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Everything's not awesome!

Well... sometimes...

Things get you down,

Ointment's full of flies.

I was once told 

By Maya Angelou

That nothing's gonna work

Until I do.

When everything sucks

And simply can't get worse,

Things won't get awesome

Unless I'm awesome first.

See, Attitude's contagious

Like the cold or the flu,

Everyone you meet

Catches your attitude too.

Like the time the waitress

Brought your food late

And you screamed at her,

You sowed your hate.

You didn't see her later on

When she got home that night,

And she and her husband 

Got in a fight.

See, it doesnt take much

Just one tiny snap

To cause someone's day

To turn to crap. 

But what if instead,

You sowed some love?

Would it change anything?

Would it help anyone?

If you picked up some litter

Or trash that you find,

Or if you paid for the coffee

Of the next guy in line.

If you called your mom

Just to say hey,

What're the odds 

It would brighten her day?

Attitude's contagious,

So what will you spread?

Will you snap at your waiter

Or let it slide, instead.

On those really bad days,

The absolute worst,

Remember nothing will be awesome,

Unless you are first. 



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