Before time was really time, 

Before words were really words,

And before insecurities became common...

I always wanted to be more than "She, her, herself"


I recall my words tumbling over the air molecules 

As they try to make sense 

But out in the open, I was truly mistunderstood by those with experience

Thinking that I was too underdeveloped to understand what I was saying 

But I understand myself more 

And defined my prefered gener pronound 

As alien 


I wanted to be different 

I didn't just want to be black 

I don't want to be defined by my hair 

I don't want to be defined by the clothes I wear 

On my back

As I said before, I'd rather define myself as Alien 


They said I was mother nature 

They said I was graceful, but came in like a bull 

They said I'm fashionable and I have this magnetic pull

They said I am an angry young woman, but I am also beautiful

They said I should smile more, But I have no reason to


I say I am not cocky, but I am confident 

I say I am not angry, I just think too much

I say I'm not fashionable, Its just my outlook of the world 

I say I don't smile cause I'm determined to be a better me 


If defining myself was easy 

I would have 3 simple words

But knowing that its me

I hesitate on my free verse

I don't want to say too much, or too little

But if I was to put it simple

I am.. 

A singer

I am..

A writer

I am...

A poet

I am...

An artist


But I want to make it clear

I am not a girl

I am not a woman

And nor will I contribute to social hierarchy in the world

I am an Alien 

And will be defined such as so

Because my prefered gender pronoun

Saves me from alot of things you don't know

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