For Justice and Liberty that once was

For all the lives lost and the wars won you would think America would stand by its national anthem where we are all equal.

The state of our nation for those who reside to the equality for all is at a minority of people.

Lately it seems as though the national anthem needs a sequel.

To live in a nation and or to stand by a country whose ego is higher than the IQ lately seems absurd.

We are a country in which we all started off as immigrants, as people who had bigger dreams for a better life yet we still constantly see our friends, our neighbors, and our families praying to just barely make it through the week by a steeple.  

My personal relationship with "America the Beautiful" is neither love nor hatred.

To want and to succeed in life is all we dream of.

To pursue a greater education to have a better life, yet we have to struggle and grab any penny we see off of the streets just to be able to try and afford a loan to be somebody in the future.

To be known as the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet to feel as though we are imprisoned by debt and loans and constantly unjustified by one another and our own government.

America has so much to work on.

Technology is growing, the economy is back and forth, the world and its people are changing faster than the blink of an eye.

There once was a saying about a metaphorical “American Dream” something that gave everyone hope to continue on with their lives.

Now looking at our country there is no liberty or justice for anyone.

America you’re an old soul,

You lost your musical tune.

You lost what you were first built on, now we all must come together to bring back your breathtaking beauty and your promises of justice and liberty for all.

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My country


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