Racism - Why?

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 02:19 -- atvu722


I dream of a world without discrimination,

Where peace exists and happiness is the definition of life.

Oh, the world is so full of hatred nowadays!

If there was a miracle, everyone would learn to love -

Love others the way they are, and the way they are not.


Why would people hate because of the colors?

White men in America, Black men in Africa, Yellow men in Asia

Yet we still live under the same blue sky, enjoy the same yellow sun

Gaze at the same white stars, go through the same darkness of the night

Plant the same green grass, drink wine made from the same purple grapes

Carry hope in the same orange sunflowers, suffer the same red blood from wars

And in the end, we still smile at the same rainbow after a rainy day.


Why would people hate because of the boundaries?

Walking through the gate of a university, you enter a new stage of life

Running across the finish line of the track file, you win a medallion

Carrying the bride past the threshold, you and your spouse become a family

Strolling along the crosswalk, you reach the other side of the busy road

Driving from California to New York, you have completed a journey

Stepping up a performance stage, you turn into a public figure

Yet migrating to another nation, you are now a victim of racial prejudice.


Why would people hate because of the language?

A poem cannot be written as fictional as a fantasy novel

History cannot be taught with formulas like mathematics

Ballet cannot be danced as naughty as street hip-hop

Rock cannot be sung with soft tone like country music

A raft cannot be navigated as fast as a steam-engine ship

Horses cannot be ridden with a monthly card like the public bus

Yet Spanish is being disliked, because it is different than English.


I dream of a world where everyone is a family –

A pale brother compliments a sister for her tanned skin

An uncle invites an aunt to the nation he claims as his

A niece learns a second language to talk to a nephew

Oh, the world of love! I would feel no pain of racism,

Hear no anger of injustice, see no tears of sorrow.


Yes, we can! One day, we can be a family – all of us

But until then, my dearly beloved brethren, we are all different

Yet I am proud to be unique from others, and you should too.


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