One Day

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 23:02 -- chaeee


United States
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Because of the pigment of my skin, they do not see me
Since I am "different", I am separated
And although they give many reasons
I know that it is not because of
My hair, or the way I dress, but
The colour of my skin.
For once I hope that they will be able to see
That this is not all that defines me
I am more than the colour of my skin
I am creativity
I am expression
I am the sad sound of millions of voices
Repressed by the people who have the power to decide my fate
Because of the colour of their skin
Leaving me powerless, voiceless, opinion-less in their judgment
Thinking that I am lesser because I am black
When I know that I am ten times the person they will ever be
Because I know what it is like to be stamped down, oppressed
One day, equality will reign free
Instead of an unbalanced scale tipped in the favor of
People who have more authority based on their privilege



I know how you feel I go to a pretty much all white University and I feel like I'm judged by the color of my skin all the time.


I honestly loved this so much! Beautiful poem. I loved the use of words and everything about it was just amazing. xx

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