Sister Dearest

Sister dearest who was swaddled in the same fleshy crib as I,

I am your fortified backbone when you

cannot carry your brittle burden

When you feel the pain of day to day life

grinding your porous bones into powdery sawdust

I will be there to pressurize that ivory soot

into a flashing, blood red diamond

So that I may remind you constantly of how precious you are

and of the fire of God that burns within your belly.

I will take that searing jewel and meticulously lay it

within the black, glittering treasure chest of the sky.

I do this, simply so that no matter how much time

has passed your beauty will remain eternal


Sister dearest do not fear of the world outside

For I will be there to be your earthy warm hearth

Burning away the ice cold comments that have

frozen onto your cracked and blackened feet.

I will reflect those soothing flames that dance across your

crystalline orbs which impossibly mirror color of the world.

After I have melted your frost bitten veins

I will take you into the cool embrace of the ocean

We will dive deep into the current

further still, so that I may give

you the pearly moon within the cracked oyster.

A little splintered by the pressure, but still beautiful and precious.

I do this, simply so that you will have an accurate self portrait of yourself


Sister dearest do not be afraid to speak out and upwards

For when you speak to me with those chords that are a salty as the ocean

Yet as sweet as honeysuckle daydreams

For your voice bounces off the walls of my chest cavity.

Each rib a tuning fork, trying to match your divine frequency.

I will be your loud speaker, your siren song springing from my lips

I will be like a broken record, constantly and incessantly repeating your 

hymns until other people’s ears bleed not from the tone of my own voice,

but by the sheer magnitude and opaque density of your life’s anthem

I do this, simply so that you will know the power of your own words


Sister dearest do not be afraid of the light at the end of this tunnel

For when you leave this earth, with a relaxed sigh

And a diamond encrusted tear itching your eye

you will see the glimmer of your fading treasures

And know that you are loved.

This poem is about: 
My family


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