Let me Free


United States
28° 11' 8.3508" N, 82° 40' 50.6856" W

Life has been drained from me.

I don’t anymore.

Something that is getting harder to do.

Something I just can’t anymore.

My life has been drained from me.
Where did I go wrong?
What did I do to get to this point?
And this has been going on how long?

So long, I can’t remember.
I’m trapped inside my mind.
I am a prison to myself.
I am walking a very fine line.

I’m about to go over the edge.
I can’t stop myself from how I feel.
A tornado is just ripping through me.
Taking everything from me, I will never heal.

Heal from this catastrophe.
From these holes now in me.
I can’t take any of it.
Please just let me leave.

Let me go my own way.
I’m hurting inside.
I’m thinking of everything.
Now, they all seem like lies.

Lies of “getting better”.
Of “in time you’ll understand”.
I can not take anymore hits, Life.
I am not a strong, muscular man.

Please surrender me.
Allow me to be let go.
All the things you are doing to me.
They are starting to show.

I can’t hide it all in me.
The dark shadow of myself.
I want to be free.
Not jailed or put on a shelf.

Until you take me down.
And decide to beat me around.
Just please let me be.
I feel like I’ll never be found.

I will never be who I’m meant to be.
You have taken all.
All things away from me.

I’m screaming but you cannot hear.
You are everything I hate, my greatest fears.

Please let me free.

Please let me leave.


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