Speak Your Mind

My mind is buzzing with an array of colors,

each flitting by so fast it's hard to see every one.


At once it is Yellow: 

the color of my summer thoughts;

dancing like the light the filters through the tree in the back.


In another second it is Green:

the color of my graduation robes.

An outfit that accompanies the right of passage

that I'll walk towards a brighter future.


It quickly swipes to Purple:

the color of my love and pride.

Love for my friends and family,

pride in the place we are all in at this moment.


It gets shrouded in Black sometimes;

when my insecurities and fears

rise up in a cascade of hesitency

and delayed thoughts of "I'm missing you."


But it always gives way to White;

the dawning of new dreams,

new encounters,

and new oppurtunities 


that shine so bright it blows my mind. 


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