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Ever since I came out the womb,
they said it was power to the people
But what power do you have
when you aren't allowed to speak back when being speaked to
We've spoken, the world has been broken
America has 50 shots
and these bullets they've been revolving
Sending fierce rapid bullets, fence to fence, state to state
You feel the tremble in your house
but it's not an earthquake
If I knew life was going to be like this
then I'd never have a birthday
Might as well die in my sleep, so I can finally rest
God dam, I can't even rest when I rest
what the heck!
Visualing terrifying pictures of me and my brothers
with no necks
America sending shots, will it ever stop?
Probably not
But we have a doc, cooking up the perfect plot
He had a dream he said, while tossing in the bed
Sleeping with the devil, waking up with scars
Sitting down thinking if this world is really ours
But man he was a rebel, a rebel with a cause
Shouted forget the devil, I'm one of God's angels
So I don't mind losing my life if it brings the light
To this cruel dark world, real cold world
Blazing heat but these white folks
soaking us with water making it a real cold world
Now we're boycotting,
cause the feeling feels better than picking cotton
America's a fruit, sweet & sour
and the apple still hasn't rotten
It's fallen from the tree and guess what,
so have we

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