Hell Bound


United States
38° 30' 59.3244" N, 89° 53' 50.2152" W

A teenage girl cries in her bed
"You're going to hell," the message read.
Is it a sin to be in love?
What makes you think you're that much above?
Show me where in your holy book it reads
That people cannot marry who they please.
Even if it is a sin
Where would you're list of wrongs begin?

You lie

You curse

You cheat

You steal

You have premarital sex

But it's all okay because you're straight
Why are you so full of hate?
Even if I'm going to hell
I'm going to scream, I'm going to yell
I'll make a stand for human rights
Because I believe it's worth the fight.
And that is why I love to write.



So amazing! I really like that you did this, I'm sure that it took a lot of courage to write this! 


Lots of love,
Miss Erin Marie Collins

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