Remember Today

I am blessed
To have been born
Inside a place
Previously torn
But now repaired
With the thinnest thread
I remember this
As I go to bed

Tomorrow I shall
Go about my day
Look toward my future
Without delay
It’s hard to remorse
Over what you didn’t see
I’ve forgotten what they’ve done
To let me be me

It’s become too easy
To forget our history
Blurring fact with hearsay
Our heroes are mystery
We don’t lend respect
Where it’s duly earned
We don’t inform others
So our history can be learned

So stand hand in hand
And remember each day
The life that we have
Didn’t come an easy way
Civil Rights leaders gave all
Every inch of their being
For us not to live in darkness
Holding our heads high, seeing

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

civil rights leaders sacrifice their lives so we can be free

never forget history, this is why it's essential to tell our young people

nice poem-like the way it was flowing

keep writing

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