Tue, 12/29/2015 - 00:29 -- Diazb


601 stagecoach
United States
30° 32' 5.9028" N, 98° 19' 37.4592" W

In the hunt as few may call it ..for peace,happiness,the reason of life.
Day by day restless nights; due too reminsing chapters from back it time.
I am fine on the out side but on the inside its a fight; once again another restless night.
Teach one thing with one another that's gather your hands and pary for each other.
No matter how far down it has you
Once you reach happiness it will soon be past you.
Now the only thing that we have left haunts you; the good memories wich would feel like there taughting.
Restless night I say goodbye ,no longer will you control my mind.
Day by day now it's on too you as I see my way passing through happiness I hand too you.

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