° 4' 58.818" W

The remainder of yesterday’s beginnings crunch
Crisp russet leaves drifting soundlessly across
Patches of emerald and taupe.

Twittering sparrows,
Tumbling and twisting through the air,
Celebrate the joys of their short lives in an eternal chase
Across the blazing horizon.

Stubborn weeds
Worm their way to the surface,
The subtle scent of sodden soil
Wafting through the air,
Mingling with the fragrant aroma of the lavender,
The tips of her slender lilac fingers
Reaching longingly towards the last rays of light.

The rapid beating of silent wings
Whizzing overhead,
The minute form of a hummingbird,
Rushing through an invisible swarm of gnats.
The gentle hum of bees hovers in the air,
And wafts away on a gentle breeze.

The roar of a passing plane
Drowns out nature’s many voices,
Shattering the peaceful sound of silence


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