On Tears, with Samuel Annan

i cry more when i'm Happy than when i am Sad.

is that right?

Happy is pure, and raw, and exciting,

but when i am Sad i tend, too, to be Mad.

is that so?

maybe not Mad, but rather Defeated.


that's right. Defeated, indeed!

or some mixed up matching of feelings, i mean it's

as if i am all sorts of things all at once.

oh, I see.

but Happiness, brother, that's it for me.


do go on!

at your wedding, for instance,

i cried and i cried

but i was not Sad.

and i was not Mad.

I wasn't Defeated, no not even Glad!

I was not Glad, I was just purely Happy.

Happy for you (for you're married, you see)

but Happy for me, too, (now i've got Sibling Three!)

This poem is about: 
My family


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