Wishing Upon A Teacher

Sat, 10/05/2013 - 13:59 -- msand1


we spend about an hour with them everyday
oh the things we wish we could say

some of us want to vent and befriend 'em
others want to whack them with their pen

oh the things we wish we could say

How are you today Mr. Coomay?
it seems as if you are feeling some type of way
having troubles at home? 
seems like youre feeling a little gray
is there anything I can do or say to make you feel ok?

Then theres Ms. Kenny
the fourty-three and single lady in room three
shes always yelling, and shes a little smelly
maybe thats why youre still single, Ms. Kenny
you should really lay off the henny, I mean you started in your twenties

Dont forget the always-has-to-be-center-of-attention, Mr. Pardeep
everyone says he is a creep
I think he still wishes he was a teen
he was probably the biggest fein

oh the things we wish we could say
to the teachers we have to see everyday
maybe when we graduate in May
but until then, in order for our lives to be a little easier,
quiet we must stay



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